Sahil Ahammed

Drama Horror Thriller


Sahil Ahammed

Drama Horror Thriller

She Is Right Here

She Is Right Here

3 mins

It was 12.30 AM when I called my girlfriend for our daily late night love talk. 

She picked up.

“Hey” I said.

“Can’t you sleep?” she said.

“How can I sleep without your sweet voice?” I said.

She giggled.

“By the way who is with you?” she said.

“Nobody, I am alone in my room” I said.

“But I think I heard a girl is laughing” she said.

“I am alone dear.” I said, a little bit worried.

We talked for some few minutes and again she said.

“Are you really alone? A girl is constantly laughing beside you” she said.

This time I got more worried. 

“Dipsikha listen, Good night, I am not feeling good tonight, we will talk tomorrow” I said.

I put my phone down and closed my eyes.

It was 2:30 at the night when I wake up suddenly after hearing a sound. The sound was like someone is sitting on my sofa.I got a little scared and that’s why I didn’t moved from my position on the bed. Sometimes later the sound changed like someone is turning my book’s pages.And after that I heard like someone is working on my treadmill.

Next morning I noticed that some objects have moved from its original position. A got a little bit scared but I moved on without paying so much attention.

2.30 am, My eyes wide opened with a sound just like someone have moved my chair and sitting on it. And after that I got sound like someone is walking on my treadmill. This time I focused all my courage and turned on my flashlight. There was no one in the room. I turned on the lights and picked up the water bottle. Suddenly I noticed that my treadmill meter was turned on. The meter only turns on when someone walks on it. That night I slept with the lights on.

Next morning I called a person (*can’t disclose his name because of privacy issues) and explained him everything. 

“Hmm. Did the spirit harmed you?” He said.

“Actually no. But it is really scary at night.” I said.

“Listen, According to shastra, every house contains a spirit. And the spirit do not want to harm you anyway.” He said.

Next night I downloaded a EMF Radiation detector. EMF detectors are used to detect the presence of spirits.

I turned on the EMF detector:-

“Is there is any spirits around me? If anybody is around me please some closer to me so that I can catch your presence.” I said.

The device started beeping.

“Ok now if you want to live here, I have only one condition, you can’t harm any of my family members. If you agree with me please come near this device.” I said.

The device started beeping again.

Now I have a spirit in my room. Maybe I can’t see him/her but the spirit just want to live here peacefully.

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