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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Sahil Ahammed

Romance Inspirational


Sahil Ahammed

Romance Inspirational

This Is True Love

This Is True Love

6 mins


Tik tik tik. The clock’s sound was so clear and loud. It was just 6.15 and I got present in the maths tuition so early that no one was around. 

“Creeeeaakk” the door opened with a horrible sound. I thought it is the maths teacher. But I got surprised that it was not the teacher’s horrible face. It was a beautiful girl who just sat in front of me.

“Damn she too beautiful. Come on man talk to her” I told myself.

“Hi I am Suman” I said.

“Hello I am Somna, nice to meet you” Somna said.

She is quite jolly with sparkling eyes which looked like god had given all the world's beauty to a single person.

“So tell me more about you like your dreams and more like that” I said.

“Actually I want to be a Doctor” Somna said.

“Wow that’s a similarity” I said.

“Huh?” she said.

“I also want to be a cardiologist” I said.

“Any special reason?” she said.

“ Yeah. When I was just 4 years old, I got diarrhea and that diarrhea was so strong that it stopped my heartbeats. And at that very moment an earthy version of god saved my life with a single injection. So, I want to repeat the same process.” I said.

“Wow! That’s what real motivation looks like. I know you will” she said.

“Creeeeaakk” again the door opened and this time it was the person with spectacles and a maths book half of the weight of himself— THE MATHS TEACHER.

FINALLY THE CLASSES ENDED. “Goodbye” she said.

“BYE. See you tomorrow” I said.


Two months of our friendship and our bonding became so strong. Now like every stupid boy including me, I thought it is the right time to propose her.

“Can I say ask you something” I said.

“Sure” she said.

“I think I am in love with you and you are my crush. Can we become forever life partner?” I said.

“Actually I already have a boyfriend” she said.

“Oops... sorry I was an completely unknown about your boyfriend.” I said.

“No no, its not your fault. I respect your feelings. Even you are the first one who proposed me directly and without help of any chhichhore friend.” she said.

She is the first one who rejected me so respectfully.

“ Actually I also think its very better to stay as BFFs.” I said.

“Sure dear but I really do love you” she said.

“Love you too dear but only as a BFF” I said.

She laughed.


It was just a very random Saturday and I entered my tuition room.

“Strange she is present today so early” I told to myself.

As always I sat beside her but today something was not good her face her body was weak and mind full of disturbance.

“What happened dear.” I said.

“Nothing” she said.

“ I am aware with your every mental prompts. You can’t hide from me tell me what happened.” I said.

“My boyfriend broke me up” she said.

“What!!” I said.

She nodded.

I wanted to jump out of happiness but couldn’t but there was something that I also feels very bad about.


“Bhai, she broke up with her boyfriend” I said to Dipraj.

“That’s so cool its your golden opportunity go and propose her.” He said.

“Yeah you are right but I am not getting a good like feeling brother. I think she will be much happier with her boyfriend.” I said.

“You mean ex boyfriend” Dipraj said.

“Yeah I mean it. And I think I must try to heal everything between them.” I said.

“Don’t you think her boyfriend already proposed her again?” Dipraj said.

“Don’t know.” I said.

“Let’s find out” he said.

“How?” I said.

“Simply call her” Dipraj said.

“Ok let’s call her” I said.

Calling Somna.

“Hi Somna, how are you now?” I said.

“Broken” she said.

“Did he contacted you” I said.

“No” she said.

“Do you want everything to be healed?” I said.

“Absolutely if he want.” she said.

“Ok. Thank you Somna. Stay blessed. Bye” I said.

“Bye” she said.

“Lets do it bhai” I said.

“What” Dipraj said.



“Its hazardous brother we also don’t know the name of her ex- boyfriend.” Dipraj said.

“Correction.- You don’t know his name” I said.

“What!?” he said.

“Abhi. Abhi Sinha. Once she told me about her.”

“Now how will you search him?” Dipraj said.

“She once told me, he have an Instagram account.” I said.

“There are thousands of account named Abhi Sinha, how will you search a particular person among this thousands of people.” He said.

Actually he is right, I am totally unaware of how he looks like.

“Let's call her and ask for his photo” I said.

Calling Somna.

“Hi Somna how are you?” I said.

“Better. You say.” She said.

“Good” I said.

“Do you have any photo of your Abhi Sinha?” I said.

“Yes I have” she said.

“ Send me. Fast” I said.

“Ok” she said.

Call ended.

“What happened bhai?” Dipraj said.

“She is sending wait” I said.

Bling a phone notification rang and and I just jump opened my whatsapp.

“Bhai. Here is the photo” I said.

“Excellent. Now lets completely accomplish our mission.”


“Gotcha. Found him. He is online” Dipraj said.

“Let me talk to him” I said.

Chat between me and Abhi Sinha-

“Hi I am Suman. Can we talk for a minute” I said.

“Hi. But who are you?” Abhi Sinha said.

“Somna's friend.” I said.

“Don’t want to talk anything about Somna.” He said.

“Listen. Do you love Somna?” I said.

“Absolutely I am” he said.

“Then you must talk to me.” I said.

“I don’t have any interest about how you two broke up or what happened between both of you. I just want to know, are you interested about healing everything?” I said.

“Absolutely If she want.” He said.

“Ok. Then tomorrow meet me at dominos sharp 7 pm.” I said.

“Ok I will.” He said.

See you tomorrow” I said.

Chat ends.

“Why do you want to meet him?” Dipraj said.

“To accomplish my mission.” I said.


“Do you think he will come?” Dipraj said.

“He has to” I said.

“Here he is” I said.

Abhi Sinha entered.

“Hello” Abhi said.

“Hi” I said.

“Please sit down” I said.

“So why is this meeting for” Abhi said.

“I just need you 10 minutes of patience” I said.

“Huh.... Ok” Abhi said.

After 10 minutes, a beautiful looking girl walked towards us. She was no one more than Somna.

Abhi and Somna both startled.

Just after a moment both of them started crying. ‘Dhap’ a sound arose as they hugged.

“I am sorry. It was my fault. I am a sinner.” Abhi said.

“Shut up. It was my fault” Somna said.

“Come on guys. Its a day of absolute happiness and you guys are crying. Come on Dipraj, lets order a pizza. I owe all of you a treat.” I said.

Me and Dipraj moved toward the reception and ordered a big sized pizza.

“Bhai, I still didn’t understand, why did you did that all that for your crush you had had a golden opportunity.” Dipraj said.

“I really don’t know why I did all that. But maybe it is my TRUE LOVE for her.” I said.

An ear to ear smile on both of us.

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