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Alpha Alla

Drama Romance Fantasy


Alpha Alla

Drama Romance Fantasy



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Chapter 1: Last Day 

 “Maria! Wake up!”

“I don’t wanna.” Maria said burying her face in a pillow.

“It’s the last day of the tenth grade! Don’t ya wanna say bye to your friends before we go to Uncle’s for the summer?” 

“Alia. In case you have forgotten, I have no friends. Remember?” She said as she glared at her sister.

“Am I not your friend then?” Alia asked with an innocent face.

“You’re my sister.”

“Well, what about Ryan~?” Alia said teasingly.

“Ha! He’ll never like someone like me!”

“What!? Why do you say that!?”

“Because you’re the pretty one and I’m the ugly one.”

“Says who?”


“Let’s just go, sis.” Alia said with sadness in her voice.


Chapter 2: Bullies

“I’ll see you after school, Maria!”

“Alright. See you, Aly.”

“Wow! And once again, your naïve sister leaves you alone again!” Another girl’s voice said.

“Shut up, Vicky!” Maria yelled back. 

Maria looked behind her. Vicky’s dirty blonde, curly hair up in a high ponytail. Her dark brown eyes gleaming, with a vile, sharp, white smile. Red lipstick and tan skin. 

“Ha! Why should I? You’re just a loser! Hahaha!” Vicky replied wickedly.

“Just leave her alone! Aren’t ya bored of her yet? Get a life already!” A boy’s voice yelled.

A boy with blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin came from behind Maria.

“Ryan~! Love! I was just having a nice conversation with Maria~!” Vicky replied.

“Just. Go!” Ryan yelled at Vicky.

Vicky walked off without arguing anymore.

“Thanks, Ryan. But you didn’t have to.” Maria said.

“Oh? Well then, that’s where you’re wrong, Maria. I did have to.”

“No you didn’t. I’m just a nobody, I have no friends, and I’m a freak!”

“No you’re not! Maria, I want to be your friend! Who keeps filling your head with those lies!?”

“What lies? It’s all true! ... Wait, d-did you say… you want to be my friend?”

“Yes, Maria. I want to be your friend.”

“Oi! Love birds! Move it!” Another boy’s voice said.

Maria and Ryan looked towards where the voice came from. A tall boy with dark brown hair, pale skin, freckles, and blue eyes was the one talking. Maria stared at the boy, her face red, but displeased.

“Jason, are you blind? Just go around us!” Ryan yelled, his face red.

“Um, excuse me! But we are NOT ‘love birds’” Maria yelled.

“Ha! Yeah, sure! Then get out of the middle of the walkway! And Ryan, although you would look cute together, you can do better than THAT loser.” Jason remarked.

Both Ryan and Maria move to the other side of the walkway without any more to say. As Jason is that hot, rich, popular player boy of the school. And messing with him would cause a disaster. One that no one would ever want to get involved in.

“You should just go, Ryan… I’ll just ruin your reputation…” Maria said quietly.

“What reputation?” Ryan asked, confused.

“Ryan. The hottest boy in school who has almost every girl drooling over him. Smartest in all his classes and has had straight A’s since 2nd grade. Has the kindest heart ever found in a boy. Helps everyone in need. The one person anyone can trust. Has the best fashion sense out of everyone, even with so called ‘low class’ clothes. Signature piece is his red leather, silver and gold watch. Everyone goes to his parties. Is never left out of anything… Should I go on?” Maria explained.

“Um… No. But, wait. Did you just call me hot!?” Ryan asked, surprised.

“I mean, yeah? Because you ar-… Ummm… I’mma just go now.” Maria said, running down the hallway, blushing.

Oh my cookies! What just happened!? And I just… Ran off! Ugh! Great job, Maria! You just HAD to ruin everything! Didn’t you!? Oh… What am I going to do!? Oh no, oh no, oh no! I can’t go back out there! I… I’m just, going to stay here for a bit… Yeah! That’s a good idea! Now, where’s my phone? Maria started looking for her phone. Oh no! Why!? Did I seriously forget to bring my phone!? Now I can’t call anyone to come pick me up, nor do I have anything to do!… Guess I’m just gonna have to stay in the bathroom until school is over…

Chapter 3: The tagalong

Maria stayed in a bathroom stall for 5 hours until the final bell rang. She hurried through the halls to the busses. Maybe I should walk home instead… Yeah! It’s only 2 miles away! I can make it!

“Sis! Hey! Maria! Wait up!” 

Maria stopped and looked behind her. It was just her sister Alia and. Oh my cooking cookies! It’s Ryan! Ok, Maria, just act cool.

“Oh… Hey?… Guys?” Oh, yeah, GREAT job, Maria! You can’t even act cool for just one second! Oh my cookies…

“Maria! Hey, where are you going?” Ryan asked. 

“Uh… Yeah, sis, where ARE you going? Aren’t you getting on the bus?” Alia asked.

“Ha. Ha… Yeah… Well, you see?... About that… I’m walking home.”

“What!? Why!?” Both Ryan and Alia asked at the same time.

“It’s nothing of your concern. Besides, why would it matter to you both anyhow?” Maria asked in reply.

“Because we care!” Again both Ryan and Alia said at the same time.

“Oh… Uhhh… Well then… I’m going now… See you at home sis, and I’ll see you next year, Ryan.”

“I’m coming with you!” Ryan and Alia said at the same time again. “Stop copying me! No you stop copying me!... Fine! We’ll both go with her!” The both of them yelled.

Maria had already started walking, so the other two had to run to catch up. They walked in silence the whole way. When they turned the corner they saw a red, blue and black truck at Maria and Alia’s house.

“Uncle Jake is here! Maria! Ryan! Come on!” Alia said.

The three of them ran to the house. They hurried on inside and were surprised by what they saw.

“Mom? What’re you doing here?” Ryan asked.

“Oh, honey! I came to see my best friend for some coffee. And we were discussing with Mr. Jake here, and you’re going to be going with him and the girls for the summer! All the way to Starly!”

Oh my cookies! No, no, no, no, no! This can’t be happening! “Mama, is Ms. Terry speaking the truth?” Maria asked her mother.

“Why, of course! Why do you ask, my angel?” Maria’s mother asked. 

All of a sudden Maria fainted.

Chapter 4: The trip

Maria slowly started opening her eyes, blinking a few times. What? Where am I? Why is it so loud, like a truck? What am I laying on? Maria got up. She saw that she was lying on Ryan’s lap in the back of a truck. Maria looked around, she saw that Ryan was sleeping. Oh my cookies! I slept… On Ryan’s lap! Maria saw that her sister was asleep as well. So she just stared out the window for 3 hours. 

“Maria! You’re awake! Oh, that’s great! Thank goodness you’re alright!” Ryan said, surprising Maria.

“Ry… What… What happened? And why are we in my Uncle’s truck? Why was I… Why was I laying on you? Why’s Aly sleeping? How long have I been out? When did I get here? Why is a bunch of all our stuff here?... Ry… Please tell me… I can’t remember…” Maria said, her pale face now red, her deep blue eyes watering, her black hair a mess, as she just stared at Ryan.

“Oh, Mars… It’s not what you think… We’re… We’re moving in with your Uncle Jake… And we are never going back home, beca… Because…” Ryan said as he started to cry.

“Sis… Something bad happened in our town… And we can’t go back because it’s been taken over and Mama’s…. Mama’s dead! As well as Ryan’s mom and little sister!” Alia said as tears started to overtake her. 

“Ma… Mama’s dead!? No! No! No, I refuse to believe that she’s dead!... She can’t… She can’t be…” Maria cried.

They all fell asleep from crying. They slept for ten hours before they arrived at their Uncle’s ranch mansion in Starly. The mansion was the size of a castle, made of giant old oak logs, and the front doors was ten feet tall. 

“Alright, kids. It’s time to wake up. Explore the house some if you’d like. I’ll bring your stuff inside for you.” Maria’s Uncle Jake said, waking them all up.

“A-alright… Uncle Jake…” Maria said, climbing out of the truck, Ryan and Alia following close behind,

“Your cousins Alisa, Allison, and Max are all inside. They have a friend with them as well. I think his name is Jacob. They are all in the same kind of problem as you three. Jacob, he lost his older sisters and little brother, Alice, Sarah, and Sam. They were the last of his family.” Uncle Jake explained.

Chapter 5: Family Reunion

Maria, Alia, Ryan, Alisa, Allison, Max, Jacob and Uncle Jake all sat in the dining room. No one wanting to eat. The soup was getting cold. It was like this every morning for the past week. No one spoke, no one ate, no one even looked at each other. They all just sat there for two hours every morning. At lunch, everyone just sat there for 2 minutes and would leave with their food in separate directions. At dinner, no one even showed up but Uncle Jake. Finally, Uncle Jake decided to do something.

“Alright, kids, listen up.” Uncle Jake said, standing up. “We all lost someone. But would they really want you to just sit here being sad?”

No one replied. The room was silent as everyone just looked at him.

“You know what? You kids are gonna help me on the ranch. Now, if you’re going to eat, I recommend you do so now. Otherwise go to your rooms and get changed into some ranch clothes. And for those who eat, you go to your rooms and change as well when you’re done eating. Once you all are ready, I’ll show you the ropes. When we finish, and you all are done, if you do a good job, we’ll go to Starly City to Orion’s Mall. So what do you say?” Uncle Jake said.

As soon as the boys heard they could go outside they started eating. For the girls, when they heard they could go to the mall, they ran to their rooms. Well, except Maria.

“Uncle Jake?” Maria asked.

“Yes, Maria?” Uncle Jake asked back.

“Can I do the chores inside the mansion?” Maria asked.

“Why, yes, you can. And your sister and Ryan will, too.” Uncle Jake replied.

“Wait, what? I mean, I don’t mind helping Maria! This is actually pretty good! I mean, I don’t mind helping Mars and her sister!” Ryan said nervously.

“I’m gonna just go get changed now.” Maria said as her face grew red.

Maria got up from her seat and walked off towards her room. The boys continued eating as Uncle Jake went outside. Well, great job again, Maria! Again! You did it again! Oh my cooking cookies!

Chapter 6: Chores

Maria was looking for her sister Alia for over five minutes. Aly… Where’d ya go, sis? Hmmm… Maybe she went outside like the others! Maria headed towards the front doors of the mansion. As Maria turned around the corner, she heard something behind her.



Maria slammed her sister against the wall.

“Ma-Maria!... It’s me!... Aly!” Alia said, trying to breath.

“Oh my cookies! Alia… I’m so sorry! I… I didn’t… I didn’t meant to…” Maria said, shaking.

“Maria! What happened!? I heard a bang while outside and came as fast as I co-…” Ryan started saying. “Ma… Maria… What… What happened?”

Maria let go of her sister. “I… I didn’t mean to! I promise!” Maria said, her eyes watering.

“I… scared her… But, it… didn’t go too well.” Alia explained, trying to catch her breath.

Ryan went over to comfort Maria, holding her in his arms. “Tell Uncle Jake that I’m taking Maria back to her room.”

“Ok.” Alia said quietly.

Ryan picked Maria up in his arms and started walking off. Alia watched for a minute before going outside.

“Hey, it’s alright Maria… You don’t have to worry about it… I’m here.” Ryan said as he carried her up the stairs.

Maria hugged Ryan tight as she cried and cried in his arms. Ryan carried her up two flights of stairs and down three halls to the left before finally reaching Maria’s room. He opened the door and walked in. Maria’s room was all pink, gold and white. He brought her to a chair and sat her down. 

“Maria…” Ryan whispered. He sat in the chair across from her, just watching as she cried, and wishing there was something he could do.

“Ry… Ryan…” Maria said, choking through her crying.

“Yes, Maria? What is it?” Ryan asked.

“Th… thank you.” Maria said.

“Y… your welcome, princess.” Ryan said.

“What?... What did you just call me?” Maria asked, blushing.

Realizing what he said, Ryan’s face turned red. “Pri-princess.” He whispered.

Both Ryan’s and Maria’s faces turned bright red. 

“So… Uh… Would you… Would you like something to drink?” Ryan asked nervously.

“Um… Sure! Why not?” Maria replied, thankful to change the subject.

“Maybe some water? Tea? What would you like?” Ryan asked.

“Maybe some tea?” Maria replied with a bright smile.

“Alright! I’ll go get some!” Ryan said, getting up.

“I actually have a mini kitchen! It’s one of the three doors over there! The one on the left is the kitchen, the one in the middle is the closet, and the one on the right is the bathroom!” Maria explained.

“Oh? Nice! I’ll go make some tea then!” Ryan said, smiling at Maria.

Ryan walked towards the kitchen door. As soon as he was about to open the door.




“What was that!?” Both Maria and Ryan exclaimed at once, rushing into the kitchen.

Pots, pans, silverware and a bunch of other stuff was all over the place. 


“What the cookies!?” Maria exclaimed, as part of the wall seemed to open up.

“Maria… Get out of here, I’ll go in there.” Ryan said.

“No! You are not going in there alone!” Maria yelled.

“Fine.” Ryan said, not wanting to argue. “But stay close.”

“Alright.” Maria replied.

Chapter 7: The Passage

Ryan and Maria crept through the passage for fifteen minutes before reaching a room that held multiple other tunnel ways. They both looked at each other and knew what they had to do. Ryan went to the tunnels on the left while Maria went to the tunnels on the right.

“Over here, Maria!” Ryan whispered.

“What? How do you know?” Maria whispered back.

“That doesn’t matter. Just, trust me.” Ryan whispered.

Maria followed Ryan through one of the tunnels. They reached the end after crawling for ten minutes. 

“Great job, Ryan! A dead end!” Maria whispered, annoyed.

“No, it’s not.” Ryan whispered. 

Ryan pushed on the wall.

“It… It opened!?” Maria whispered, surprised.

The two of them crawled out. Both of them realizing who’s room they were in. 

“Aly. You can come out now.” Maria said.

“I… I’m sorry… But you two are so cute together! Sis, when ya gonna hook up with this dude?” Alia asked boldly.

“A-Alia!” Both Ryan and Maria exclaimed, their faces red again.

“I know, it’s not the time right now…Sorry.” Alia said, disappointed.

Alia explained how Alisa and Allison were showing her the ‘eighth set tunnel secret passages’, and how she got lost following them. Which had led to her stumbling upon Maria and Ryan. 

“So, basically, Uncle Jake told us girls to do the chores in the house. The girls had told me there was a secret in the walls that could get us to any of the mini kitchens. Which they use to go steal-… I mean, borrow, food from others. They said to wait five minutes. First Allison went. Alisa waited five minutes before following, and so five minutes after her I went. By the time I reached the other tunnels, both of them were gone. So I just chose a random one. I got to the end of the tunnel and pushed lightly on the wall and it opened. I was walking towards the fridge when I heard you both talking. So I decided to see how my ship-”

“So, basically you decided to spy on us? Instead of doing your chores.” Ryan said.

“Oh my cookies, sis! You need to get a life!” Maria yelled.

“Yeah, but look at you both! You’re so cute together! And both your faces are all red!” Alia laughed.

“No it’s not!” Both Ryan and Maria said at once.

“Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah. Sure. Whatever.” Alia replied.

Chapter 8: Blondie

“It’s time to go! Get ready for the mall, kids!” Uncle Jake yelled. His voice echoed through the mansion.

“Yaaas! Orion’s Mall of Starly City!” Alia screamed.

“Oh my cookies. Alia! It’s no different than town.” Maria said. 

“What in the name of cookies! You know we will barely be able to go out because of what’s been going on, right?” Allison said.

“As my sister said, our pops is trying to keep us all safe. We are being hunted basically. They all know what we look like. So by getting ready, he means we need to wear wigs or die our hair and wear contacts or sunglasses. Also I’d recommend wearing some make-up. Which Alia, Allison and I, can do for you. Now, Max and Ryan, you’ll be dressing like girls. So you both come to the make-up room.” Alisa announced.

Maria started to laugh hysterically. “Oh my cookies! Ryan! Oh, I hope to see you in a dress! And blonde hair with a flower headband! Oh! That would be amazing!” Maria continued laughing.

“Well, if that’s what you want.” Ryan muttered under his breath.

“What was that?” Alia asked Ryan.

“Bro! You’re not serious, right?” Max asked.

Ryan just looked at everyone, his face red.

“Oh my cooking cookies! Ryan!” Alia screeched.

Ryan walked away. Alisa walked away with Alison. Then Max left. 

“Alia! We should dress like the infamous Lady Shea and Lady Lea!” 

“Are you crazy, Maria!?”

“Maybe!” Maria laughed as she walked off, leaving her sister behind.

Chapter 9: Disguises

Everyone except Maria had already arrived at the main entrance. Everyone dressed as girls, including Uncle Jake. Uncle Jake wore a bob cut, blonde wig, black eye shadow, bright blush, red lipstick, and all completed with a floral blouse, jean jacket, green leggings and black heeled boots. Jacob wore a dirty blonde wig that went to his knees, a dark blue skirt, white blouse, three gold bracelets on his right arm, four silver bracelets on his left arm, black leggings, a gold and silver chain necklace with a small red ruby encrusted in blue titanium and a small diamond tiara. Max dyed his hair strawberry blonde, wore a green contact in his left eye and a blue contact in his right eye, black leggings, a green skirt with gold lining, a white T-shirt, gray sneakers, blue and yellow beanie, pink lip gloss, false freckles and green eyeshadow. Ryan wore a long, blonde wig with a pink and red rose flower headband, a hot pink dress and leggings, black boots, pink lipstick, foundation, highlighter, blush, black eyeliner and mascara. Alisa, Alia, and Alison all looked identical, long blonde hair, blue eye contacts, light pink dresses with hot pink and silver lining, silver high heels, pink lip gloss, false freckles, pink eye liner and mascara. 

“I’m here! What do you think?” Maria said, twirling.

“W-wow! You look great! I mean, more than great! You look incredible, Mars!” Ryan replied, his face red.

“Th-thanks.” Maria said back, her face red as well.

Maria’s hair was faded dirty blonde, styled in a messy bun with an orange hairband, her bangs swept to the left, she wore red lipstick and mascara, an orange dress, white leggings and gray boots.

“Well, kids. Let’s go now! Also, call me…. Hmm… Mama Jane!” Uncle Jake announced with a high pitched voice.

“Hahaha! Of course, Mama Jane!” All the kids laughed.

“I’m JC.”

“I’m Mila.”

“I’m Raihla.”

“Terrisa!” Alia exclaimed.

“Melissa!” Allison said.

“I’m still Alisa!” Alisa announced.

“I guess I’ll be Veronica.” Maria said.

“Alright! Our names are all settled!” Uncle Jake said.

“Hold up!” Ryan said.

“What is it?” Everyone asked.

“Take these necklaces.” Ryan told them, taking out a box from his pocket.

“What for?” Max asked.

“I am not allowed to say, but you will figure it out... In time.” Ryan said, opening the box, revealing six more smaller boxes, and handed them out.

“Star?” Jacob questioned.

“Cloud?” Max asked.

“Cresent moon?” Maria wondered aloud.

“Tree?” Allison asked.

“Sun?” Alia asked.

“A rain drop?” Alisa questioned.

“Yes. I have a full moon. You will all figure it out soon.” Ryan explained.

“I have a leaf. And let’s just say... You have been specifically... Chosen.” Uncle Jake explained briefly.

Chapter 10: Chosen

At Orion’s Mall of Starly City.

“I can’t believe I’m actually here, with people.” Maria mumbled.

Everyone ran off in different directions while Maria stayed by the door in amazement. 

“Well, I guess I was wrong. I’m not with anyone now.” Maria said, walking toward the big oak tree in the middle of the mall.

“Isn’t it amazing! People say it’s magical!” An unknown voice said behind Maria. 

“Whoa! What? There’s no such thing as magic. Besides, who are you?” Maria asked, turning around to see a tall male with dark, curly hair, dark skin, black tattoos on his arms, wearing a blue suit with short sleeves. 

“Oh, I’m sorry! My name is Aaron John! I run a large jewelry business. And I’ve been studying this tree for two years! There’s a rumor going around that hundreds of years ago, two hundred necklaces were made from the seeds of this tree. But sadly most of the necklaces were destroyed. People say that the people who get these necklaces are the chosen ones. The necklaces are meant to awaken their secret powers. The two most powerful necklaces are a full moon and a crescent moon. It’s also said that when you are chosen by the necklaces you have access to another world! Each necklace is basically like a key. See those symbols on the trunk? If you put a necklace from the tree in it’s correct spot, you will fade into the other world!” The man explained.

Hmm… interesting… Maria thought to herself.

“Ya know? Your necklace… It looks exactly like one of the symbols…” Aaron said.

“Huh? Oh! Hahaha! Yeah right! Magic!? As if! Hahaha!” Maria laughed.

“Well then, if you don’t believe me then why don’t you try it?” Aaron taunted.

“I’m sorry to disturb your conversation! But, I need my cousin, Veronica, here! Family business! Goodbye friend of Veronica! C’mon V! Let’s go!” Ryan interrupted.

Maria looked at Ryan as if asking What was that for!?

“We’ll come back tonight.” Ryan whispered.

“Fine…” Maria whispered back.

“Now let’s go find the others!” Ryan said.

Back by the tree. “This is Jack Frost. I’ve found them. Over.” Aaron said into a radio.

Chapter 11: Jack Frost

“Sir Jake.” 

“Yes, Ryan?”

“It’s Jack Frost.” 

“What!? You had better not be joking right now, 42!” 

“No, Sir. I would not joke of such a thing. He tried to get Maria to open the portal for him.” 

“Then I guess we got to up our game now.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You may go now. Keep an eye on Maria.”

“Will do, Sir Jake.”

Ryan left the office and headed back to his room. Soon as Ryan shut the door to Maria's Uncle Jake’s office, Jake walked to the big bookshelf on the right of his desk. He ran his hand across the books on the third shelf down from the top, stopping at a red book titled Jack Frost of the Frozen Forest. He pulled the book out and pushed a red button at the back of the shelf. There was the sound of old gears shifting for a few seconds, when the bookshelf slowly started to open up like a door. Jake walked in, as the bookshelf closed behind him. He walked down a flight of stairs for about ten minutes, finally reaching a big old oak door. Jake shuffled through his pockets, finally pulling out an old looking, golden key from his right-hand pocket. He put the key in the keyhole in the door and turned it till it clicked. Jake pushed the door open and walked through, closing the door behind him and locking it again, putting the key back in his pocket. He found himself in a small room with three doors across the way from the one he just went through. He walked towards the door on the right and shuffled through his pockets again, finally pulling out a small silver key and a large bronze key. He put the bronze key in the larger keyhole and the silver key he put in the smaller keyhole, and turned both keys at the same time to the right. Then there was a sound of old gears shifting, and stone sliding against stone, as the empty wall on the right side of the room started to sink, with a hallway behind it. Jake took the keys and walked through the hallway quickly as the wall rose to close again. He walked down the dark hallway for five minutes before reaching another door. He pushed open the door and walked through. Jake found himself walking down the underground road for about four minutes before reaching the old carriage, drawn by two old steampunk horses with antlers.

“Where are we going to today, Sir Jake?” The two horses asked, looking at Jake.

“To the tree.” Jake replied.

“O-oh… Ok then.” The two horses said.

Jake got in the carriage and the horses started running. 

Chapter 12: Milenia

*Knock knock knock*

Maria ran to her bedroom door to answer it. 

“Maria! You awake?” A familiar voice called. 

“Yes, I am! Is that you, Ryan?” Maria asked.

“Yes, and it’s time to go now!” 

“Really!? This is great! Hold on just a sec!” Maria said as she unlocked and opened her door.

“One thing you need to know, Maria, the tree is called, Milenia. And you have to be careful, alright?” 

“Alright! But, be careful of, what, exactly?” 

Ryan looked at Maria in the eyes, and said, “We should wear different disguises tonight.”

“Oh, right! Okaya then!” Maria ran back in her room and came back out in seconds, dressed like a guy with ripped blue jeans, black hair put up in a man bun, red tie-dye shirt, black work boots, fake acne, and lots of make-up. “We can pretend to be a gay couple! No one would suspect that!”

“Well, you’re not wrong…. W-wait! Did you just say, couple!?” Ryan asked, face completely red.

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