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"Veg Or Non-Veg"

"Veg Or Non-Veg"

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She came in late. The first day of college. The first day of the freshmen year. In that moment, I realised that I'm being too cheesy and should stop thinking about it. And now, a month later all I can think about is her. Yup, I know. Cringe right? Me... from a month ago would've jumped right off a cliff, just because the title was so cringe-worthy. So what exactly happened in this last month that changed me so much? She happened. So, to begin it all with, an introvert guy like me is incapable of making friends in a new. So, to begin it all with, an introvert guy like me is incapable of making friends in a new environment. Even if it's new for everyone, because well it's freshman year, it doesn't matter Honestly, my buffer period is around 4-6 months at least (introverts know what I'm talking about). That's how long it takes for me to open up. I know that how?

Well I had to change schools when I was in second grade, then after fifth grade our sections were shuffled, then again after sixth, after eighth, and again after the tenth, so yeah, it's been tested again and again. Now I opened up to her a day after she first talked to me, that was around 3 weeks after the college began. Why? If only I knew. 

But back to the storyline we're currently exploring, the first day I noticed her, like every guy in our class who's single. Though it wasn't her cute looks that caught my attention, it was the fact that she was late Now because some or most of the people reading this don't know me personally, I'm late to almost everything a person can be late to. 
First lecture, late, assignment submission,late, party, late, just about everything there is honestly. 

Now call me stereotypical, but girls aren't really known to show such traits (yeah yeah chauvenism, inequality bullshit, just shut it and read alright). But I didn't show much interest in her because I was over relationships after my previous unsuccessful endeavours. 
My first 3 weeks in this new environment was like trying to avoid the company of all those wannabe boys there are so that my first impression, on the professors and the batchmates weren't as lame as theirs. So, I believe it was the Tuesday of the third week and I was late (told you) for the first lecture and as I enter I see most of the seats are taken except one or two scattered here and there, but the only seat I was focused on, was the one behind her.
(I have zero luck so I know there is no way in hell that I would have gotten a seat next to her). So the day progresses and all the lectures are over and I Haven't spoken a word to her, being the introvert that I am. Now it's lunch time and I rush to the cafeteria, grab a quick bite and run the five floors a fancy word for English because we're studying law). Activity which was to be held after the break. 
She wasn't there. So I waited, hoping that she would be there so I could talk to her once. Yes, there was something about her that gave me the courage to think that I could talk to her. I really couldn't though.

Our professor enters and the activity that he comes up with, is to discuss what our flaws are and what we are afraid of.
Just like any other class, our class also has douches who try to impress people by saying stupid shit like I'm too caring' and stuff. I call them out on their bullshit ... out loud (talk about introversion) so everyone starts laughing including the Prof. And HER. All of a sudden she turns around and goes, "Are you veg or non-veg?" the type of conversation starter I would've used because I don't really know how to start conversations. And that's where it all started.

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