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Yellow Curse

Yellow Curse

19 mins 236 19 mins 236

Gold gathers more than a shovel.

Edward Counsel, Maxims

The Racketeer

Bhau collected his stuff from the jailer and came out of Raj Nagar jail. His destination was Will city, the city which he ruled almost for a decade under the shelter of Deva. Deva's gang was destroyed three years ago by lunatic Jack. Moosa had taken over all their operations including illegal bets, prostitution and drugs. He refrained himself from extortion and kidnapping; perhaps he was afraid of mad man Jack. 

Bhau knew he was in grave danger so he surrendered before the DIG of the city and his advocates requested the judge to transfer him far from Will City to save him from the killers of Moosa. The judge was reluctant but Bhau's money persuaded him to transfer him to Raj Nagar jail, 1600 km south of Will City.

This transfer saved his life for the moment but Moosa killers shall come after him to kill him, was sure. He was not safe anywhere in India, he wanted to flee from India and for this purpose a lot of money was required. There was no place in India where he could make money except Will City. He decided to go back to Will City to make some money.

Ali Brothers

Anwar and Akbar Ali were main hammers of Moosa gang; they had been appointed to kill Bhau. Raj Nagar jail was a perfect shelter for the former racketeer, it was hard to kill him out there so they had been waiting patiently for his release.

The killer duo missed him as he was released two days before his actual release date and had lost in the thick crowd of India. They had no option but to go back to Will City and wait for any news about him.

Old Flames

JD (Jawala Das), the bullion trader of Will City was out of India and these were the days of freedom for Anita, his mistress. She was having all the fun with her lover Sudeep. It was already dark when she returned to her apartment. She wanted to sleep as she was dead tired after a daylong love making.

She threw her stuff on the dining table and entered the bed room. She switched on the light she was surprised see Bhau sitting in a corner chair.

"Surprised my love!?!" asked Bhau.

"Not at all, but Will City is not a safe place for you now." said Anita sitting in the bed.

"So you are now with JD?" asked Bhau ignoring Anita's advice.

"Yes, I had no option."

"I'm not asking for an explanation; just tell where is my money?"

"I was your girl; I spent money on my clothes and food. This is an expensive city."

"You are a bitch; I couldn't expect anything else from you. Now tell me when is the next consignment of JD’s gold coming?"

"I don't know, he doesn't tell me about his business."

"You dumb fool use your wit and tell me how can I lay my hands on his gold? Don't worry you'll also get your share."

"I'll try." said Anita.


Anita called him after one week.

They met same evening in a deserted park.

"Tell me where is the gold?" asked Bhau.

"Gold is likely to come in Will City within a week."


"JD imports gold from Switzerland. From Switzerland to Delhi in a cargo plane and from Delhi to Will City in a charter plane. He keeps his gold in government treasury.”

"Treasury is 17 km east of airport in the heart of city, how do they transport it?”

"In a bulletproof cargo truck."


"Two guards, one of them drive the truck and other sits beside him with a powerful gun."

"Only two guards?"

"Yes the haul of the truck is a powerful vault, which cannot be opened. It is said that this Swiss made vault is atomic bomb proof."

"Okay, do you know the name of the maker of vault?"

"It is Cobra Mark 10."

"Anything specific?"

"He often brags about black mamba security of his gold."

"What is that?"

"I don't know."

"Okay, let me know when the gold reaches in Will City?"


Seven Days Drill

"The gold is arriving on December 17th, seven days from today." said Anita.

“Worth?” asked Bhau.

“More than 500 hundred crore.” She replied and disconnected.

Bhau thought for a while and came out of his hotel, now he needed some money and people to make this gold heist possible.

Pawan Chandey

Bhau looked at the bulky Pawan Chandey the king of Will City grey market.

"What do you want?" asked Pawan.

"Wanna buy gold worth rupees 500 crore?" said Bhau.

"Where did you find that much gold?"

"Just tell me are you interested or not otherwise I'll find another buyer?"

"If you really have gold, I'll purchase it at its 1/4 market price."

"Make it 250 crore."

"That is not possible I'll be able to sell it for 300 crore myself. My offer is 150 crore, take it or leave it."

"My last price is 200 crore."

"Show me the gold."

"You'll get the gold on December 17th; keep the money ready by then. Right now I want one crore in advance."

"Not a penny until I see the gold."

"One crore advance right now, otherwise I have other buyers who can buy this gold and can give me any advance."

"Okay, but if you tried to ditch me I'll cut you into pieces."


First of all he'll have to find Sidharth, who busted Will City vault and stole fortune from Deva's locker. Furious Deva announced fifty percent of his stolen treasure as reward for the one who tells him the whereabouts of Sidharth.

At the very time Deva got into a dispute with Jack, there was a historical fight fought in the Kali valley. The legendary Jack managed to kill Deva, his younger brother Jeeva and their henchmen just in one night.

Last week Bhau saw Sidharth in Devdurg working as a locksmith in the main market in a Sikh disguise. But today Sidharth was not at that place. He decided to wait for him. After one hour Sidharth appeared in the same Sikh disguise.

"Sardar Ji can you open my suitcase?"

"Sure, where is the suitcase?"

"In my car."

"Please bring that suitcase here."

"That is very heavy, please come with me I'll pay you double.

"I don't need the double; just take me to your car."

Within five minute both of them were in Bhau's car."

"Where is the suitcase?" asked Sidharth.

"There is no suitcase to be opened Mr Sidharth."

"What the hell you are talking about?"

"Don't worry, Deva and his gang is no more. You need not to worry about the Will City vault heist."

"Want to blackmail me? I don't have a penny."

"I have a vogue idea that you have nothing, otherwise you'd have not been mending locks in a Sikh disguise."

"What do you want?"

"I want you to open a safe for me."

"I don't do any illegal work."

"I'll pay you twenty crore for your service."

"I'm not interested."

"Don't you want to punish the people who snatched the loot from you?"

"That is not your business."

“Not at all, but twenty crore can solve a lot of your problems."

Sidharth kept quiet for a while and thought how Devika and his gang misled him to break into Will City vault, snatched the loot from him and shot him to die on the road.

They must not go unpunished.

"What is in the safe which you want me to open?" asked Sidharth.

"Gold worth rupees 500 crore." replied Bhau.

"Where is the safe?"

"No details until you say yes."

"I have no plan to jump into a blind well, tell me everything or count me out."

Bhau knew there was no plan without Sidharth, but he couldn't reveal everything to him so he said, “The gold shall be taken from Will City airport to government treasury in a security truck. I have a plan to capture this truck."

"Crazy plan!"

"You don't worry about the plan, just plan to open the Swiss made safe, 'Cobra Mark 10."

"No one can open that safe without the combination number, give three wrong try to open it and it will be locked forever, after that only company engineers come to open it.

"So you cannot open this safe?"

"I didn't say that, but I told you the possibility."

"We'll take our chance."

Damsel In Distress

Aditi Dutta, a professional hacker made some scores, but got caught and served three years in jail. She was practically ruined, there was no job for her, police always harasses her, constables to high officials of police had been exploiting her sexually from the very day of her release from the jail.

Her beauty was her enemy, at 26 she was most sought after sex slave in Will City police department.

She was coming out of sub inspector Dhama's quarter when Bhau found her.

"Miss Dutta?"

Aditi was surprised to see the tall lanky man who was calling her with respect."

"Yes, what is it? She replied gruffly.

"Wanna earn rupees five crore?"

"Is it a gimmick?"

"No, what I'm offering you is genuine."

She wanted some money to get out of this city so she said, "Why are you so generous to me?"

"I'm not generous; you'll have to earn it."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Just a motorcycle ride with another guy."

"Sounds fishy; show me some money or fuck off."

Bhau gave a bundle of fifty thousand to her and said, "This is just the token money which I'll cut from you due."

"Okay...okay, when do I have to ride the bike?"

Five Shooters

Mohan, Daleep, Raju, Aslam and Manjeet were once trap shooting stars of India, soon new shooters replaced them and they were forgotten. As there was a condition of survival, they together plan a bank heist. As the heist begun the manager of the bank locked himself in the strong room. The heist was a failure; they were arrested by police and sent to jail. The judge awarded them five years term in jail. After three years they were release on parole.

Now they were visiting parole officer every week and working as manual labourer to meet their both time end.

"Guys want to have a cup of coffee with me?" a shrill voice startled them, there was lanky tall men looking at them.

After thirty minutes all of them had fifty thousand each in their pockets and a prospect of earning rupees five crore each.

Wounded Riders

Kapil and Sukha were death ring riders in a circus. They used to show their stunts on their motorcycles in the death ring. Just one accident and they were kicked out of the circus, now they were street vendors.

Bhau caught them in their dirty neighbourhood.

After fifteen minutes they had one lac in their pockets and a chance of earning rupees ten crore in a few days.

Junk Trader

Junaid Khan was the biggest scrap dealer of Will City but a few people knew that he deals in illegal weapons as well. He saw Bhau entering in his scrap yard.

Bhau placed a list before him and sat in a chair in front of him.

Junaid went through the list which said-

Five sniper rifles, two mouser guns, 9 ankle bombs with remotes, one police jeep, two motorcycle, two Chinese dart guns.

"What is all this?"

"No question, can you provide me these things or not?"

"I can, but all the money in advance."

"How much?"

Junaid took a calculator and after five minutes he announced, "Seventy lac."

"Outrageous, make it fifty lac"

"Not possible, sixty eight lac, last price."

"Okay." said Bhau and put a big bag in front of him which contained rupees fifty lac.

"Junaid took his time to count the money and said, "When do you want all this stuff?"

"On December 15th."

"Okay, come in the evening of December 15th with my remaining money."

Thugs At Work

Dheera was alert with his gun in the passenger seat and Pala was driving the truck with a steady speed. They had been driving this security truck for three years and most of the time they carry precious metals which JD imports from other countries. The truck was itself like a security vault, once they entered the truck box, no power in the world could make them stop and open the door. They stopped at the last red light before entering ten km long deserted road of kali valley. Kapil was just behind them on a motorcycle. Kapil got off the motorcycle and inserted a big cork ball in the tailpipe of the security truck. Dheera and Pala saw nothing; they were alert when they entered the deserted road of Kali valley.

One open jeep came behind the truck and honked for the side. Pala gave side to the jeep and let it go.

One motorcycle also appeared behind them, Pala let it go also. Dheera saw there was a beautiful woman on the pillion.

Normal traffic he thought.

All of a sudden that motorcycle collided with the open jeep and fell on the road and the road was a bit blocked. Pala slowed the truck speed and waited the motorcycle riders to get up. By that time the jeep occupants have also come out of the jeep to see if there was any damage.

Idiots thought Dheera.

All of a sudden the security truck's engine stopped and it came to halt.

"What the hell......" murmured Pala and tried to restart the engine but it didn't start. He tried to restart it several time but no gain.

"Should I go check the engine?" asked Pala.

"No, it could be a trap." replied Dheera looking at the jeep and motorcycle people. Who have perhaps settled now and ready to leave. He saw them going and said, "Go check, I'll be on alert."

Pala unlocked the security system and jump out of the truck. That very moment Jeep occupants, who were Bhau and Sidharth, came out of their jeep and came running towards them, they had Chinese dart guns in their hands which they fired at Pala and Dheera. Both the truck men took the tranquilizing darts in their necks and fell down on the road.

Kapil pulled out the cork ball from tailpipe which has stopped the engine of the truck. Within two minutes Bhau was driving the security truck. Sidharth and Aditi were following the truck in the open jeep.

Sukha and Kapil were busy dragging Pala and Dheera's unconscious bodies off the road to throw them in the thick bushes far from the road. After finishing their task they also started following the truck.

After one km the truck left the main road and entered the dreaded Kali valley.

Love Birds

Anita and Sudeep saw the deed of Bhau gang from their car.

"Let them take the gold out then we'll strike." said she with a smile.

"Sure my love." answered Sudeep.

Old Fox

JD, who was one of the captains of Moosa gang besides the bullion trader, looked at the red point which was drifting from main road to the Kali valley on his laptop screen.

"These tracking devices are wonderful, they give you minutely details of your stuff." said JD to the Ali brothers, who were also with him in the big SUV.

"So your hunting game has begun?" asked Anwar Ali.

"Yes, please call our air aid before they find the tracking device and destroy it. I want to hunt down all these bastards who dared to think of looting my gold." said JD.

"Why are you risking your gold just to enjoy your hunt? Asked Akbar Ali.

"No one can open the truck safe and if someone does it, they shall not be able to take my gold out of the safe alive."

"You are an old sinner JD, now hurry we don't want to lose our target Bhau alive."

"Guys sit idle; I'll hunt that bastard for you." Said JD.

Black Death

It took them thirty minutes to reach the silt waters, which was also a part of Kali Valley, covered with thick trees. Police jeep was hidden under the thick bushes. Security truck was also under a thick tree and Sidharth was busy opening the safe of gold. Rest of the people were looking at him with curiosity.

Sidharth was working on the combination keys. His first attempt went to nought. He wiped sweat from his forehead and started his second attempt, which was also futile.

Bhau went close to him and said, "Take care; this is your last chance."

Sidharth kept quiet and took a deep breath. This time he placed a stethoscope on the body of the safe started again with the combination keys. After ten minutes he heard the wonderful sound of click and he told Bhau to open the safe.

Bhau went close to the safe and opened its door. The safe was full of gold bricks 14.44 kg each. There were at least 100 gold bricks. Other people had also come close to the safe to see the gold.

Aditi and Sukha pushed Bhau a little and tried to pick gold bricks in their hands.

"Don't touch the gold otherwise I'll blast your ankle bombs." warned Bhau.

"We are not going to eat the gold." said Aditi thinking about the ankle bombs which were attached to the ankles of all of them except Sidharth. And the remotes were with Bhau who could blast them anytime.

Adit and Sukha took two bricks in their hands, but two black mamba snakes jumped out of the bricks and bit on their faces.

Both of them screamed and fell on the ground. Snakes had disappeared in the jungle. All of them saw dying Aditi and Sukha but could do nothing for them. Now they all knew what black mamba security was.

"There may be more snakes in the safe." said Bhau and ordered Kapil to bring some petrol from the jeep.

Within five minutes he sprinkled at least one gallon petrol on the gold and threw a burning matchstick on it.

The petrol started burning with a blast and swarm of snakes started coming out of the gold bricks. Most of them burned in the petrol flames, some tried to escape but they were shot.


"What are you waiting for? Just take the gold and move from here; we have lost two of our friends?" said Sidharth.

"The buyer is about to come here, we'll exchange the gold for money and leave this blasted place." replied Bhau.

"Sounds fishy, please give me gold bricks worth rupees twenty crore; I want to go right now." said Sidharth.

"Nothing is fishy; we have Mohan, Daleep, Raju, Aslam and Manjeet around us to handle any unwanted situation. But if you want to go; take four bricks and leave." said Bhau.

Sidharth silently took four slightly hot gold bricks, put them in a small satchel and left.

Crook Buyer

After ten minutes or so a big black SUV halted close to the security truck and Pawan Chandey came out of it with his five armed guards.

He looked at the gold and said, "Guys put the gold in my car."

"Not so fast Pawan, where is my money?" asked Bhau after taking his gun out.

Pawan gestured one of his men, that man opened the back door of SUV and took out a big box. He dragged that box towards Bhau and left it ten feet away from him.

Bhau opened the lid of the box carefully; there were bundles of two thousand notes in it. Bhau thought for a while and said, "The box doesn’t have more than hundred crore."

"Smartass, yes it has hundred crore in it and I'm taking the whole gold for hundred crore."

"You cannot do that."

"I'm going to do it in front of you, stop me if you can?"

"You are a crook Pawan but I know how to deal with people like you. Just look around; my shooters have taken aim of you all, just one wrong step and you'll die right now." warned Bhau.

"Bullshit, you have nothing."

Bhau said nothing just raised his right hand and a bullet from nowhere killed one of Pawan's men.

Pawan was astonished at the violent death of his man, he looked helpless.

"Now take twenty gold bricks, worth one hundred crore from the lot and get out." said Bhau.

Suddenly sound of a passing helicopter startled them all.

Hovering Death

JD's chopper was flying at a very dangerous height. All the snipers and goons were in their sight.

"Kill them all, they are playing with my gold." said JD to Ali brothers who had powerful Tommy guns in their hands.

JD told the pilot to take a round of all the standing men near the security truck.

Anwar took the aim of people around the truck and Akbar took the aim of snipers who had covered all the people on the ground.

A rain of hot bullets tore the tender bodies of the people on the ground.

JD saw all the falling men, he laughed a dreaded laugh.

"I think all the thugs are down, now we can take our gold back." said JD and he ordered the pilot to land the chopper.

Last Nail In The Coffin

Bhau was writhing in his own blood pool. He saw how the death came from air and finished everything. His vision was blurred and death was near.

The chopper landed near the dead body of Kapil and Bhau saw the blurry face of JD and Ali Brothers inside the chopper, who were waiting for the rotator to stop.

Bhau had a wicked smile on his face; he took out the remote of Kapil's ankle bomb and pressed the bomb activation button.

Within a few seconds Kapil's body blasted along with the chopper on the ground.

Before dying Bhau saw the burning bodies of JD and Ali brothers.

Consenting Couple

When Anita and Sudeep reached the silt waters, everything was over. There were dead bodies all over.

They crossed the dead bodies silently and started taking gold bricks from the security truck and placing them carefully in their car.

There were ninety six bricks and a box full of thousand notes. Anita helped Sudeep to load the heavy box in the car.

By the time they finished they were tired and sweating profusely.

"Let's go now." said Anita with a smile.

"Yes darling." said Sudeep with a wicked smile as he entered the car.

Anita opened the passenger side door but was astonished to see that Sudeep had a gun in his hand which was aimed at her.

"What......? She blurted but a steel bullet from Sudeep's gun smashed her face.

"You two bit whore don't deserve this gold and money." said Sudeep with a blank face and closed the passenger side door.

Marsh's Share

Sudeep was driving carefully through the Kali valley. He knew his car was heavy and there was a danger of sticking it in the loose soil. The December sun was getting down swiftly and leaving the valley in the grip of darkness.

Sudeep had been driving for one hour but there was no sign of main road. He got worried, perhaps he was lost. He took a deep breath and resumed his driving.

There was a big dirty water pond just in front of him. He took a turn and started driving ahead a bit far from the pond. That was the biggest mistake of his life. The pond by his side was the deadly marsh, which was ready to take its share. All of a sudden he got stuck in the loose soil and he tried his best to take his car out of the loose soil but he was drifting swiftly towards the pond and within thirty seconds he was in the deadly grip of the marsh. He tried to open the door of his car to save himself but the door was stuck in the mud of the marsh. His entire struggle went to nought and the marsh devoured him along with the gold and the cash within five minutes.

Sole Survivor

Sidharth was walking swiftly on a man made trail. He knew that he could easily lost in the 500 km vast valley. Silt waters was just five km east of the outskirt of Will City, soon he saw the city lights; unaware that rest of his allies shall never see any light.

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