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Unexplained Mystery In My Life

Unexplained Mystery In My Life

9 mins

As usual, I had my dinner and then I directly went to my bed and for a few minutes I kept scrolling down the news feed of some media... I don’t exactly remember when I fell asleep. After that, I had a very vivid dream and I woke up suddenly... that dream took me to the deepest and sweetest memory of my '13th birthday'. The day that my cousin brother KENEDY passed away. I called my brother 'KENNY' and he guided me in every way of my life. I used to play and have fun with him, read books, chill out every afternoon in the countrysides and feel the fresh air with my white little puppy 'JIMMY'. There is not a single day that we did not go there... Jimmy too enjoyed it a lot there, we played with him and every day we gave him his favourite food i,e a doughnut with fresh milk. He taught me how to drive cars on the way to the countryside while I was still at a very young age. On our way to the site, we played our favourite song 'September ends' By GREENDAY and on the way back to home we played 'My Love' by WESTLIFE. These were the only songs that we played for years... 

I had my school sports on my 13th birthday and he dressed me up very well and advised me to get at least a medal in the field of sports. He promised me that today would be a very special day for me, so I felt it would a big surprise for me ...!! he presented me a 'wrist belt' wishing me Happy Birthday with all the blessings... As the sports event finished I eagerly came back home with three medals thinking about what he is going to do for my B'day... I waited for him but still, he didn't come back... it's our time to visit our place... I called him but he did not answer... I thought he would be busy picking my favourite items from the store... I dressed nicely and was ready to cut my birthday cake but I told my parents to wait for him and so they agreed. We waited for him for quite a long time. It was nearly 7:30 pm. And now the news came that my brother died... no one believed the news and I never expected that this would happen to me... but finally, it was true that my brother expired...! my eyes shed tears... I started yelling around and cried out loud... I can't handle the pain that strikes me... from happiness, it turned into deep sorrow and regrets. The birthday cake and the party was missed, everyone attended his funeral instead of the party... 

Now the mystery started... as I woke up, I was aware that all the doors and windows were closed, there was no source for fresh air to enter my room and also the fan and the lights were off. I sat putting the pillow on my back and checked out the time. It was 12:04 am. Just after that, slowly a wind blew off smoothly wiping my hairs out. Usually, when I wake up in the middle of the night without any lights in the room I always had a bad feeling with many scary scenes that I created in my head... but it seemed to be quite fine and my scary thoughts didn't bother me that day; that was different... Thinking about the wind I lit up a 'cigarette'. Just after 3 puff, the smell of the cigarettes turned into the sweet fragrance of jasmine flower. I was confused and shocked. Wondering what is happening to me, more surprisingly Jimmy just started acting like the way he used to do in the countryside outside of my window. My nerves were gone and I confess it was a part of my dream and I was LUCID dreaming... because Jimmy never acted the same way after my brother demised…

I hurried to the window and opened it. The moon was shining bright, the stars twinkled and it was a very clear night sky... Jimmy stopped acting and started staring on the moon, I followed with his eyes to the sight of the moon. In a fraction of second thin clouds flew nearer to the moon and arranged into a clear shape of an ANGEL and the moon became brighter now. I didn't understand what was actually happening but seeing that I felt blessed, safe and guided... things like this never happened before in my entire life and maybe not to anyone...!! I closed my eyes and suddenly flashbacks of old memories with my brother flowed to my mind... I felt all the emotions of the good times that we had together. So remembering him I wished that if he could be my brother in my next life again... Slowly I opened up my eyes and a star just flickered like a signal and things started to HALLUCINATE clearly. I did not lose my consciousness and I could feel and see while everything was transforming. Almost all things were in the form of clouds and I felt like I was in HEAVEN now because the fantasies I once created is a reality now... since my childhood, I was always fascinated by clouds and I loved to watch them all day... they changed fast as I know but this time they are a lot cooler and more defined... I saw children, a baby, youths and middle-aged people sitting in dragon-shaped clouds guided by a guardian angel roaming around the world looking at the beauty of the mother earth. It was a very peaceful place, there was no noise and everyone looked calm with a charming smile...

Now I turned around to the other side and there it showed me the way of life underwater. I saw dolphins, sharks, sea horses, jellyfish and many unknown fishes playing around. Life seemed to be very different there and I felt that humans evolved slowly from fishes and kinda reminds me of the Atlantis... Till that it was very silent but all of sudden I heard birds singing, making my cheeks chubby and also sounds of flowing streams making me more peaceful and more connected with nature... it felt very refreshing and I know everything inside me healed in no time... and now echoes like the sound of the church bell was heard slowly. I could feel something but nothing was around me. From nowhere sounds started whispering in my ears that 'if we do good deeds in life then we will be in heaven for sure, God is always with us protecting from dangers and watching us, angels were around us every time but we humans do not know their presence but they always try to communicate with us through every possible way so we need to be more aware of the big and small things that happen in life... there is always a lesson you learn every time when you fall or grow... The more awareness we had within ourselves the more you are near with God... everything counts in life. We are to trust our intuition every single time... and it will lead you to a path you were determined to be in ... do not get caught by the experiences you had. Every single knowledge you had come after your experience and it may be limitless, may be good or bad happens but it always has something to teach us more so we must have a great awareness of our own and understand more of the fundamentals of life... but our knowledge is limited by our thoughts but the inner voice inside you that guided you till this time is to be louder and clearer so that you are not limited. So be more aware of everything that happens in your life, there is always a lesson and everything counts..!!

Slowly and slowly the weather changed and the clouds faded and everything was normal now. Jimmy happily went away and I too felt happy and blessed. I went back to my bed and those words kept whispering in my ears… now when I turned I unlocked my mobile, series of lost and deleted pictures of my brother flashed in slides for 7 seconds and disappeared... the last photo was him cutting his birthday cake with me and when I opened my Facebook, there was only one notification and when I opened it I found that today was my bother 'Kenny's b' day'.

Tears fell off my eyes and I could not stop myself and deeply from the corner of my heart I wished him a very happy birthday lighting a candle… though my brother passed away I felt that he was always with me and now he is in heaven watching me in every step of my life... I sat and waited for the candle to burn down remembering those words that whispered in my ear…

I turned on the lights and played our favourite songs in a low volume... listening deeply to those songs, everything seemed to be related now... 

"So I say a little prayer and 

Hope my dreams would take me there 

Where the skies are blue 

To see you once again my love"

I think my brother has heard all my prayers and now he showed himself on a day having a very clear night sky, took me to those memories of my childhood days which I spend with him and it was after 7 years after he had passed away... 7 is my favourite number and thinking those I remembered the birthday gift of my brother, so I opened up my treasure box. On the wrist belt, there is number 7 in front and 4 in the opposite and it was 12:04 when I wake up.

Usually, angels come or show themselves in forms of 3 and it was after the 3rd puff of my cigarette that I smelled the sweet scent of flower and also it was after 7 years that he reminded me again and further 7 was my favourite number... all these were signs that angels were trying to communicate with us but for me, just after the signs I can see them clearly in the form of clouds... 

I felt that this was the big surprise for my birthday which he promised me. Though he passed away he kept his promise and moreover he takes me to a dreamland where no one has ever visited or experienced... this remained a MYSTERY in my entire life forever... Also, this was a message that 'God really exist and angels were always around us guiding and helping us'.

I hope all of you enjoyed my story. I want some feedback on my story from you all, the way you felt while reading it and what do you think it really was all about... thanking you…                                                       

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