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Swapnil Kamble

Crime Drama Romance


Swapnil Kamble

Crime Drama Romance

The Wounded Desire

The Wounded Desire

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She had an affair with village person. He lured her to flee when she was married to Raghav.. After bore two sons for raghv, she ran away with pre lover. She stayed there with him for one month. Her husband's mind doubted and dirtied his mind with many questions. If she really slept with her lover. if she had every night in one bed. What happened to both! She then left her lover and came to her mother to meet her children.

I heard that her lover tortured her every moment. he had fake love for her. but he desired her body. He used her as a cruel animal every moment. she was in bed to fulfill his desires. She was tired of all this and ran away to her mother's home and fled to her husband again, wondering if her husband would accept her as she was a blemished and blotted character woman.

When she was in the village she was a simple woman. She didn't khow mobile how it work. When her neighbour lady always came to her room to have a gossip with her boyfriend on mobile, because her room was so silent, nobody comes in the room to ask her neighbour woman having gossip on different subjects that normally women could not talk in public openly. She frankly conversed with her boyfriend. Even when she got married, she liked to talk on, such like interesting jokes, to have time pass easily. In a village, who has time to speak with a woman, to share her feelings before men? Her husband did not allow her to discuss one.

As days passed by like slipping sand on hand, the first time she did for just entertainment only. Time passed by. But every day she got the habit of that game of talking on mobile. She could not stop her. Not thinking what might happen next by such action against society, against her husband.

She had no man like this fellow as she wanted. She forced her emotion since childhood only limited to talk with her family men but not any other person that she could openly talk with. She wanted love, that her husband could not give her ... the love of open talk. She was satisfied physically but not mentally, not as she had framed in her mind. As the medium was of mobile, she could lessen her lust by talking on mobile- vulgar talk, f*** language, silly bumps like words that society neglected to share face to face, but due to mobile without seeing the opposite person he could talk what you want. That's what she wanted.

She once said,' that every man is always keeping an eye on a woman's breast; every woman keeps an eye on man's private part. That's why men always looking up and woman looking down that's meaning she guessed was unbelievable but still reasonable to mind-blowing.

She had every good quality that the required must-do duty toward family, but also she got the bad habit of talking on the mobile, for that she was ready to do anything. To give you, if he said that he loved her most .thanked you for that, she will be attracted to you and if you demanded lump sum money, she could give you money;condition aply you ,have to continue to talk on the phone. Every day you demand money and talk, she will transfer it to your bank account. You have to make an emotional drama. She believes that you really love her and whenever she got no money she mortgages her necklace or mangalsutra.

All drama performed in the village by her lover who always blackmails her on the basis of meeting her in Bombay but said that he had no money to meet her at her place and she grew weak by emotion blackmail and sent him money. From her savings, by stealing her husband's purse or purchasing householding goods she put away that money and sent. When he got money he stopped talking to her on the phone, said that he was getting married soon, so he pleads to her to never call him, then she gets jealous every day and she met baba miracle or sadhu, who had every solution for her problem.

He also demanded money and he did black magic on her lover to never marry anybody or to return her money. Duped for years without knowing her husband, she was providing money without acknowledging her husband. Baba has solution that; he gave her wrapped paper packet, put into her hand and said; don't disclose to anyone about this wrapped packet and keep it a secret between us; bury this ashes packet into any tree's first take leaf of a tree and write the name of what you want to result and then bury this leaf under tree bound and put in a dug hole, hide by mud... return without notice... between traverse streets nearby, miracle will work well. He will come toward you on call, the next day." The next step was given as a sacred string... he put it on her hand and said that... bind this sacred string around the tulsi twine chanting the name of the person you want in your clutch.

The next day he called her for the long-distance of talking between him and her. She enjoyed thinking the remedy worked aptly on him, as said by Baba, inner she was very glad of Blackmagic did work well at the time. As he phoned her again, demanded money, his new marriage had already happened. He wanted money for the honeymoon, she emptied savings, whatever she got from her husband's earnings. Now she wanted him to meet her, she could not get him once again, she caught the way to miracle baba who was famous for black magic in the local area. As the rumour spread all over to solve it, he also demanded money. They both made her penniless for that business done, she even did not think of her husband and children, she was mad to eager to meet him.

She was urged to hear his voice on his mobile.

When she requested him to meet her, he cut the line and never call her again. Blackmagic could not work again on him and she had no money to send to him now. 

Once again she got a missed call from an unknown person. She received it, starting calling him even though he vulgarly lashed f*** words on her. She could not stop, she just wants to talk on mobile, for that she could do anything.

Once again the mobile rang, buzzed. It was her first lover once again ... She thought he would demand money, but she could not receive it and cut.

When her husband got to know about the matter, he could not get his nerve in control and jerked her against the wall. He drew nearby rod and hit on her head, it was injured badly. She yelled and fussed loudly but no neighbour could come to support because the landowner had not been good with neighbour... but her cries became more and more, her pangs paining, so one lady came to help her and stand against her husband...her swollen body made her suffer more pain in the whole body parts...

The next day, again mobile rings... It was received by her last child Renu... said that... Ammy somebody said that. "Bhaiya hai kya ..mai delhi se bol raha hu rounak ji..." she recovers. Mobile ... asking her child to go away out of the house.

She recognised his voice ... and said, "don't play with my emotion... I'm not a child ... my husband got to know everything... he bet me wit rod..." She cut off the phone... and went to bed... Her husband was in deep sleep the next morning... muttering in a dream .... "where is Savita... my darling ... I miss u very much .. I promise to never give you torture again... please come beside me ... I need u very much."

She understood his intention of lust. She fell on the blanket near his side. She pulled over his hand on her body and drew a blanket over them both and slept by his side. His son peeked through small cracks of the door and ran away to play cricket.

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