Joshua Nyambe

Abstract Drama Horror


Joshua Nyambe

Abstract Drama Horror



2 mins

    Whenever he took a glare, he made sure to use the picture he saw and advance.

In a position he was in, all he could do is walk towards what his eyes crossed ties with.

One day he saw a twinkling star, for he never had any intentions of following the star, his body drove him. He walked for twenty minutes hoping that the star will reach its whereabouts. when he was just about to quit, his eyes caught up with something miraculous than a twinkling star;

"The picture his eyes couped with, this time it was something which makes him walk an extra mile tirelessly just to see what fate holds for him, he couldn't stop even for a second, anxiety took over his consciousness..

He walked like someone was playing him a melody, without knowing the melody that was playing was his consciousness and the beauty inside his eyes.

This feeling he said, my eyes have never seen anything beautiful like this. The inevitability was somewhat inexact for him.

Half an hour passed, his eyes didn't see anything that would capture his eyes attention, as time continued to slide and with what was going on, he kept on moving without knowing that it's getting late. Though time wasn't something that would completely stop him. All he wanted to see was seeing what he was after reach its rest place.

Nothing would stop him from advancing if at all he bumped into anything which took his attention, the only thing that crossed his mind was to lure.

With his eyes lost in admiration of the glare, those who saw him started finding it weird and unpleasant. With him, it was something lucid, vivid if he tried closing eyes..

..It's now half pass 7pm, he's not tired, he's faster than before. His blinks are of the speed of light, it was dark but still his eyes made him gleam, and what he was looking at produced light. He entrusted his eyes, he knew that they couldn't deceive him. The trust and belief he had in his eyes made him a fleaker that can't burn out even if the wind was to blow.

It was a time that Zacks eyes keep up with the glare, they lost sight, his eyes, Zack realised, "they are things I can find and they can follow me back"

Immediately had the moon drown in the clouds, he regained his consciousness and he was happy. To him it is was something vigil and in the end, he managed to get through.

Zack walked almost a mile it's one thing that killed his boredom. The moon whose light is full of light, love, and time.

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