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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Maruf Hasan

Abstract Fantasy Inspirational


Maruf Hasan

Abstract Fantasy Inspirational

What Now? Story Of Quran

What Now? Story Of Quran

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I can not sleep without writing a short story at storymirror. I stopped using social media nowadays and I have only one app as social media which is Storymirror. The platform is to nurture my creativity for my bright future whereas social media could give me nothing but I wasted my time over the past years. My friends are busy making videos for social media but I am busy with storymirror. My only friend is now storymirror. Tomorrow is the biggest festival for Muslims as the month of Ramadan ended in this country. It is 1:54 am now and I sat on my desk and I find there is nothing to write. I remembered the quote of Ernest Hemingway, "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed."

What now then?

Well let's get into business

Aijak got summer vacation from his university and he decided to visit the most prestigious Islamic universities in the world. He searched at google and there were few universities there. Among them, he chose to click on one link. It is Islamic University . He found a faculty under this university and he found some of the professors' names. He took one of the professor's email and sent him an email saying he is interested to know about the Quranic message of Islam.

The Prof replied to him back in one week time saying he will send a short descriptive email regarding the Quranic message. Two weeks went by and there was no email. Aijak got upset. In the third week in the morning, he got the reply email from Prof.

 He started reading.

 Dear Aijak

I am sorry for the late reply but I was thinking over the issue for the past few weeks since you asked the very basic and fundamental question and this is my pleasure to write something about the topic. The message of the Quran is very simple actually. It talks about one God who has control over everything and then the Quran talks about the day of judgement where every single soul will be accountable to answer for their every single deed. Then Quran describes heaven and hell and angels and life after death. The Quran describes different stories of prophets and these stories all are related to how people of faith who believed in one god lived their life for the lesson for its readers. Quran also distinguishes those who worship idles and the monotheistic religion of Abraham. You would also notice that Quran talks about Bible and gives the answers that you would feel confused reading the bible. For example, in the Quran authors says that Jesus was born without a father and author-related with the example of the creation of Adam how Adam was created without a father and mother. It also clearly says that Jesus was not killed rather he was taken into heaven and he will return to earth before the day of judgement is the follower of Muhammad (as Islamic tradition says). Quran answers so many questions also when people came to Muhammad and asked questions related to any problem they face or based on curiosity. Quran also talked about Jews and their stubborn nature of not accepting the truth.

Quran also says God sent so many prophets and books for guidance to worship one God before Muhammad but most of this revealed knowledge people distorted after the prophet died. Quran also talks about the different battle and how to deal with enemies and how to stay firm on religion even if Muhammad dies. The most striking feature of the Quran was Muhammad was never credited for being of its writer and saying Muhammad is nothing more than a man and only difference is he gets divine revelation whereas general men do not. However, Quran has no explicit answer when the question arises about 'who created God?' Quran only emphasized saying "Your lord is surely one" and "nothing in the universe can be compared with him". The certainty of sayings of Quran the author has challenged again and again and you will find lots of swearing and firm words to emphasize these ideas as the ultimate truth of the universe. If you read the Quran, the poetic structure is really mind-blowing. I would invite you to come and learn Arabic or maybe you can try at your country. The story of past people Quran mentions to show how they sacrificed their lives for the concept of one God, Kings were against this teaching from ancient times and they brutally tortured the believers who believed in these messages.

The entire Quran revolves around two basic principles and firstly it talks about the oneness of God and secondly it warns about accountability to one God. Everyone is the slave of God and therefore they should do slavery only to Allah and they should not bow down to anyone but unseen God. Muhammad taught his followers how to bow down to one unknown God and the teachings reflect among worshippers if you ever visit any Muslim Mosque and you can observe very easily in real.

I would suggest you read the translation of the Quran to understand how Quran speaks with its reader. The concept of the oneness of God is very critical when it comes to application. That's why many people find it difficult to realize and the Muslims you find may not follow what Quran is actually saying about worshipping God. In other words, most of them associate partners with God without realization in their daily activities. You may hear about Nietzsche who said "God is dead and we have killed him". The most critical answer about Muslim's God was given by an Indian philosopher and activist Maududi who was the founder of Jamaate Islam. You can search on google for his biography and writing. "The four qur'anic terms" the small book should be finished to understand what I mean. Quran is always clear about fighting for law and justice. Today I am not feeling well physically but I sent this email just as I promised to you. If you have any other inquiry, please feel free to email and I will try to reply at my convenient time.

Best regards


Aijak replied to that email saying "Noted with thanks dear Prof.I will read the Quran and the other book that you mentioned for the investigation. I am very glad to have a reply from you."

Aijak came out from home and started running towards the library to buy the translation of the Quran.

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