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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Where Is My Life

Where Is My Life

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One day, I was running downstairs in a hurry to pick up a ringing phone.... Thud! I fell on the stairs and rolled down like a pop corn rolled when you throw it . My husband came running and held me .... My brain was on a roller coaster ride. Finally I closed my eyes but my heartbeat was still there.

NO... NO ...No.. I am not gone yet, I am very much possessive about my hubby and can't afford to see him marrying someone else and lead a happy life. :P

So after few days, I opened my eyes slowly, could hear beep sounds from machines. I thought, OK! now I am in ICU, looked around and did not find anyone. Saw an emergency button and pressed it. Immediately 3 doctors came running. They were amused,excited and enthusiastic . They looked at me as if I was an antique piece. All 3 doctors were wearing masks, so could not make out their faces properly.

One gentleman spoke, "Hello! Mrs. Reddy, Can you see us.?... Can you hear us?...We are so glad that you are back from coma after so many years....". I was like, "what the hell ?.... I was in coma that too for years...."

I jumped up on my bed and removed the oxygen mask. "For how long I was in coma? Where are my family members? What happened to them?" Looking furiously at the doctors.

Among them senior doctor spoke, "Calm down ....nothing to worry, you were in coma for just 30 years.... your family members used to visit you often. They are busy with their work, we will send them message about you."

Felt like someone gave a big blow on my head. Oh gosh...30 years are gone in my life, what about my hubby, did he marry someone else... ayooo what karma is this?? My sons ?? How do they look like now?..all these questions popped in my mind. Meanwhile Doctor told me that my nurse will take good care of me and called her in. I could see a medium sized robot coming in holding a tray with medicines.

Dr. Rai introduced robot to me, "This is Jane,she was the one who took care of you, please feel free to ask Jane for any support you need." Jane was a robot that was programmed to take care of patients just like our nurses do. Jane in a robotic voice told me, "Ma'am, we sent message to your family, we got video replies. Shall I play that for you?"

So 3 doctors went on rounds leaving me alone with Jane.

What else can I ask for, I asked to play it immediately. Jane turned towards wall and started a projector through her eyes. First message was from my Hubby. He said, "Hi Honey, I am so happy that you are fine now. Thank God,!you did not kick the bucket else I would have been in trouble. I am on a business trip. I am just 4800 light years(a unit of astronomical distance equivalent to the distance that light travels in one year) distance from you. I am in a different galaxy.If everything turns out to be good, I might be back in next couple of years. I deposited some amount in your account. you can utilize it till I am back. See you soon."

Ah! different galaxy, what crap?? Is he kidding?? how can someone travel to other galaxy. It's not Bangalore - Mysore route after all... was confused whether to believe or not.

Meanwhile got a message from my elder son. "Hey Mommy, so nice to see you after so many years... I really missed you , I am very happy you are back. We will surely catch up sometimes. I am busy with my research on trying to convert potatoes into gold. This is a high level project . I am currently on moon, this is the only place where we find water for cultivation. see you soon once I am back on Earth. Love you... take care...."

I felt as if my head was spinning like a yorker ball, which idiot gave him the idea to cultivate potatoes and then turn it into gold.... is it really possible? Why is he wasting his time on something foolish.

Finally, My younger son sent a message, "Mommy.... Oh my God it's unbelievable, I am speechless .... I feel like coming to you right now and give a big hug but at this time it's not possible. There is a war between our state and neighboring state, I am the chief security officer now and I cannot take leave at this hour. Once the situation is normal I will be there for you... take care and love you."

i was about to slip to coma again after hearing this. Our human relations are spoiled so badly that 2 states are Waging a war.We were taught in school, Unity in diversity is seen only in INDIA. But now its no where to be seen.

It made me sad that none from my family came to see me. I was in tears and was bit emotional.

Jane came near me saw my tears rolling and said to itself, "Emotion error, unknown emotion detected."

Ayooo! I felt like jumping from top floor."Emotion undetected!!! Why no one cries on this earth?? you don't know what is tears?" I asked Jane . She said, "People don't have time for emotions, I haven't seen any emotions from last 20 years."

I felt thirsty, "Jane could you please get me some water, Iam thirsty." Jane looked for something in tray and gave me a pill.I chided Jane with anger, and said, "I need water not pill, you idiot."

Jane robot replied, "It's alternative to water, now there is not trace of water on earth. Due to pollution water sources dried up. We cannot cultivate food and there is no water to drink. We only use pill instead of water and food."

Karma ... Karma.. I banged my head with fist and took those pills and put them in my mouth.

Then how do farmers survive? how will animals survive without water? I asked Jane.

Jane Robot replied in a metallic voice, "We don't have farmers now. Many farmers died 10 years ago. Now food pill is manufactured by pills company. This will reduce your hunger instantly."

I was pained to hear this. Farmers who fed us through out their life had to die a disastrous death.

I wanted to see outside world, was very bored to be inside. I told Jane that I wish to go out to get some fresh air and sunlight. After 10 mins Jane came to me with a dress similar to astronauts, I was horrified looking at the dress.

Jane told me, "Whenever you want to go out, ensure you wear this suit and recharge your oxygen tank."

Ah! what's this oxygen tank and why do I need to wear this dress?

Jane replied, "Ozone layer is completely worn out and sun rays are so harmful. It can burn your body in seconds, you have no choice of dresses here. Since all trees are destroyed, oxygen is not available in environment. Oxygen should be carried in a tank. So you must recharge them often, it cost you 1000$ per recharge and it lasts for only 6 hours."

God damn, I was frustrated after hearing this. What have we made to our earth. Our greed has destroyed everything that was abundantly available in our times. Finally, I wore the astronaut's suit, recharged my oxygen tank and walked out of hospital. I started walking on the footpath and saw many people in a hurry running up and down, no one has time to smile . Felt like I am completely lost, continued to walk further and found a park. Went inside thinking I could see some trees or animals inside. Entire park was made of plastic and stones, no trace of grass or trees. only robot dogs were roaming around in park. Did not feel like sitting there, came out and continued my walk, saw a temple on my way. I thought at least here I can find people. Went inside and to my amusement they were worshiping a laptop and a mobile phone. Aarghhhhh my BP raised, people don't have time to worship God now. They don't believe in supernatural power.I did not feel like going around the city anymore. Went back to hospital room. I sat on the sofa and wondered where am I? Is this my life?

What happened to our earth, we polluted her so badly that now we don't have fresh air to breathe, no water to drink and no soil to grow trees. Plastics everywhere. Food and water is sold as pills. Oxygen should be filled in tanks and carry them along with us. Human relations and humanity was destroyed to the core. Pet animals and birds are seen only in paintings and photos. No this is not my life... This is not at all my life... I better stop breathing than adjusting here and live like a robot.

My life was beautiful, I don't have to worry about air, water and soil. Woke up to the tunes of chirping birds. Had friends and family to share my happiness and sorrows. My life was more beautiful, meaningful and filled with joy. While I was lost in my thoughts, beep! beep! my oxygen tank was running out of oxygen.

Jane came running and tried to wake me up.... "Mrs. Reddy! can u hear me? Mrs. Reddy....Mrs. Reddy..." I closed my eyes, tear fell down on my cheeks.

I heard the beep sound again ...this time it was my alarm and my hubby was trying to wake me up...hello, sleepy head, wake up ...shut that alarm first.

I woke up in a hurry and stopped the freaking alarm. Thank God! it was just a dream.... But if we don't wake up from our sleep then it might turn into reality...

P.S. : Save Earth...Save Life...!!

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