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Be a part of the contest Navratri Diaries, a contest to celebrate Navratri through stories and poems and win exciting prizes!

When The Adults Are Away The Demons Will Play

When The Adults Are Away The Demons Will Play

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Great, just great. Out of all of the possible days to pour, it has to be today. Don’t get me wrong, I like rain and all, just not when I have to walk a few miles home from school in it. What choice does a guy have when neither of his parents answers their cell phones nor the one at home? I’ve been calling them since basketball practice ended. After 45 minutes of trying I decide to just walk home. Maybe the rain will lighten up soon.

Ten minutes into my walk thunder booms and blue lighting flashes in the background. The rain pounds against me even harder than before. Of course today is the day I care less about an umbrella or a jacket.

I gaze up at the sky and sigh. I hope Allie makes it home safe…not that I truly care. She’s just my bratty sister. We aren’t even blood related. My dad found her wandering the streets one night and abruptly decided to bring her home. Just like that. No paperwork, no payments, he simply took her in. It’s no different than returning home a stray animal; and to me that’s all she’ll ever be, a street rat.  

The grudge I hold against her is yet to break. A family addition isn’t going to distract me from the fact that when I was seven my real little sister died in a car crash before she was born, and as a result my mother was told she could never have another child again. Up until a year ago I was devastated. My sweet darling baby sister is dead and never am I ever going to get another one. For nine years depression and suicide were my only friends. So baldy I wanted to take my life so I would finally be reunited with the sister I lost. Countless times I stole streak knives from the cupboard and cut myself to the point where I was on the verge of death. Last time, which was about two years ago, my dad caught me in the act. He locked all the knives in a box and keeps it in the basement. Then he scolded me, lecturing me for hours on how what I was doing was wrong and dangerous.

Whatever. I’ve been clean for three years now. Surely I’m not going to start anytime soon. And if I do that’s my business. How else am I supposed to cope with my loss? Surely I’m not going to accept Allie as my sister. The day that happens is the day I’m officially deemed insane.

 I can’t believe that filthy mutt tries to act like she’s just as good as my real sister. Please, she doesn’t stand a chance. She will never amount to anything. All she does for my family is add shame and embarrassment to our coattails.  

I have news for my dad: slapping our last name on a kid doesn’t automatically make them related to me. For starters, we look nothing alike. I’m 5’11and have shaggy brown hair that almost seeps into my emerald eyes. Allie is a plain twig with thick black hair that curves around her face and bangs that touch her brows, covering her ocean blue eyes most of the time.

Plus, she’s still a baby: 13 years old, a middle schooler. Why would a freshman in high school want to hang with a puny 6th grader? I will never accept her; she can’t replace Hayley.

It takes me an hour to reach home. My clothes and book bag are soaking wet. The water makes it seem as though they weigh a ton.

We live in a chic townhouse style place in the heart of Nimonville, a town in the suburbs of Quatz, one of the largest cities in the country. We’re close enough to everything in the city, so I tend to walk everywhere.

Everything except the high school built at the edge of town.

I remove the spare house key from my bag and slide it in the slot. The door clicks as I turn it. The door creaks as I push it open and slip inside. My pack falls by the door onto the “Welcome” mat with a thud. I place my soggy shoes next to it, balling my socks into the slots.

Strange…the house is silent. Mom usually has the radio on while she and Allie chat. Sometimes they even dance around the kitchen or in the living room. Neither of them is in the living room. I hear no music or voices bouncing off the walls. At the very least I should be able to hear that radio. Mom always has it on; while she cooks; while she cleans; while she folds laundry. If it’s not on, something isn’t right.

I remove my saggy shirt and throw it over my bag and shoes before I walk down the hall that splits the living room into two separate areas. The taste of metal fills my mouth. Something rotten jams its scent up my nostrils. An ominous feeling pinches my nerves. Something is terribly wrong here. I swallow hard as my heart begins to run a marathon at 90 miles per hour, dropping rocks of anxiety into my gut.

“Mom!” I call as I fast-walk down the narrow hall. “Allie!”

I pass the main area and push the western style doors that lead to the kitchen. The scent of death seizes my nose, making me stop. An ominous gut-wrenching feeling grows, squeezing me tight. 

“What…what the hell!”

I’m standing in a sea of blood. My mother and father are lying in the center face down, motionless. Dead? Shock greets my eyes. I swallow hard, tasting the metal on my tongue.

Pieces of organs and tissue float on the bloody ocean like ducks in a pond, a very disturbing pond. It looks like a scene out of a horror movie. But this one is real.

 My hands tremble. I fight back the tears forming behind my eyes.

Wait, where’s Allie?

“Allie! Where are you?”

I scan the room frantically to make sure she isn’t here as well. I have to find her, that murderer won’t be laying a finger on my sister. I can’t let them get her too; she’s all I have now.

Suddenly, I hear a screech which makes my heart race.  I dash through the ocean of blood, up the stairs, and down the hall. All the doors are shut, except the door of Allie’s room, which is ajar. It spills a small fraction of light into the hallway that allows me to see.

I skulk over to the door, making sure my feet make no sound as I move. I press my hand lightly on her door and push it open. When the space is wide enough for me to get through I slide in.

Allie is lying on her back. A gigantic, black, hairy beast is on top of her, pinning her down to the bed. It’s the size of a male gorilla on steroids and has a tail that’s long and sways like a snake’s. Its ears look similar to a wolf’s, but are a bit taller and wider with thicker fur. It doesn’t have a snout like a wolf or dog though. Its head is oval shaped and similar to a humans, except it’s larger due to the huge body beneath it. The claws attached to its paws are the size of kitchen knives. Thought it’s not directly looking at me, I can still see its glowing red irises. I only stare at them for a moment, yet the whole time my nerves feel dead; they don’t move at all.

“What are you…?” I whisper to myself.

Think, Ismus. Big, black, hairy creatures with sharp teeth, long tails, and red eyes. Sounds familiar…wait! I once read about a creature similar to this in a book I borrowed from my dad’s room.

The book talked about immortal beings called blorbus demons, along with some other types that I can’t recall. They have a human appearance to blend in with society, but when provoked they can transform into beasts that are described like the creature in the room now. Apparently what separates them form the other types of demons is the fact that around their souls is a thick sheet of dark matter, which gives them their evil nature.

I didn’t read too much further into the book than that, but I already know this thing is going to be tough to take down. Blorbus demons are supposed to be more intelligent and manipulative than humans and have power that’s superior to that of all the humans on the planet combined.

What the hell am I going to do?

I can’t take this thing down with a knife or gun. That wouldn’t even leave it with a scratch. Think Ismus. There has to be more from that book…

Oh wait! There is a way to take them down, but it’s going to be tricky. The only other thing I bothered to read from that book was a chapter on the art of hunting demons. I remember it said that human blood can be shaped into various weapons and used to kill demons. Apparently humans who can “control their aura” are able to manipulate blood into solid form. I tried it a few times for fun but failed miserably. This is the only hope I have to save Allie and I can’t even do it correctly.

Dammit all to hell!

I must be mumbling to myself because the “demon” looks away from Allie and locks onto me. Ruby red eyes burning with hatred paralyze my nerves again. The teeth are similar to swords in sharpness. From a triangular crack hangs its long purple tongue that drips with saliva.

A growl escapes it.

I slide away slowly towards the desk, maintaining my gaze.  My hands search behind me for scissors.

Come on…I know they’re here…she has a pair of sparkly purple scissors…they have to be here…

 The demon shakes its head, refocusing its attention to Allie. Lavender ooze drips off its tongue and onto her skin. The sound bacon makes in a greasy skillet rings through the room. Even from this distance I see Allie’s skin turn black and swell up like a pimple. She screams as blood forms a frame around her body.

In one swift move it slashes her across the chest. Her cries of agony reflect off the walls, striking my heart. More blood pours from her open wounds. The room fills with the sickening scent of fresh blood.

“NO!” I scream.

Quickly I turn so the desk is in full view.

The scissors are placed in a pencil holder in the far right corner. I rip them out and pivot back to the demon.

I dig the blade into my right wrist with all my force. A burning pain strikes all the cells in the area. I cringe as I cut deeper and deeper into my skin.

Stupid children’s scissors! I’ve barely made a dent!

There’s only a narrow slit with a small stream of blood flowing out. This definitely isn’t enough to take that huge beast out. Come on!

In a second I bring the blade down onto my skin with a stronger force. Once it meets my wrist I move it back and forth swiftly. Within seconds my skin is on fire.  Large amounts of blood drench my hand. Warm blood flows out and dribbles down my arm. My fingers rub it around my palm.

Alright, step one is compete. Now for step two: becoming one with my body. Concentrate.

I clear my mind, just as the book instructed. Find your identity. Who are you? I’m Ismus Kikashi, age 14. Good at sports, perfect grades, has a hard shell but a soft inside…cares about his little sister. He loves and cares for her more than she knows. Allie, I have to save Allie.  

Sharp, think of something sharp. Shape the blood. Make it sharp.  Daggers. Swords. Spears. Knives. Make your blood move. Use your spirit to manipulate your body. Be in control of everything inside of you…your breathing, your heart rate, your soul, everything…

A minute passes. Nothing changes.

The creature chuckles at my failure. It takes a step off the bed towards me.

Have to lure it away from Allie…

 Without thinking I fling the door open, sprint down the hall, and jump down the steps.

As long as it’s moving it’ll be away from her. Get that thing as far from her as you can.

I fly past the kitchen and through the living room. Just a few more feet until the front door…

I cry in pain as talons scrap my back. They pin me up against the door and drag me down to the floor.

My body springs up hastily, turning to face the demon. I’m trapped. One of its claws is on the door knob and the other is on the frame. I’m completely boxed in. Its monstrous body blocks my path in the front, making sure I have no hope of escape.

So close…

 The talon to my right rises above my head. The demon licks its lips with eagerness. A mighty roar blasts me in the face.

“Damn demon!” I screech.

I shove my bloody palm into its face.

“Nobody touches my little sister!”

Red needles suddenly shoot out of my skin. They hit the beast directly in the chest, going right through its chest, hitting the opposite wall.

The demon howls with pain. It stumbles backwards clutching its new open wounds.

My solid blood liquefies once more, splattering all over me, the creature, and the room.

My hand begins to shake as my knees give out and hit the floor. I put my palms on the hardwood to keep my head from smashing into the ground.

I feel weak…I finally manipulate my blood, but for some reason I’m exhausted. Is this what this sort of power does to the human body? Man, this can kill me if I’m not careful…

The demon’s ears jolt towards the sky as it stares at the window.

 High pitched pings ring in the distance.

A siren?

It doesn’t sound like any of the ones I’ve ever heard before. The pitch is almost too high for me to hear.

The demon listens to it for minute before looking my way. I receive one last evil glare before it dashes across the floor and busts through the window. I hear its claws scrape the concrete as it skids down the street.

Phew; safe for now.

My body is weak from all the blood loss, but I still manage to stand so I can trudge back up the stairs to Allie’s room.

Don’t worry Allie. That thing is gone now. It can’t hurt you anymore. Ismus is here to protect you.

She’s still on her bed bleeding heavily. Her eyes are shut while her face twists in agony.

I pick her up, holding her close to me.

“Please,” I croak. “Don’t die, Allie. You can’t.” Tears stream down my face, splashing all over her milky white skin. “I love you.”

“How is she?”

The tiny blonde nurse in pink scrubs standing outside Allie’s room gazes up at me with large teal eyes. “We’re not sure yet, sir.”

“Can I at least go in and see her?” I plead. I have to know she’s alright. I need to know she’s alive.

The nurse shakes her head. “The doctors are still in there operating.”

“When will they be done?”

“I’m not sure sir, but I promise I’ll come get you when they are. You can sit in the waiting room until then.”

I glare at her for a moment before saying “fine” and popping a squat in one of the green rubbery chairs in the waiting area. Thank God I’m the only one here; I can’t take anymore right now.

I sigh and place my chin in my palms, my elbows resting on my knees. My emeralds watch the doctors, nurses, and patients bustle through the busy hospital. I have enough anxiety at the moment, and all the nervous energy from the people passing by is making mine grow.

I shift my gaze to the ground that’s covered in plush brown carpet with various sized and colored circles scattered throughout. Why did things turn out like this? Why? Everything was great until today.

I reach into my right pocket and pull out the necklace Allie had given me earlier. The charm on the silver chain is a pair of angel wings made of sterling silver and fitted with glittering diamonds on top. They shine a bright light no matter which way I turn it.

 As I was walking to school this morning she ran to catch up to me just to chat me up. It was the first time we’ve talked to each other in over five months. Anyway, she was really bubbly and excited, which got on my nerves because I was in deep thought about some of my issues. She went on about random stuff until she noticed I was annoyed, which is when she took her favorite necklace off and gave it to me. She told me it was her good luck charm and she hoped it helps me through whatever is on my mind.

Is this the reason for that attack?

I remember Allie telling my dad awhile back she had nightmares of a giant black beast with red eyes for months until he gave her this. For some reason this drove it away that very day. I don’t think she’s had a problem since…

Wait…does this mean…it’s my fault the demon came and attacked her?

I clutch the charm in my hand, bringing it close to my heart. I swear I feel some sort of heat radiation off of it. And is it…throbbing? Like a heart. That’s odd…I don’t think jewelry is supposed to do that….right? Am I imaging this? I mean I did lose a lot of blood…

“Excuse me son.”

My head shoots up like a rocket.

Standing before me are two men in black suites. The one to my left is bald with a hard rigid face, hazel eyes, and a tiny grey mustache while the one to my right has short blonde hair spiked up by too much gel, sky blue eyes, and smooth clean face.

“Hello,” I greet as I shove the necklace back into my pocket and stand.

Even though I’m only 16 I’m at least a few inches taller than the bald guy, who is slightly taller than the blonde one. They stare up at me with hard, emotionless eyes.

“Son,” the bald guy, the one speaking moments ago, says in the same rough deep voice and serious tone. “How are you?”

“Um, I’m good, sir. Can I call you sir?”

“Officer Radstein,” he replies. “And this here is my right hand man Officer Tess.”

“It’s nice to meet you.”

“What’s your name son?”

“Ismus,” I answer.

“Strange name…” Officer Radstein mutters to himself.

And Radstein is normal?

“Never mind,” he continues. “Ismus is it?”

 “Yes, sir.” I nod.

“My associate and I have a few things we’d like to discuss with you.”

“Like what?” I ask with hesitation.

For all I know these guys could work for the government or something. They can even be demons in disguise. I have to be cautious.

“The events that happened earlier,” Officer Tess interjects. “You encountered a strange beast right? Can you describe it to me?”

“I did,” I say with confidence. “But give me one good reason I should answer.” I cross my arms over my chest.

The two men look at each other and sigh before looking at me.

“Look, we are members of a top secret organization that hunts strange creatures,” Officer Radstein explains. “Have you heard of demons before?”

“Yes!” I blurt out without thinking. “One attacked my sister today.”

“What type of demon was it?”

“I think it’s called a ‘blorbus demon.’”

Officer Tess pulls out a small notepad and pen and scribbles something down before putting in his jacket again.

“Thank you, son.” He says. “We need that for our report.”

The two examine me once more, paying close attention to my wrist. The one I sliced is now wrapped in medical tape that goes all the way up to my elbow and down to my fingers. The nurses went a little overboard.

“That’s a lot of bandage, son,” Officer Radstein remarks. “What happened?”


Here goes nothing…

“I had to cut my wrist so I could use my blood as a weapon against the demon earlier. I got it right in the chest, but it got away. My whole arm was covered in blood so the nurses just wrapped it all.”

“What!” the two officers exclaim in unison as their eyes look as if they’ll pop right out of the socket.

“Did you just say you manipulated your blood!” Officer Tess appears confused and shocked. He’s having trouble keeping his jaw from hitting the floor.

“Son!” Offier Radstein interrupts. “How old are you?”

“16,” I answer in a professional manner.

“And you manipulated your blood?”

I nod.

“Is this the first time you’ve done this?”

“Yeah. Well I mean I’ve tried in the past,” I admit. “But they were all failed attempts. This was my first successful time.”

The two men each give other a similar look, nod, and look at me.

“Do you  have any plans at the moment?” Officer Radstein questions.

“Not really,” I respond. “Now I’m just waiting for my sister to recover so we can find a place to live.”

“Well if you’re interested, how about you come with us?”


 “To the Demon Hunters Academy. There you’ll be able to train so you have more control over your blood. Since it was your first time today it must have been difficult and taken a lot of energy, but after some time it’ll be a breeze. So, what do you say son?”

Wait…are they serious? They’re offering me a full ride to this school that teaches kids how to kill demons, no questions asked?

A stupid grin runs across my face. This is incredible. I never knew I had such an amazing ability within me. I’d be crazy to turn them down. But…if I’m there what will happen to Allie? Where will she live? She probably can’t come with me so it’s likely she’ll be all alone…now I’m not sure…

“I’m sorry,” I say. “But I can’t go unless I find a place for my sister to stay.”

“No problem,” Officer Tess replies. “We’ll make sure she’s safe.”

“And you guarantee that?”

He nods.

“Fine,” I agree. “I’ll go with you. Just let me say goodbye to my sister first.”

“Take all the time you need.”

I push past them and go back to the room the nurse was by before. I walk over to the door and slide it open. No doctors or nurses are in the room, only Allie. She’s lying in the hospital bed starring at the ceiling with dull eyes.

She appears pale, almost dead. Two IVs are in her left are. There’s medical tape hides the skin on her arms and face. I bet her entire chest is wrapped too…poor girl.

As soon as my feet touch the tile her gaze shifts to me.

“Ismus…?” Her voice is so dry I can barely hear her.

“Hi Allie,” I respond as I stroll over to the bed. “How are you feeling?”

“Good,” she rasps. “Everything still hurts, but I’m ok now.”

I kneel beside her. I place her hand in my palms and squeeze it tight. My eyes clam shut to prevent the tears from pouring out.

“I’m sorry…” I whisper. “I’m so sorry this happened to you, Allie. This is all my fault.”

“No it’s not,” she replies weakly.

“Yes it is,” I argue.

I remove one of my hands and pull out the necklace.

“If I didn’t take this from you earlier you’d be safe.”

I lean over and clip the chain back around her neck. “This belongs to you, Allie.”

The moment the charm touches her skin sizzling fills the room. It begins to turn black and rough with red speckles.

Oh my God!

I immediately take the necklace off.

“What’s wrong?” I ask with haste.

“My skin,” she says between heavy breaths. “It burns.”

I stare at the charm. It’s completely unaffected. It appears the same as it always has.

“Has this happened before?”

She shakes her head. “Never.”

“Whatever.” That’s the least of my worries right now. “I’m just glad you’re safe.”

I put it back in my pocket and hold her hand once more. We gaze into each other’s eyes for what seems like an eternity. Hers are so pretty. Such a deep ocean blue. They pull me in with their mysterious wonder.

She actually looks somewhat cute right now. Her smile is faint, but it’s there. Her eyes appear to shine with a light of pure bliss. This is the happiest I’ve seen her in a long time. Is she really this ecstatic being with me? Now I feel bad for being such a jerk to her all this time…

“Ismus,” Allie says after a while.

“What’s up?” I ask, squeezing her hands a little tighter.

“What are we going to do now? Where will we live? I mean technically we’re orphans. All we have is each other. How will we live?”

Water glosses over my eyes. I frown.

I have to tell her the truth. I have to tell her that I’m going away. But I’ll assure her she’ll be well taken care of no matter what.

“I’m sorry,” I reply as I stand. Our eyes are still locked. “I have to go.”

“What do you mean?”

Her eyes grow large as the tears begin to form.

She looks so sad and innocent…I feel horrible…

“Allie, I’m leaving. I probably won’t be back for a long time…I’m sorry…”

“What…” her tiny voice rasps.

“I’m sorry,” I repeat. “I know that’s something you probably don’t want to hear right now, but it’s something I have to do.”

“No!” she cries as tears soil her cheeks. “You can’t! Please don’t go! I can’t be alone again!”

“It’s ok,” I assure her. “Everything wil-“

“No! Don’t lie to me!” she yells. “You just want to leave me all alone! I know you want nothing to do with me! You said so yourself! You wish I’d just go die don’t you!”

“Hey!” I scream. My brows furrow. My emeralds glare at her. I can’t believe she just said that. “I didn’t mean any of it! Alright!”

“Then why did you say it!”

“I was trying to protect you!”

“Like I believe that! Liar!”

“It’s true!”

“No it’s not! I hate you! Go away! Liar!”

My hands curl into fists as my jaw clenches.

How dare she say that…so what if I pushed her away and ripped on her once and a while? I only did it to protect her. To keep her safe from the demons inside of my head, the ones that haunt my past. She has enough to deal with. Like I’m going to drag her into my issues.

But if this is how she feels, fine. I’ll go. Those guys already promised to take care of her so I know she’s going to be safe. It’s a sad ending though; I imagined it being much more sentimental, filled with tearful goodbyes and loving words. A screaming fest wasn’t what I had in mind.


“Fine,” I say between my teeth. “I’ll go.”

I turn to face the door. My feet hit the ground one by one, edging closer to the exit. My hand freezes as I grab the door knob.

“I promise I’ll protect you, Allie,” I break in. “That’s one thing I guarantee. I promise we’ll see each other again.”

Without another word I turn the knob and sprint down the hall.

I’m sorry Allie. I’m so sorry, but don’t you worry, I’ll be back. I’ll train. I’ll get stronger so one day I can protect you like I should, like I should have been doing months ago. I promise I’ll make it up to you…one day…






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