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Horror Fantasy Thriller

Uncle Vincent’s Theory of Sword!

Uncle Vincent’s Theory of Sword!

6 mins


Prompt 4

Second Branch

Chosen Question is:

Why is Uncle Vincent trying to split the atoms to generate radiation?


The highly disappointed Vincent Uncle again and again looked at the sword. In spite of his hectic efforts - he failed. He was so confused that the cells of his brain were dancing around at him. Again he saw the sword. Why nothing has happened as expected?

He repeated the process but in vain! He did it like a mad man. But what should have happened have not happened. The sword was a ‘replica’!

He wanted to identify, why ‘what should have happened’ has not happened - so that he can rectify and rerun. 

Vincent Uncle mentally recollected the process which was used to lock the sword:

A chemical lock was applied and spread all over the sword.

If this sword is treated in a radiation chamber, the ‘beta particles’ of radioactive substance used in the process would be emitted, reacted and penetrated the outer body of the sword.

The external chemical lock would melt and open up.

When the chemical lock got removed, the sword would exhibit the keys for all the codes.

These cracking codes would have been micro-engraved on the sheet with which the sword has been manufactured.

This sheet was made up of "high-Z steel-steel" and was made up largely of stainless steel, incorporating a small amount of tungsten.

Hence this sheet could not be penetrated by either alpha particles or beta particles or even gamma rays of the radiation.

Vincent Uncle is old. He is not a man of this century. He is not a man of this era. He was going on living with an expectation.

He recollected the incidents in the last century. He was the head of the Science and Medicines Units in the Kingdom of Javri. Jarvi Dynacity was a wordly known Empire against whom, not even a single opponent existed. Previously some enemy countries tried to invade Javri Kingdom. But the attempt by the enemy countries were turned in to pieces. Thousands of enemy soldiers died in clusters. The ‘danger bombs’, discovered by Vincent and his aide Willimas destroyed the enemies in clusters in a single throw.

Even the King of Javri was kept away from the secret of this bomb by Williams and Vincent. They advised the King that, if the King knew the secret, he would have the risk of kidnap and massacre by the enemies to know the truth.

So, the only two souls on earth at that time, who knew the secret of the content of the bomb were Williams and Vincent. The world was afraid of these two guys of kingdom of Javri. The king of Javri also felt very proud on the secret of security of his Kingdom in the hands of two loyal brave men. As a gesture of honour, the King of Javri equipped them with the best facilities and things in the world for their living.

As time passed on, Williams had the mental block as why to share such a honour with another man Vincent, who is not that intelligent as Williams..? And of course, almost at the same time, Vincent too had that thought.

The cold war prevailed. Each one was expecting an opportunity to topple the other.

William once managed to mix an anesthesia in to the juice which Vincent drank. He had one hour. And that was sufficient for William to inject a micro-sharp chemical needle into the blood vessels of Vincent. It is expected that this will work like a slow poison and kill Vincent.

But to William’s dismay no such thing happened. Vincent was hale and healthy. As time passed, lot of wealth was accumulated by Willam and Vincent by threatening various rulers with their bomb. The wealth so accumulated could be utilised for 100 generations after them.

All the wealth were sent to different parts of ‘the then Indian territories’ (as the then Indian territory was the safe and peaceful place at that time) to create secret hidden treasuries. A huge map was also created to precisely locate them by cracking codes created by William. All the cracking codes were micro-engraved on a special ‘high-Z’ stainless steel (mixed with a small amount of tungsten) sheet. And this sheet was used to make the sword. Again that had a breaking code. And this sword was again applied with a chemical, spread and applied over the sword, as a lock. This chemical lock will get broken only if the complete sword is kept in a chamber having mild radiation zone, which will chemically react with the outer quote of the the sword and melt the chemical. To get this radiation chamber process activated, the Thumb Impression of either Williams or Vincent is needed. Once this process is over keys for the codes can be viewed on the surface of the ‘high-Z’ stainless steel sheet with which the sword is built. The one  who collects all the treasures will become the richest of the world. Since William and Vincent had authentic rights in them, even the legal formalities cannot be applied on them.

Hundreds of secret convoys were engaged in this and the job was successfully accomplished.

After this the sword was gifted to the museum. The complete ornaments coverage on the sword highlighted its value and the museum took special care to safeguard the sword without knowing the inner content of the sword.

However, Williams had his natural death about fifty years before.

A few years before, Uncle Vincent, spent a significant amount of money and managed to collect the original sword from the museum and replaced it with the duplicate one. Now, that sword, which Vincent strongly believe to be original, shows as a duplicate one.

What could be the reason?

Uncle Vincent was totally upset! Just then there was a call from Martha!

‘Abandon the job.. Or else face the consequence.. ‘ - Martha

‘I know, you keep quite’ shouted Vincent.

‘You will meet your end… Vincent.. Your end is nearing.. Leave the effort.. Not only You.. vast area and a lot of people will be lost..!’

Vincent Uncle has cut the phone!

Lot of beetles started hitting Vincent Uncle’s brain. He was totally annoyed. How can it be? Why is it so? What went wrong? Where it went wrong? He wanted to review the cause of failure.

He was very furious. He called the lab assistants with a high voice. But none of them came nearer.

‘OK. I myself will review’ he declared.

He observed the procedures, processes, materials etc., He had a feel in his mind.. He felt that the material used for generating radiation is not a radioactive material. He madly went around the lab and picked a material.

‘Sir don’t use it. It will cause a havoc.’ One of the lab assistants shouted at him.

‘I know..’

‘People may die or suffer in clusters’

‘I will take care..’

‘People around will be affected’

‘I use lesser material..’

What Vincent Uncle picked was a radio-active material. Highly dangerous.

The assistants ran to the police. Vincent air-locked the lab and started his research.

The time passed on. People started gathering around the lab.

‘I think that he is mentally ill’ One person suggested.

The Police came. The Scientists from Atomic Department came. Speakers erected and police called Vincent to come out side.

After about ten minutes of struggle, Vincent came out with a paleface…

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