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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Archit Modi



Archit Modi


Untitled Comics!

Untitled Comics!

34 mins 266 34 mins 266

Meet the Characters!

The WormGuards: 

Star La-x - A college student, Sam Star, goes by the alias Star La-x, to save the world. A very hardworking person and a stickler for rules, he is a serious threat for all the villains when coupled with his blasters, foot jets and his laser shooting, nano-technology mask. 

Cap10 - A party animal, Arthur Moore, is known as Cap10 in the superhuman community. Other than studying for his master’s degree, he saves the world with his disc-shaped shield (which also converts into a spear-like sword), and a sword in the other hand; but sometimes prefers his gun too. He has enhanced strength and agility, which makes him immune to most attacks and results in rapid healing, and also makes his punches lethal. Along with this, his tactical genius helps the WormGuards form strategies and make split-second decisions most of the times.

Falconeye - Nestor Gunn uses this name to hide his identity as his enemies hide from him. Being spiritually connected, his senses are extremely developed, and can hear almost everything around him for a radius of a few kilometers and his eyes are as developed as a falcon, as he can spot any enemy from a kilometer away! His suit enables him to fly as high as 15000 feet and at a maximum speed of 400 km/h, and shoot missiles through a launcher attached to his hand. His favorite weapon is a crossbow, which he mostly uses.

Caynyne - The only girl on the team (I do NOT support gender discrimination), she is as good as 10 of them. Stacy McGwere is a trained martial arts specialist and with her almost indestructible white-coloured suit, and many kinds of guns and bombs, she makes her enemies go ka-boom! Literally.

Kroov - Dave Trumpet, or “slinger”, which almost everybody calls him, is known for throwing anything he can find, be it a stone, a car, or even a small building at his enemies. He has superhuman strength and can even bear weights up to 3 tonnes! And even though he might not be the strongest WormGuard, he can compensate for it when he is in the worst of his moods, or if you are on his wrong side.

The Instigators : 

Captain Wormholler - Erba Van Schmoff, the son of two legendary superheroes of their times, has, of course, inherited powers from both of them making him one of the most formidable villains of all times. Being neglected since childhood by his parents as they saved the world, he grew up with mixed feelings about superheroes. He thus decided to end all the superheroes on Wormhole. He was so determined to accomplish his goal that his father’s death was caused by him! With his bulky body and extreme strength coming from his father, making him withstand tonnes of weight, and the ability to smash buildings in a couple of punches, he got mind-reading and mind-manipulation as powers from his mother. When he matches these powers with his own weapons and suits, he is a person you don’t want to mess with. Because if you do, he wouldn’t leave you in your dreams too…

Irongator - Doctor Meers Murphy never liked humans anyway. Getting his P.H.D. in weaponology, he spent years building a suit for himself so he could do something about his nosy neighbours and get a quiet neighbourhood. After researching for years, he finally built something that pleased him. When he went out with his 7 feet tall egg-shaped machine, from which stick-like legs sprouted from 12 sides, weapons such as laser bombs, biochemical bombs and many more were attached, he was a person you couldn’t remove from your watchlist. He has the highest number of murders on his name compared to the whole of the Instigators.

Quicklash - In an accident in a machinery factory, which was caused by some superheroes as they tried to stop a terrorist group, Stan Millers, a worker in the factory got his legs cut in machinery. Later upon a coincidental meeting with Captain Wormholler, he told him about his hatred for superheroes, and Captain Wormholler immediately recruited him, giving him an advanced pair of prosthetic limbs, which enabled him to run at subsonic speeds, along with a few other weapons which enabled him to cut through mountains while running.

Sonaric - As the name suggests, Forman Factor, bombards his enemies with ultrasonic waves which make his enemies paralyzed for some time, during which he uses his darts, which he throws through his wings. 

KroseBones - Actually a pile of bones, Krose is from planet Krise, and was saved by Captain Wormholler from his spaceship, as he crashed. Being mainly made up of bones, he is practically immortal, and when he disintegrates, he can easily be re-assembled. He doesn’t use any weapon but is used as a wall to block enemy attacks. Not much is known about him as he only knows how to grunt, but according to Sonaric, his closest friend, he is picking up a few words from their language.

PART I (The Beginnings) 

Somewhere On Wormhole 

At WormDome

Star La-x: Come on! Pick up your weapons quickly! They can attack anytime now.

Falconeye:  My senses have detected their army in our radius. They are coming…

Caynyne: Holy Shit!

Falconeye: Language!

Cap10: Who took my shield?!

Kroov: I think you left it at the party yesterday…

Star La-x: Are we supposed to party when we know that the enemy is constantly attacking?!

Cap10: Sorry, Mr. Wormhole!

Caynyne: Shouldn’t we stop discussing what happened yesterday and activate our defence systems?

Kroov: I’m not able to understand the reasons behind these recent attacks… They are so different from their usual ones… What might the reason be?

Cap10: They are villains. What else do you expect them to do? Clean your toilet?!

Kroov: That’s not a bad idea…

Caynyne: Zip it, you…- heroes! (Looks at Falconeye) Yeah, I know, Language!!!

Falconeye: The systems have detected 10,000 of them, plus the Instigators themselves! This is the largest invasion yet.

Cap10: The defence systems aren’t going to be of much use now. We will have to step in. I want everybody to be fully equipped and all weapons hot!

Star La-x: What do they want? They usually show their intentions, but this time, they are keeping it a secret… And they are going all out, so it must be something very big!

Cap10: Whatever it is, we have to face them now!

Caynyne: Let’s go!

(As the WormGuards pick their weapons and come out, the defence systems have started their work, and the enemy army falls rapidly.)

Sonaric: Captain! Our men are falling because of their defences! We have to stop them or we will have no army left!

Captain Wormholler: Bring me my blasters! Tell the army to charge! We will not return empty-handed today.

Instigators: CHARGE!!!

(As about half of the army lies dead on the ground, all the defences are blasted away by the Captain and his team.)

Star La-x: HALT! Who goes there?!

Cap10: Didn’t you see the signboard outside? “‘DOGS’ not allowed inside!”

Quicklash: We’ll show you who are the dogs!

Caynyne: No need for so much work… We can see you!

KroseBones: GRUNT!!!

Captain Wormholler: Talking isn’t going to buy you any time… You are going to be served as minced meat to my mercenaries today.

(After a few hours of fighting...)

Star La-x: You are never going to stop, Wormholler, are you?

Captain Wormholler: If you know so much, then why ask? 

(Soon each hero is tired, but the enemy waves continue to come. Suddenly a horn sounds from somewhere and all the nearby mercenaries start jumping on the heroes as they try to swat them away while the Instigators walk towards them.)

Quicklash: Now’s the time to do what we came for…

KroseBones: GRUNT.

Quicklash: You bore me with your grunting. I should have partnered with someone else!

(While all the other heroes are busy with their own problems, unusually more waves start coming towards Kroov.)

Kroov: Hyahh! Get away you bloody goblins! You are messing with the wrong people!!!

Quicklash: Oh yeah? Don’t worry, we will make you right.

Kroov: Whaaaaaaa-

(Kroov screams and unsuccessfully tries to move as he is captured in a net and flown away in the GatorJet in moments.)

Cap10: Hey! Falconeye! Star La-x! Scramble! Get to their ship, quick!

Star La-x: Kroov! Brother! We are coming!

Caynyne: It’s no use! Falconeye’s arrows and Star’s blasts are useless against the ship. We’ll have to go to their base.

Cap10: Then we’ll go know!

Caynyne: STOP! Calm down. We need to analyze our situation first.

(Falconeye & Star La-x return)

Falconeye: They got away, we failed, I can’t believe it. We were always together…

Star La-x: ...and we will be together. Nobody can keep us away!

Meanwhile at the InstiQuarters…

Kroov: Where have you brought me?!

Irongator: Oh, so you are awake now. Sonaric paralyze him!

Kroov: Hey, no, wait! Please stooop... (faints)

Irongator: We have to do something about him quickly.

Captain Wormholler: Put him in the machine and initiate the process.

Quicklash: Are you sure that it would erase his memories completely?

Captain Wormholler:  No you fool! That would do us no good. We would toy with his memories, turn all his good one into his worst nightmares! Turn him against his friends, family - the WORMGUARDS!

At WormDome

Star La-x: Did somebody just call us?

Caynyne: What?

Falconeye: Yeah, I felt something like that too… 


PART II (When Friends turn to Enemies)

Somewhere near the InstiQuarters

Cap10: Okay, so as we planned, Falconeye, you will carry Caynyne as she blasts the main entrance while Star and I will bring up the rear. Is that understood?

WormGuards: Yes!

Cap10: Then let’s go.

[Star La-x and Cap10 start running towards the main entrance as Falconeye picks up Caynyne and flies away. Soon, they are marching inside, searching for Kroov as they take down the guards.]

Star La-x: This place is huge! We have to find Kroov quickly or else…

Caynyne: Shut up!

Falconeye: I can sense that Kroov is nearby… but where I don’t know.

Irongator: Oh lookie here! We have got some more neighbours.

Cap10: Hey, Irongator! It’s only you! For a moment I got scared!

Star La-x: You didn’t sense him, Falconeye? Did you?

Irongator: Huh! You have got a lot of cheek Cap10. Let’s see if you have any muscle or it’s just your suit.

Cap10: Ooh, it’s on Ironegg! I’m going to have fun dissecting your legs!

[Cap10 and Irongator start fighting as the others search the area.]

Cap10: Yeah… BAM!

Irongator: Aye! Ouch! 

Caynyne: Hey, wassthis? [Opens a door.]

Quicklash: It’s your coffin! [Quicklash kicks her in the face.]

Falconeye: What the… [Falconeye falls down paralyzed as Sonaric emerges out and attacks him.]

Caynyne: Where did your language go now, huh? [Slashes at Quicklash]

Star La-x: Can’t you all come out together?! [Dodges Sonaric’s rays]

Cap10: Where is Kroov you Easter egg?!

Irongator: Calling me names wouldn’t help you!

Cap10: Okay. So this will! [He throws his shield towards Irongator’s metal legs, breaking them, and then slides under him and slashes his sword on the underside of the capsule in which Irongator sits.]

Irongator: What - [The capsule blasts] - did you do?! Ow!!! 

Cap10: Showed you that your inflated ego is worth nothing Irongator, or should I say, Dr. Meers Murphy…

[Star La-x blasts Sonaric away, as Caynyne and Quicklash fight hand-to-hand.]

Caynyne: Oh, you know how to fight! I thought you could do nothing except run. [Punches]

Quicklash: I will show you what all I can do! [Blocks her punch and then punches her back] SMACK!

[Caynyne staggers back as Quicklash continues to attack her.]

Caynyne: POW! [Recovers and punches Quicklash back] It’s time to end this… [Jumps over Quicklash and drops a bomb on him] ... have fun being stuck in the most sticky slimy goo I have ever seen. BOOM!

Quicklash: Gross! That’s not fair!  

Caynyne: Everything’s fair in love and war, and this is some serious war son! [winks]

[Falconeye regains consciousness...]

Falconeye: What just happened?

Cap10: Not much… We just kicked some serious butt, while you had your beauty sleep!

Falconeye: Hey!

Star La-x: Shut up! We need to focus on the mission!

Caynyne: Yeah, right!

[Cap10 kicks the door and as they walk in, they see Kroov hanging down from a machine while Captain Wormholler and KroseBones watch.]

Falconeye: Hey! What are you doing to Kroov?!

Captain Wormholler: Oh, welcome WormGuards, just preparing a surprise for you.

Star La-x: We are taking Kroov back right now!

Captain Wormholler: Wait, do you think this is a grocery store?! You come in whenever you want, bash my guards, and take anything you want, while we watch?! You guys need to be taught a lesson! [to KroseBones] Distract them for a few minutes… The process is in its final stages. I just need you to buy me some time! I trust you.

[The WormGuards charge towards the machine while KroseBones intercepts them.]

Cap10: It’s OK! We are four and he’s only one…

[Just then Sonaric, Quicklash, and Dr. Murphy, carrying two of his metal legs, blast through the wall.]

Caynyne: You just had to say that, right?!

Captain Wormholler: We had a door, you fools!

Quicklash: Sowry!

Sonaric: WormGuards! We are not going to let you cross us twice!

Star La-x: Tell us something new Sonaric. You let us cross again and again and again. Not just twice!

Sonaric: Grrr! Get them!

[The WormGuards, already tired, again get ready for battle. Quicklash runs around as Star La-x unsuccessfully tries to shoot him, Caynyne dodges Dr. Murphy’s attacks, as Falconeye and Sonaric engage in battle, while Cap10 and KroseBones smash each other.]

Falconeye: I’m not going to let you get me this time, Sonaric! [Dodges Sonaric’s rays]

Sonaric: Oh, we’ll see… [attacks]

KroseBones: GRUNT! [punches Cap10 as he blocks him with his shield]

Cap10: Clink! Hyahh! KAPOW!!! [slashes his sword and kicks a bone out of KroseBones’ face]

Falconeye: Cap, focus on the joints! They are his weak points.

Cap10: Oh! Then he has many weak points! [throws his shield towards KroseBones’ knee]

Captain Wormholler: Yes Cap10, KroseBones has many weak points, but you have much more! [enters the battle]

Cap10: Uh-Oh!

[Quicklash kicks Star La-x out of the air, as Falconeye and Sonaric battle vigorously.]

Caynyne: You can’t beat me without your suit Murphy, you are nothing without it!

Dr. Murphy: Who told you that I can beat you? I was just distracting you!

[At that moment Quicklash runs towards her and…]

Caynyne: Ahhhh!

[... picks her up and throws her in an electromagnetic field.]

Cap10: Caynyne! [throws his shield towards the field, but in turn it comes back and hits him] Oww!!!

[At the same time Falconeye falls to the ground as his wings get cut by Dr. Murphy’s metal legs.]

Captain Wormholler: WormGuards! I thought that you were the strongest this planet had to offer! I thought that you never failed! You have proved me wrong, and my hearty congratulations to you on that! 

Cap10: Usually, I would have said thanks, but after hearing that, I have forgotten my manners! [He converts his shield into a sword and staggers as he stands up, his mouth bleeding, and with swords in both hands he charges towards Wormholler.] Yeaah!!!

Captain Wormholler: You have some extraordinary bravery… but extra cheek! LET ME FINISH IT FOR ONCE AND ALL! ACTIVATE THE WEAPON!


               End of Part II

    Part III 

[A huge blast takes place near the machine, and when the smoke settles...]

Kroov: Kroooov! Is Back!

Star la-x: Hey Kroov, buddy! Yeah! Let’s kick butt together… [goes towards Kroov] 

Falconeye : Star la-x wait! [Kroov pics up Star la-x by his feet and throws him away]

Cap10: What are you doing Kroov?!

Captain Wormholler: Meet your doom WormGuards… [Cap10 throws his shield in Wormholler’s mouth]

Cap10: Shut it Wormholler, something important is going on here!

Kroov: Destroy the Wormguards... they are a disgrace to this planet!

Star la-x: What?! Stop kidding!

Captain Wormholler:  Ha Ha Ha! He is not kidding Star la-x! He is telling the truth which is in his heart.

Star la-x: STOP LYING! [Aims at Captain Wormholler but Kroov step in between] What are you doing? You are entering my line of fire!

Kroov: And you are entering my base!

Falconeye: This isn’t your base! Stop fighting with us! You are our friend, we can talk things out! [Kroov swats him away as Captain Wormholler grins]

Cap10: Guys, wait! Wormholler has messed up with Kroov’s mind. We have to do something different! Star la-x! Get Caynyne out! We need her. Falconeye come with me and trap Kroov!

[Both Falconeye and Star la-x nod in agreement as they run towards their tasks]

Captain Wormholler: INSTIGATORS! Stop them! [Quicklash runs towards Star la-x]

Star La-x: Not again… [shoots a net bullet towards Quicklash and gets him trapped] Well, my new bullets work!

Cap10: Falconeye get KroseBones while I see Sonaric.

[Falconeye shoots small timebombs on KroseBone’s joints and blasts him]

KroseBones: Grunt! [falls disassembled]

Cap10: Proud of your wings aren’t you, Sonaric? Well, let’s see how you paralyse me without them! [leaps into the air and cuts his wings]

Sonaric: OUCH!!! What did you do?! You are going to pay for this…!

Star la-x: How do I open this blasted thing?!

Falconeye: Don’t touch it! It will incinerate you!

Dr Murphy: And so will I!

Star la-x: Shut up! [punches and knocks him out]

Kroov: You knock Kroov’s people, now Kroov will knock you!

Cap10: WHAAAAAAA- [blocks punches by Kroov with his shield] Hey Falconeye, some help?

Falconeye: Coming! [flies towards them] 

Captain Wormholler: Not so fast, you bird! [shoots]

Falconeye: Ow! [falls down]

Captain Wormholler: Let me enjoy this fight! Uh- 

[crashes to the floor, as Falconeye slams into him]

Falconeye: Not so fast, Wormholler! [stays over him]

Captain Wormholler: You think you can stop me? Ha! You puny bird! [punches Falconeye and he crashes into the ceiling]

Cap10: Kroov! Friend… I still believe that you are there somewhere!

I still believe that deep in there you are my friend and I know you can fight the demons inside you! No, I would not fight you, here I drop my weapons!

Star la-x: Cap10! What are you doing?!

Captain Wormholler: Ha! Ha! Ha! Bloody cowards! Cap10, you weakling! Talking yourself out of a fight? I expected more from you! Kroov, finish him! [mutters to himself] Now, now, where did I keep my bowl of popcorn?

Kroov: [Stands in a daze after listening to Cap10’s words but comes back to reality after Captain Wormholler calls him]

Aye, aye, Captain Wormholler!

[punches Cap10, but he doesn’t flinch and lets himself be beaten by Kroov]

Star la-x: Arth- Cap10! 

Cap10: Uh! Ow! Wait- Star!

[Kroov smashes him to the ground and a crater forms on it, and he stands over him getting ready for the last punch...]

Cap10: Anytime now, Falconeye! [mumbles as he is covered in blood]

Kroov: Huh?!

[A few pieces of cement fall from the ceiling above as Falconeye emerges out and shoots an arrow towards Kroov and as Kroov tries to dodge it, it becomes a sticky net and traps him.]

Captain Wormholler: Say what?!

[Meanwhile, somehow Star la-x breaks Caynyne free from the electromagnetic cage]

Cap10: Say that you lost, Wormholler!

[Punches Captain Wormholler] Falconeye, we could use one more of your arrows please…

Falconeye: Happily Cap! [shoots and Wormholler wriggles as the arrow binds him] 

Captain Wormholler: This is not the end of me, WormGuards! I will get back to you!

Caynyne: Oh… we’ll see… you always say that. And besides, we have more important work than you… [looks at Kroov anxiously] Hasta-la-vista!

[The WormGuards blasts the ceiling as they exit the InstiQuarters]

Captain Wormholler: WORMGUARDS!!!

Cap10: Hey Nestor! Don’t you have anything to shut his mouth?

Star la-x: I was thinking just the same thing…

Falconeye: I have got just the thing to impress you! [shoots a ball-like dart from the air straight into Wormholler’s mouth, which gets filled with foam.]

Cap10: Woah!

Falconeye: Just some new tech I have been working on… 

[As they near their destination...]

Kroov: @#$*%# !!!

Caynyne: No language for him Falconeye? [laughs]

Falconeye: I learnt that giving orders to those who are not in their right minds is of no use the last time I talked to you… [smirks as Caynyne shoots him a sharp look] What? I didn’t say anything… [flies ahead as Star la-x and Cap10 giggle]

[Later, when they land at the WormDome]

Caynyne: So, what do we do with him? [points at Kroov]

Star la-x: We need to decide that… But on the bright side -

Cap10: - we are all together again!

[At that point Kroov breaks out of his net and starts creating a wreck]

Falconeye: Don’t look at me… Those nets were the beta version!

Caynyne: Yeah, whatever! And even Cap10 and his jinxes! Hyah! [runs towards Kroov and smacks him to the floor]

Kroov: Kroov does not like nets, and nor does he like you! [punches] 

Star la-x: Caynyne! Stop! What the heck are you doing?!

Caynyne: Doing what is right! He doesn’t deserve to be here! 

Cap10: What in the world are you saying? He is our team member!

Caynyne: Not anymore! [shoots a taser at Kroov]

Star la-x: Nooo! [jumps between Caynyne and Kroov and the shot hits him, electrocuting him] AHHHHHHHHH!!!

[As Star la-x falls Kroov steps back, shocked, and when nobody looks at him, he jumps off the tower]

Cap10: CAYNYNE!!! What did you do?! 

Caynyne: I… I… I don’t know… [her hands trembling] I am very sorry… [falls down, crying]

Falconeye: Wait, where is Kroov? 

[Cap10 runs to the side of the building and sees what he expected. Kroov is standing on the moving truck on which happened to land and is looking back at him, confused.]

Falconeye: I’ll get him! [brings out his wings]

Cap10: No, stop! He is going to come back… [looks at Star la-x] We have to bring him back first. Falconeye, help me pick him up.

[Later in the WormDome, Sam Star is lying on a bed with his Star la-x suit on his side. As he regains consciousness, Arthur and Nestor enter the room.] 

Arthur: How’s it going buddy?

Sam: Better… just a bit of a headache and a stinging in my veins… What happened out there?

Nestor: Kroov escaped…

Sam: Right… Well, where’s Stacy?

Arthur: Yeah right! Where is she? I didn’t see her after Kroov escaped…

Nestor: She might be in a room… you were a bit harsh on her.

Arthur: Go and check on her. I had a reason and I still need to talk to her. [Nestor leaves] I don’t know what’s up with her…

Sam: Leave her a bit. I’m sure it’s because of Kroov…

Arthur: Yeah… I think that too.

[Just then, Nestor comes running in, panting]

Nestor: Hey… Hey… Stacy… she… 

Arthur: Stacy what?

Sam: Calm down Nestor. Here, have a sip.

[Nestor gulps down the entire glass of water given to him.]

Nestor: Stacy is not in her room and neither in the whole tower. I used my senses and our radar, and she is no where in the city!

Sam: She must have gone out to lighten her mind… [looks at Arthur]

Nestor: Here comes the main part! She is nearing the InstiQuarters!

Arthur: What?! [jumps out of his chair]

Sam: And may I ask how do you know this?! 

Nestor: Precisely! It’s because of my new tech… I have planted a small winged device behind all four of us… because - frankly I was scared that something what happened to Kroov could also happen to one of us. It has a camouflaging feature which makes is hard to spot. It also has various defence systems which can help us whenever required… They are like bodyguards for the bodyguards of the world. I call them BoB- you know, bodyguards of the bodyguards. So from that I am tracking Caynyne…

Sam: Honestly, I do not like the idea of being stalked by a machine, and that too, which can easily be turned into a killing machine… 

Arthur: Shut up Oldie! Nestor, tell me, is there a speaker and a disco ball on my bobby? [eagerly looks around for the device]

[Nestor sighs as Sam clears his throat]

Sam: Parties later! Caynyne first!

Arthur: Yeah! Right…

Sam: WormGuards! Suit up!

Nestor: Uh… we’re all over here…

Sam: WHATEVER! [Cap10 Smirks]

Meanwhile, somewhere near the InstiQuarters

[A cloaked figure, with a deep women’s voice, whose face cannot be seen because of the darkness is noticed climbing in thin air, which turns out to be an invisible ship.]

The Figure: So, Wormholler, you seem to have got a captive… 

Captain Wormholler: Ye… Yes ma’am… Shall I show the prisoner to you? A WormGuard.

The Figure: Later! I have come for more important work! You need to tell me how you let him escape?!

Captain Wormholler: Let who? [asks timidly]

The Figure: DON’T ACT INNOCENT!!! 

Captain Wormholler: Sorry! I am very sorry! It was because of those WormGuards!

The Figure: WORMGUARDS! WORMGUARDS! EVERY TIME IT’S THOSE BLOODY WORMGUARDS! It’s time for me to enter… it’s time to take action! It’s time I tilt the sides and crush the WormGuards once and for all!

[The cloaked figure goes towards the window pane of the invisible ship, the latest addition to the Instigators, and in the scattered moonlight her face is seen… the face of Stacy McGwere.]



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