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The World I See
The World I See

© Sakshi Maheshwari

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Each one of us has a view

Of how the world they see

You may think of it as either cruel or true

But I must differ with thee

A world can't thrive

With just happiness and kindness all around

Neither with just sadness and pain can it deprive

To only one, the world isn't bound

Some see the world full of good

Some see it as hell's gate

Thinking over where they've stood

Either falling or rising to their fate

But this ain't what I see

A difference I believe I can make

To both happiness and sadness everyone is free

'Cause having just one would make life fake

For darkness can't exist without light

Nor can good without evil survive

The world can't balance without two

Two opposites together must strive

For what is the need of a true friend

If no betrayal exists?

What is the need of life to have bends

If sadness is never missed

Thou may not have the will to face it

Thou may have the wish to hide

But with years of experience behind me I will brace for it

And reveal the warrior I have inside....

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