Thomas's Log

Thomas's Log

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There was a boy called Thomas. He lived in the Dawson which is in North Western Canada. She was about 15 years old used to live in a small house made up from bricks. He lived with his father called Justin and his mother was Charlotte. They were very poor and to live the used to go to the nearby words and collect wood and sell in the city of Whitehorse ,Yukon ,Canada

So one day when Thomas and his parents were in the forest and they were cutting down the trees which were dry the temperature was about the - 28 Celsius.they to take the word Thomas father using his Axe he cut the wood into smaller pieces. His mother gathered the smaller pieces of wood and put them in a bag.thomas used to carry them. So one day when they were returning from the woods they saw an Indian man. The Indian man said that he was in need of the woods so Thomas's family gave the woods to him. Later when they reach home and thomas's mum when to turn on the lights from the back from the front yard she found a stone she called Thomas and his father they all lifted the stone and they saw Stairway they all went down the Stair way and they found lots of gold

They heard a voice that it was a gift for helping the man. They lived happily and shifted to Toronto and opened a chain of shops known as Walmart.

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