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Shubhangi Kotwal

Drama Romance Classics


Shubhangi Kotwal

Drama Romance Classics

True Love

True Love

8 mins

 Names and locations mentioned and the story all are imaginary. The story is of many years back, when love marriage was not easily accepted.

Arundhati Nair was very famous in her college in Bangalore. She was tall, thin, not fair, smart, and talkative. She was not extraordinary in studies but certainly more than average. And moreover she was very good at sports and extracurricular activities.

 It was her last year of B. Sc. On 1st day of college after vacations Arundhati and her group of classmates Nisha, Ganesh, Venkatesh, Srinivas, Jyothi, Saumya, Sunetra and others met after many days and all were very happy.

 Sir came to take class. everybody greeted sir with ' good morning ' Sir talked informally with students and asked what they did during vacations, how did they enjoyed vacations. Then Sir said, " before I start taking class, let me introduce you all with a new student Ajitesh Sule, who has come from Bombay and he is an extraordinary student with good academic record till now. So let us all welcome to our college and give him all the co-operation. "

During one practical class in lab Arundhati, Ajitesh and two other classmates had to work in group at that time Arundhati and Ajitesh gets personally introduced. Then Ajitesh become a part of Arundhati, Nisha, Genesh and all those classmates' group. 

 Then comes the time of Annual function in college, a favourite time for Arundhati. She participates in games, dance and singing competitions and bagged many prizes as usual. 

 Ajitesh got quite impressed with her talent and said, "Congratulations Arundhati. You are great, I am quite impressed." Arundhati thank him.

 Days passed and after one month they were having annual exams so after two weeks they were having reading vacation, so all were discussing about their future plans. 

 Nisha and Saumya said, no plans for post graduation as our parents are insisting each one of us for marriage after graduation. Ganesh and Srinivas had plans to grab a good job. Now Arundhati said, " I will go for M. Sc. as I may prefer teaching in school or college or may be a better job. " Even Ajitesh had plans for M. Sc. rest all had not decided still. 

 Final exam gets over, results gets announced and all friends come together after a long time on that day. All get good marks, and before leaving they all share their addresses and phone numbers.

 During post graduation Arundhati and Ajitesh come close as they become good friends now. They help each others in studies and projects and in writing assignment.

They finished one year and now is the final year of M. Sc. Arundhati said one day that my mom is very strict and she said, "once you finish this year, we will find a good match for you in our community and you will have to get married."

So Ajitesh gets little nervous because he has liking for Arundhati. 

 Final year also come to an end and all were discussing about what next ? So Arundhati said," though my mom is insisting me for marriage but I won't, I have to make my career. Ajitesh find some hopes. Ajitesh also have to make his career first. 

 Final year exam got over and they all become post graduates. one day the group decide for get -to - gether. Ajitesh talk about his feelings for Arundhati and she also reciprocate to it. They decide that they will inform their parents but Arundhati 's mother said," they are from other caste and community and they are non - vegetarian, so you can't marry him. "

 Here Ajitesh 's parents don't have much objection, except the different food habits and different culture. Now knowing this Arundhati and Ajitesh decide to give some time for this decision and concentrate on career for time being.

 Arundhati gets job in Mumbai and it's a good offer so she join there and Ajitesh go to Madras. as he gets very good job offer. Now rest of the friends in group too get seperated as some of them get jobs in Banglore and Hyderabad, few girls get good marriage proposal so they get married. All get busy in their life and become out of contact slowly.

 Arundhati was happy with her career but couldn't decide on getting married as she had that talk and promise in mind between her and Ajitesh. But she had no clue about Ajitesh. 

Months and years passed this way. And one day Arundhati got an email from her boss saying that he has recommended her name for training from Madras office and she alongwith two more employees and boss will have to leave for Madras in next month for 2 months training there. She inform her parents who were now in Pune with her brother and his family. One more brother of Arundhati was settled now in Delhi.

 She was happy to hear about her trip to Madras, from office. Her family too got happy. She made preparation for her trip and finally started her travel for Madras. She had heard few years back from one of her college friends that Ajitesh was now working in Madras. But she had no idea where exactly and which company.

 Arundhati with her two colleagues and boss reached to Madras. Company employees received them at Airport and dropped them, where they had been given accomodation during training period, which was truly very nice place. 

 From next day their training started and after a month or so they had to attend one seminar where different company's employees from other parts of world also were going to attend that seminar, which was for 3 days. Everybody was given names of participants with their small introduction and topics that each one had to talk on.

 Arundhati noticed few Indian names and her attention stuck to one name, Ajitesh Sule. she got surprised. And on the first day of Seminar she just waited for the introduction part.

 On her turn she gave her introduction and on finishing her introduction she noticed that one Indian who was now very fair, around 40-42 yrs. the same age as hers is looking at her and was looking same as Ajitesh Sule that she knew in college, was trying to wave at her. But still she was not sure till such time that person gave his introduction and talked about his qualification and his University name. After he gave his introduction she got confirmed. And her heart started beating little fast, but then she get relaxed after some time.

 During the lunch break both walked to each other, greeted each other with a handshake and Ajitesh said, " hi, it's pleasure to meet you after so many years and that too like this, so unexpectedly" Arundhati also said," ya truly it's pleasure. How you are doing ? And where is your stay during seminar ? are you here with your family ? " So Ajitesh write an address of the hotel on the back side of his visiting card. And ask her to call him in the evening and invite her for dinner, she agree for that.

 Late in the evening, after returning from Seminar Arundhati gets ready and call up Ajitesh, so he send cab to pick her up. In 15-20 minutes. She reached there, where Ajitesh was waiting for her at the reception. They go and sit in the Dining hall of hotel.

Both Ajitesh and Arundhati were very happy. They talk about their college days and all group friends and with that they also order for pure vegetarian meal. Ajitesh said," somehow after coming to Madras I stopped eating non-veg food because I didn't like the taste here I just eat eggs that too homemade by myself. 

 Then they came to the main conversation about their marital status and surprised to know that both of them didn't get married, as Ajitesh said, " may be because I didn't find anybody as interesting as you, even here in Madras and I got busy in my work. "

Arundhati said," even I settled in Mumbai, and started living alone and got busy in my career and somehow didn't find someone interesting. Same story as yours. Both finished their dinner and again Ajitesh ask a cab driver to drop Arundhati safely at her place.

They meet for next two days, talk on phone and again meet on last day after seminar. They discuss in detail about future and on the possibility of getting married and come jointly to the conclusion that before Arundhati leave from Madras, they will get engaged. So on that day they decide to invite their colleagues and friends of Ajitesh and in a small function they get engaged.

 Then comes a day for Arundhati to return back to Bombay. Ajitesh see her off at the Airport and told her that as soon as I get leave I will come to Bombay and we would get married. My mother is no more and my father staying with my younger brother and his family.

 Arundhati returned home. Everything is discussed and sorted out easily, her parents also now easily accept this proposal for their daughter. All got happy in her family.

 Ajitesh also called his father and inform about his marriage plans, and also talk to his brother about it, all seem very happy. And both Nair and Sule families start preparing for the marriage of their daughter and son. 

 Ajitesh also informs his boss and talk about his leave. His boss happily said," Ajitesh I am happy for you. I see to it that your leave gets sanctioned as early as possible. 

 Arundhati also put an application for getting a transfer to their Madras office. All things collectively get adjusted and Ajitesh came to Bombay, meet his family and friends. And Arundhsti' s family. In a small ceremony and functions Arundhati -Weds- Ajitesh. And after living in Bombay for 20 days both leave for Madras

True love never dies, though late but they got all they deserved in life.

Arundhati started her job after they reached to Madras, and Ajitesh already had a very good job. Both started their routine life as usual and become a happily married couple



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