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Navitha Reddy

Drama Tragedy Classics


Navitha Reddy

Drama Tragedy Classics

Vaishnavi..... Chapter 2

Vaishnavi..... Chapter 2

5 mins 194 5 mins 194

Ishwara Prasad and Ganga arrived in a car. The car was parked in the front portico of the house. It was an old heritage house, well maintained and decorated. Ganga looked at the house "You have a beautiful house, Ishwara Ji ". She complimented him.

Ishwara smiled "Hmmm I just own this house. Everything is taken care of by Vaishnavi, She has a good taste and shows interest in decorating this old house". Ganga did not speak further, She bent forward to pick up her luggage. A servant came running towards the car and lifted the luggage. "Ayya, how are you feeling now?? Vaishnavi Amma was very upset and performed all puja's for your wellbeing. I am sure her penance did wonders and brought you back to normal". Ishwara just patted his back and said "I am fine Ramu, nothing to worry about. They walked towards the main door. Vaishnavi stood there looking at them, This was the first time she was meeting Ganga in person. Vaishnavi held aarthi thali in her arms and did aarthi to Ishwara. Ishwara turned towards Ganga and said, "Vaishnavi please do Aarthi to both of us, Ganga is coming here for the first time". Vaishnavi moved towards Ganga and performed Aarthi silently.

She looked at Ganga. Thin built, Wheatish skin, Few wrinkles on the face and grey hairs but her eyes were sharp and beautiful. That attracted everyone. Ganga smiled at her, Vaishnavi Vaugely smiled and stepped aside. Ishwara was in a joyful mood. He held Ganga's hand and stepped inside together just like a newlywed couple. This irritated Vaishnavi. She did not utter a word. She chose to be silent. She felt as if someone had crushed her heart inside. Ishwara introduced " Vaishnavi, this is Ganga my first wife I had spoken to you about her long ago, and Ganga this is Vaishnavi, She married me even after knowing about us. She is very lovely and kind-hearted. She understood my dilemma and my situation. Vaishnavi I hope you made arrangements for Ganga's stay. we will rest for a while, tired of a long journey and Jat lag too".

Vaishnavi " A guest room on the 1st floor is arranged for Ganga. Lunch is ready if you both freshen up, I will get it served". saying so she walked to the kitchen. 

Ishwara held Ganga's arms in his, So here is my palace, hope you like it, my queen. Ganga "I am not queen, I don't deserve to be called like that. I just need you and you are my everything. Saying so she hugged him. Vaishnavi dropped a water glass that she was holding. "Sorry I... I...lost control". She said trying to hide her emotions and tears. "Rathna will serve lunch to both of you. I am going to out on important work". 

Ishwara was irritated "Vaishnavi, I came back after so many days that too with Ganga and You are going out. What important work do you have at this hour? you can have lunch with us and then leave.

Vaishnavi without even looking at him "My mother is unwell, I am going to meet her. Please don't stop me. I need to fulfill my duty as Daughter too". She did not even wait for an answer from Ishwara. She went out and drove the car herself and zoomed on the road leaving dust behind. She drove the car to the nearest temple of Lord Shiva and Parvathi on the bank of river Tungabhadra. She sat on the river bank sobbing and let out the frustration. No one could see her pain or suffering except the big banyan tree that stood quietly on the river bank. She vented out her anger and frustration in the form of tears. 


Rathna served lunch to Ishwara and Ganga, The food was authentic Karnataka style. It was delicious and Ganga enjoyed it. After Lunch, when Ganga was climbing stairs to go to her room. Ishwara followed her. Rathna saw this and felt disgusting. she did not like the way Ishwara was treating Ganga. Ganga warned Ishwara, "Ishwar ji, I don't think this is right. Please go and sleep in your room. people will talk bad and your reputation will be spoilt in this village. I observed that Vaishnavi and Rathna are not comfortable with me.

Ishwara shrugged "Common Ganga, You are new here, so you feel that way. Vaishnavi is very friendly and she takes time to come close to you. I don't care what people think and talk about me. I found you after so many years, You have to go through hell every day because of me and now I want to give all the happiness in the world to you. So just close your eyes and sleep on my arms".

Ganga was about to say something Ishwara intervened "Shhhh.... I said close your eyes". He held her in his arms. 

Vaishnavi came back home after about 4 hours, It was a hot day. No one was seen in the house. Rathna was busy in the kitchen. Vaishnavi went to her room, hoping to see Ishwara. He was not there. She walked out of her room and there was a sound of a door opening on the 1st floor, Ishwara and Ganga walked out together and was climbing down the stairs holding hands. Vaishnavi was fuming as if a volcano is about to burst.

(To be continued ......)

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