Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!
Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!

Sonali Samal



Sonali Samal


To The Shore

To The Shore

5 mins

One evening Abjit was in his room. Lights are off.

Meera Devi(mother of Abjit) came, asked why are you sitting in dark?

Maa, sat next to me.

Meera Devi -(talks) -After your father left, the dogmatic thoughts of your family, Never did want me to opt for your father's job,

But I had to for my children. I had two abortions after your sister. Maybe that is the reason, for a little time,

I am bleeding irregularly.

There is no one whom I can tell this, nevertheless, it would lead to this.

I sent nana(domestic help of Meera Devi ) for some pakodas , Come and have it, Meera Devi left saying it.


Didi calling, mobile beeps

Abjit :: hmmm

Didi :: Are you in college? Maa has gone to the hospital with nana.

Abjit:: ok, I will call her.

Abjit is a highly spirited guy, is 19 years old,

at this young age he lives with his own rules, and with his fertile frothy mind. He is in Btech 2nd year.

Calling Maa ( Meera Devi ),

she is a widow, works in Labour Commissioner Office. She got this job on compassionate ground after the death of her husband. She is always overgenerous to others . Her magnanimous activities collect enormous love and affection from neighbors and colleagues. Apart from the office she mostly reads books.

Meera Devi completely dedicated herself to spirituality. God must be deeply impressed with the spirituality of her character.

Abjit:: maa, what's wrong with you?

Meera Devi :: nothing serious.

Abjit :: I am coming on Sunday.


Door bell rings

Meera Devi - who came so early?

oh, you!

keep your things in your room and take a bath .

Last day, I cooked khir, you know Jojo our neighbor's kid, had his 10th birthday. I kept some for you in the fridge as you said, you are coming.

Abjit-- maa, what's the need of this charity?

Meera Devi - do not speak like this.

After one hour,Abjit, eating and asking, maa what's in your report?

Meea Devi --they doubt, It must be CANCER, a voice from the kitchen.

Abjit :: ran towards the kitchen , CANCER THEY DOUBT !!

Tomorrow, nana and I are going to ACHARYA HARIHAR REGIONAL CENTER IN CUTTACK for biopsy, will you accompany me?

Abjit - yes, I will go with you.

Doctor asked them to stay until reports are not coming.

Abjit -- when will it come?

doc-- at least 10 days.

Now question where to stay, so Abjit called one of his friends.

Abjit -- hey, I came with my mother for a medical check-up,

can we stay with you for a couple of days?

friend- ok come

It was a boys' hostel, in room 7 persons are staying. 3 are absent.

friend- so you stay here.

out of 3 absentees, one came after 2 days.

Absentee-- when he got to know, they are here for a medical check-up, he started feeling obnoxious as she may be a patient ( which not happened yet), Now he is in disfavor of their stay.

Abjit left the place and started staying in that hospital where the government has provided rooms to stay. (which was unknown to them )

They started staying there, paying 250 rupees per day.

Through this period Abjit was attending classes in khurdha which was almost 50km from this hospital and covers 100km in public transportation on a daily basis.


Meera Devi-- are you tired?

Abjit - no, maa

Meera Devi-- forgive me. I left with very little savings. I am unable to afford for your MBA after Btech.

Apparently I can not pay for your ongoing course.

Abjit-- do not worry maa. My best friend's father is in SBI, he will help me for a loan, I talked to him.

After 10 days report came,

It was confirmed Meera Devi is suffering from cervical cancer, stage -II. A malignant tumor of the cervix in the lowermost part of the uterus.

Meera Devi was dumbstruck as well Abjit. they looked at each other.

The flabbergasted mother and son were speechless.

This 19 years old boy who already lost his father,

The moment he felt devastated.

Meera Devi with myriad thoughts in her mind, god !! you scourged me for which sin !!

Abjit- he bore away from his woeful thoughts, talked to the doctor

After lots of consultation with a doctor , the operation is not advisable as in maximum of cases,

it does not work that much, better you go for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The treatment procedure started, Abjit will take his maa to hospital, he will stay with his maa during therapies,

Pretending all the time, the scream of his mother is inaudible, tears of his are imperceptible.

He was a silent witness of his mother's pain.

Besides he has to attend classes in college, he wakes up in the early morning, has to cover 100km hanging on the bus , now this hospital room was a temporary home for him. Abjit has rushing home to hospital, hospital to college, college to home, and again the same.

But he was not tired, every time he takes her, expects for a miracle, and prays for God's magic in an optimistic way knowing she left with very little time.

NOW he became a graduate


Morning 8' o'clock . maa called Abjit

Abjit --I was sleeping

Meear Devi-- come and sit next to me. maa, was managing a cushion on her backside.

started saying

Meera Devi-- how ill-fated I was!


I want to live for some time !!

Then she asked me to hold her, she was taking her last breaths in Abjit's arms.

Abjit-- I was watching, my mother was dying, she was dying

This was the terrible thing that I have ever felt.

he has struggled to his best for his mother,

but she was no more,

she left for her heavenly abode.


Abjit was an orphan now, he did everything to save her, it's not easy for anyone to struggle to know his mother left with few days, but he kept trying, consoling himself, the anguish of his mother made him heartless.

Was it his fault as he kept his emotionless objectivity and faith in the cause he served his responsibility?


Was it the fault of her, the words she told him were too late?





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