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Soumya Harichandan

Drama Abstract


Soumya Harichandan

Drama Abstract

Their Dream Catcher

Their Dream Catcher

3 mins 378 3 mins 378

You said it fulfills everyone's wish,

Then why didn't my wish to fulfill?

You lied to me,

You told me you won't leave me ever.

But you still chose that lifeless colorless abode of tranquility than me.

You again lied to me,

You told me you would keep me in your heart.

Safe forever.

Then how could you leave that heart inside me?

How could you leave without me?

You left your heart with me, now how would you remember me?

Tell me, I am asking something, I beg you, speak up!! He yelped holding his left side just where her heart was beating soothingly inside him.


Listen to me...can you hear me?" a faint voice knocked at his reddened ears.

Kate! Kate, where are you? He desperately screamed her name.

"Close your eyes, Asher...I promise you, you can see me, feel me"...the same voice assured.

Closing his eyes, he saw his love, looking more beautiful in that white gown just like the winter's snow-covered serene mountain.

"Love remember, the first day when we bought that dream catcher and you and me wished secretly our heart's desire closing our eyes.

You know what I wished?

I wished to take my last breath with you,

With you beside me,

Hearing your heart beats,

And then with a smile bidding you a proper goodbye,

Having the last wish that you keep my memories safe in your heart with warmth and love forever.

And it fulfilled. I gave you my last breath, I will always remember the taste of your plump lips taking my last breath like their own.

And somewhere I know what you must have wished that day, you must have wished a forever for us, don't you think so it's fulfilled? I left my heart in you love n again I will be the one to take the last breath with you, you will be feeling me every moment, you will be fulfilling all the wishes of that heart you fell for, don't you think so? The dream catcher made us luckier...

Who can be luckier than me, who can take her last breath twice with her lover?

Who can be luckier than you, who can have his lover's heartbeats and last breath both till his judgment day?

Keep our dream catcher forever,

Wish every day,

It gives happiness,

It gives happy endings."

She finished and with a smile resembling the silvery gleaming moon,

She vanished into thin air.

"I promise Kate,

I will enjoy my life without wasting a single moment,

Because you are in me...

I will do everything you and I wanted to do,

Because I know you are in me...

I will cry in times remembering your touch

But I know you will be with me,

And you will again help me to stand in my weakest time...

I will wish everyday beautiful music for the rhythm of your heart to our dream catcher,

You will beat in me

And I will beat for you.

I love you, Kate,

Thank you for giving this broken person a lively heart of hope and happiness,

Thank you for everything.

He opened his eyes,

But this time with a smile.

His love again brought him back from the dark abyss of sorrow to the bright world of hope.

His eyes were shining like the sun who once set with a promise to not rise again but broke the promise to rise even brighter after the dark.

He smiled and adjusted their dreamcatcher at the best spot of their home, He started walking to make the memory book of their beautiful life journey,

And He wasn't alone, they were together. He could feel her in him, by his side, smiling at him.

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