Dinakar Reddy

Abstract Drama


Dinakar Reddy

Abstract Drama

When you define freedom

When you define freedom

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But, you lose your freedom once you get married. Right? Mithila asked.

Define freedom. Her mother questioned.

Mithila was silent.

Late-night parties, boozing, escaping from one's own identity.. is this the freedom you want? Her mother made the bed.

Mom, that's what everyone is doing at my age. Mithila said.

Really? I never know this. Do you mean girls who have great careers not going to marry? And partying forever?

Let me tell you one thing. I am not forcing you to get married. I am not even calling it settling down. I am just reminding you to check yourself. Talk with yourself. What's your future life should look like? 

Remember, life is not like Sex and the City you watch on TV. 

There's more of life you have to experience. Experiencing dynamics of life in all areas and still smiling every day. That's the definition I have for freedom.

Your search for your version of the definition. But don't just ignore how much life gonna offer you.

Her mother stepped outside and switched on the lullaby music in the music system.

Mithila watched the moon out of the window. The moon is in the waxing phase.

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