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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Virtual Love - Heera!

Virtual Love - Heera!

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It was the long sea shore of Arabian sea, It was Sunday so there was not a single space where people were not enjoying their evening. Some couples were lost in their romance and children were making house from sand. Some young guys were swimming. Water touched sea shore and sprinkled few drops. Girls were entering into the sea with great caution and soon came out after taking selfie from different angles. Two man were running and their vest drench out thoroughly. A turtle has arrived on the sea shore and a large group was standing around that turtle.

Among all those things a group of five friends were also there. They met together after a long time. They were not affected by the sea waves ,not by the turtle and surprisingly not chirping of beautiful girls. They were discussing their past life. There were stories of their college adventure, their gossiping on political to open secrets of their life. They all mesmerized with the memory of that charming girl-Heeramani. As Tushar started talked about Heera all disconnected to life scattered on sea shore. They together overwhelmed into the memories of Heera. Tushar wished to propose Heera and made an animated video for expressing his feeling. He shared his feeling to Anil who also wished open his heart in front of Heera. He sent that animated video before Tushar and stole some good comments which were not for him. Asraf and Kamal both helped Heera full heartedly in completing assignments and project work and Heera achieved top ranking cause these collaborative efforts and she gave return gift to Kamal and Asraf with an elegant smile. They were ready to do assignments and projects all life if Heera continued smile for them. It was the Vishal who got enough attention of Heera, He was witty and with his dynamic behavior he was always appreciated by Heera. They all spent their evening talking about Heera.

Heera enjoyed all this and share her grace equally to all. She was the only queen of this super Six gang of college. She was having sweet smile on her face. She had dreams, dream of independent diva, autonomous, free from all life trivial quacks. She was the aspiration of this group as they decided to develop such software that spread energy and high spirit of liveliness among the millions of life. They all enjoyed one another company and having individual strength on programming. Vishal was the idea generator and created new ideas whenever they need the most ,Tushar had excellent in making animation and amazing sprites along with wonderful sound work , Asraf and Kamal were master of programming. They built their magic on the canvass of Vishal’s idea and color of Tushar brushes. Anil and Heera joined everyone and gave their effort whoever need it more. All their synergy was leading them towards voyage of dreams where they all would get their island of success.

Suddenly an ice berg arose in the journey of their dream voyage and swallowed Heeramani. Heera got met an unfortunate accident and left this gang without queen. They were left without soul and their life journey traveled without captain. They had a lot of memories of Heera. Heera was alive in their every task. They joined their professional life after college. They all were working different places of India and worked different nature of work. Asraf joined an NGO and used his talent for creating IT solution for his organisation . Anil opened his own business –Heerani software development private ltd. Kamal got a government job in banking sector. Tushar became assistant professor and discussed his uncompleted love story with his students. Vishal had changed his field after Heera demise , he had lost interest in computation. He joined an organisation to develop pedagogy and curriculum for 21st century education.

Heera called Vishal and discussed about their visionary project. Heera and Vishal together finished all planning work. Heera contacted Tushar and gave him task arranged a venue and all procurement for this project. Asraf and Kamal joined them as they never responded negatively to Heera’s proposal. When Anil got this information he also joined the team and once again this gang of dreams was alive with its queen. They completed their project with half sleep nights and almost worked 18 hour in day. They again join their respective workplace after three and half month missionary work. Now they were waiting for call of Heera for their next meeting.

They all were on the seashore of Arabian sea, amazing waves were bounced and back, they all were controlled by this gang. They got successfully created a software –“Heera”. It was Vishal who did not give up to develop such software which they all six vision collectively. He called everyone for this, for Heera, with a call named after Heera. Vishal ,Asraf ,Anil, Kamal and Tushar gave their three and half month for their life to recreate their love! Heera!

Here all were animated, those beautiful girls who were taking selfie, that turtle which was centre of attraction of beach, those running man, swimming guys, children were making home from sand, romancing couple, all crowd- all were animated. People could feel this magical Arabian sea in their home with the help of virtual reality. They gave it a name –Heera. There would remain one thing which will never remained animated or programmed that is their love which will travel in this Arabian sea on its wave in the voyage of their dream ship- “Heera”.

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