The White Rose

The White Rose

6 mins

    It's a breeze morning the birds sound like a flute. At Grafton Regis at the river bank of Tove in the castle of Woodvilles Jacquetta in her labour, it was a lovely Autumn October morning she gave birth to a baby girl. She was born in a commoner house. But Jacquetta was a royal blood by married Uncle of King Henry VI of England. But Elizabeth called as commoner by her father Richard. 

     She grew up with full of love and care of her parents. She had thirteen siblings. Her face looks like a beautiful moon and some moles are like a mare. Her eyes were lite dark brown with heavy lids like a Dragon. She was the prettiest woman in the Island of the British. 

     House of Woodville was the alliance of Lancaster. Lady Elizabeth at her age of fifteen married Sir John Grey of Groby. He was one of the most important allies of the Lancaster family. They lived their life as good as they could. 

     The York Prince Edward IV claimed war on the Lancaster dynasty. During the war The Earl of Warwick helped him a lot. He encouraged him to continue the battle to claim the throne of England. 

     Lady Elizabeth Grey had two sons named Thomas and Richard. At the Second Battle of St Albans Sir John Grey was killed by the York army and the took away the properties of House of Groby. 

    After the death of her husband, she returned to her Father's house and stayed there. One day in an early morning she got a nightmare that someone slit her throat. Suddenly she woke up and told her the vision. Jacquetta asked her, would you go to meet him? 

Yes, Mother! I have to meet him for my boys. 

     She woke her little boys and ready them to take with her. The battle didn't complete since now, So Edward might cross the royal path. So she waited under a tree with her children for Edward IV.

    The Horses bore and the soldiers cheered themselves. The flag with white rose flied and came to near them. The little innocent Thomas went before the army and asked them to stop, Elizabeth tried to get him back. 

    Edward saw her. He definitely fell with her beauty. Even he didn't know who she was. She introduced herself as Elizabeth Grey the Widow of Sir John Grey who killed in the battlefield. She asked him that You took all our properties, now I'm with my parents but my sons have nothing to live, please give them their properties. Lord Warwick also with Edward. 

     Lord Warwick was very discussed about that, her husband killed many of our soldiers why are you hearing her words, let's go Edward... come on. But He denied that and asked Elizabeth to take him to her home. So Warwick escorted Edward to the Rivers. 

     Edward fell in love with Elizabeth at first sight. She also liked him. He was charm, looked very shaped, with dark eyes with blonde hair. His twinkling smile disturbed her very much. She never thought of her second marriage until saw Edward. 

     Edward gave her word that tomorrow here in Rivers I will give your properties to you. He saved his word and her trust. They both fell into each other. He loved her very much. At the very first she frightened that how would it possible... Edward convenienced her later. By seeing the war results Sir Richard Woodville decided to make an ally with House of York. Edward warmly welcomed them because of her. But Warwick didn't like that. He always tried to avoid the Woodvilles. 

     One day in early morning Edward came to the Rivers, he urged her and Jacquetta to come to the chapel. He arranged a secret marriage with Elizabeth. Jacquetta was one of the witness. The marriage kept secret until Edward get the throne of England. After that Warwick planed to marry Edward to the princes of France. But in the Court Edward announced that he had a secret wedding with Elizabeth Woodville at the Rivers. No one accepted this, but he stayed his point. 

    The beautiful lady of England from a commoner, became the Queen of England the Elizabeth Woodville. In the starting, she faced many struggles, cunning people around the throne. Edward took care of her very well. Even though sometimes someone hurt her by her birth and character. She never cared about that. She was strong in what she wants to do. 

    Their Life smoothly ran, no one can romance like Edward and Elizabeth. They lived their life in heaven. Soon Elizabeth carried, she gave birth to a baby girl but Edward expected that would be a baby boy. They named her Elizabeth. She is the future Queen of England Elizabeth of York. After born of babies Elizabeth busy with them and Edward tried to fetch other women and got fully drunken. Elizabeth tried to recover him and finally did that. He became what he was. After that Elizabeth gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Richard of York. The royal couple had eight children. 

    Days were gone, Edward fell in bed. He got a heavy fever and spent remainder of his life in the bed. He severely affected by pneumonia. In a peaceful morning, Elizabeth went to Edward's room, there was very silent even not heard the sound of breath. The King of England Edward IV died. 

    After the death of King Edward IV his Son Edward V crowned as King of England, and Edward IV's younger brother Richard named as Lord Protector of the King. Richard was planning to claim the throne him self, so he arrested the King and claimed the throne him self and named him as King Richard III of England. After that he passed a resolution and announced that the marriage between Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville was invalid and their son was an illegitimate child. Also, he took all her properties that given during Edward's region. 

    Elizabeth had a vision about that so she prevented her son Richard from her brother-in-law. She had a plan to revoke her position in the political. Elizabeth secretly had an agreement with Margaret Beaufort the mother of Henry Tudor that marrying Elizabeth of York to him. It will help the Tudors to get the support of Yorks. Henry claimed a war against Richard the King of England. Henry defeated Richard at Battle of Bosworth Field. 

    Henry won the battle and the wedding ceremony took place in the Westminster abbey. Elizabeth Woodville revoked her dowager status, and she was the Mother-in-law of the King of England. 

    Elizabeth Woodville had a unfulfilled dream that crowning his son Richard the Duke of York as the King of England. She never seen it. She died at the age of fifty-five. Her funeral was conducted very simple by her request. 

    Elizabeth Woodville was a woman full of courage, faced many problems in life. She spent her most of life in the Political issues of England. Also, she was the Kingmaker. She made Henry Tudor as King. But no one did make her dream real even her daughter Elizabeth of York. She was a wonderful woman.

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