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Vandana Damani

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A Peaceful Death - At Least

A Peaceful Death - At Least

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I shattered the walls of traditions

To gift myself new aspirations

Never did I choose Slavery over Liberation

Hard indeed, it was, to overcome that excruciation.

A corpse, I saw, in the mirror

The vices of society were clear

Rose as a Phoenix with courage sheer

For the world, I was a creature mere.

The bruises and scars went away

Yet, I never bowed down, to their dismay

"A woman am I, ought to be slayed ?"

I wont ever give up, Never say Nay.

They gashed and tore me apart

Burnt me before I slept on death cart

Justice laid mingled with their clart

Had enough on my soul of their tart.

Heaven embraced me at her door

"You had enough, My Child", No more !

Heaven's heart grew sore

She promised to even the score.

A mother's womb today quivers

A girl, when she has to deliver

A peaceful death, if not life

Is it all what a girl today strives ?


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