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Thoughts Of Positivity

Thoughts Of Positivity

2 mins

The classroom was in turmoil when the time was ticking to 1:48 pm and all gearing themselves for PT class.

Suddenly they saw the clouds moving slowly and rain starts much to their dismay and they also see a substitute teacher marching towards the door, their hopes shattered within no time.

Then some gathered around the last vacant places to chit chat and pass time.

Then they all stood for a formal wish to the teachers.

The teachers wished them back and started asking all to introduce themselves individually. When one student said his ambition to become a maths teacher, the class erupted in laughter.

The teacher asked them to maintain silence and said "always think high and do not put your confidence down".

The teacher started his own life story.

My home was in the place where some apartments stood tall and my home was situated at the back of these buildings.

My father was working as a drainage worker and my mother managed our family with a meagre income.

I always watched my father entering the drainage without proper safety equipment and coming out with all the dirt on his body, he could not enjoy his meal with that dirty smell lasting on his body for weeks.

I saw my father thirsty asking for water from the neighboring house, they gave him water in an old damaged bottle.

Then my father saw me looking at him and think how much pain he should have felt?

Then my father and mother advised me "think always thoughts of positivity which should help you learn and raise in life".

My teacher was impressed by the way of presenting this in the class and the sad news of my father admitted to the hospital reached me in the evening due to a burst of biogas in drainage.

My father survived through it and watched me raising in life to be the best teacher.

I would advise you two things think positive and healthy thoughts also respecting the persons irrespective of the job.

Then Bell rang and all the students stood strong to wish him  thank you  sir and learned the important values in life.

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