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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Crime


Amanpreet Singh

Tragedy Action Crime

The Water War Episode 3/3

The Water War Episode 3/3

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I posted, “The water crisis has become horrendous in the world. Everyone here is killing others just for a litre of water. It’s not happening only in India. It’s the scenario of the whole world. I fear lest another world war should break out.”

“India has always remained a land of great personalities, land of Gods and their great teachings. We always have been looked upon as a religious teacher of the world. Our country is the land of Gautam Buddha, Lord Mahavira, Lord Shri Krishna and all other great personalities. I feel it’s only India that can save the world. Now the question arises, how India can do it. Our country itself is suffering from this water crisis.”

“The answer to this question is that India should convince the whole world in the United Nations Organization that collective steps should be taken to eradicate this problem. Who has poisoned the drinking water? It’s we. Who has wasted almost all the water resources? It’s again we. More than seventy per cent of a nation’s budget gets wasted in gathering more and more nuclear bombs, fighter planes and missiles. It’s sheer wastage.”

“We have been continuously making more and more industries to make our nations more powerful economically without caring for the proper disposal of the wastage and in turn, we go on polluting water. Even being a normal citizen we never think of saving water. We go on wasting it. Just for cleaning the floor daily, we waste buckets of water instead of using a mop cloth or a mop stick. We all are responsible for these crimes and the water crisis. We should mend our ways.”

“The main point that I want to tell is that India should convince the world in disarmament. All factories and industries should be shut down as soon as possible. The whole world together should implement such laws enforcing all its citizens to live a primitive life. Everything modern should be shut down for about five years. And all the budget of all the nations should be utilized on afforestation and for providing safe drinking water to all its citizens. Let the earth heal its wounds. I know it seems to be very difficult and impossible to implement such laws. But if we want to see ourselves alive, it’s only the way.”

Soon my post became viral. My post got more than one million views just in a day. Just after a day, the prime minister of my country noticed my opinion and it touched him. Within three days, I didn’t know how it happened, I saw our Prime Minister representing our country in the UNO. And just within the next three days, new laws were made and implemented in all the nations of the world!

My happiness knew no bounds. I could not believe my own eyes that my just one opinion had changed the whole world. On the other hand, I could see the diminishing water in my water storage tank. In my family, all eyes were upon me expecting me to bring water for them. But I didn’t want to kill anyone anymore. I didn’t want to loot anymore. Even Akshit was worried about me. He was also in the pit of danger because he was powerless without me. In his house, he had only two litres of water left. Akshit came to me worried.

Akshit said to me in an anxious voice, “Deep, I have only two litres of water left back in my house. I am really very worried. We should do something about it.”

I said, “Now, I don’t want to kill anyone.”

“Okay, Deep. If you don’t want to kill anyone. Don’t kill. Just rob them of their water.”

“Well, it’s the same as killing anyone nowadays.”

“Oh ho, Why can’t you understand? If you are not providing your wife, your children with some water, it means you are killing your children!”

“Akshit, I can’t save my wife, my children, by feeding them with the blood of others! Let them die! I am sorry! Now, please leave.”

“Deep, I never thought in my life that you can be this rude to me. You must be having some water with you. I think that’s why you are saying all this stuff. But I am left with only two litres of water, man.”

“I am not selfish, Akshit. You can go and check my water tank. Here also only about two litres of water left behind. I know why you are trying to convince me to kill others because you are nothing without me. You need water but you don’t have guts enough to bring water all alone. That’s why you have come here to seek my help. Am I right?”

“I have had enough. Don’t cross your limits, Deep.”

“Otherwise what will you do, you impotent?”

Akshit took out the gun and aimed at me, “Now, you are already useless for me. Moreover, you are yelling at me! Thanks for telling me that you have two more litres of water with you. Two plus two is equal to four. My family and I will be able to live for four more days.”

I understood his intentions in no time. I immediately caught hold of the wrist and twisted his arm with a gun in his hand. I pressed the trigger and shot Akshit at his back and he was down there on the floor smeared with blood.

I said to myself, “Now, I will be able to live for one more day. Because I am going to take some water from the house of your share and leave some water behind for your family.”

Soon all the governments came into action and they all began to support their citizens with their full strength. Water cleansing processes on a large scale have been started. Governments somehow managed to save the human lives on the earth. Luckily, I got help soon from the government resources and NGOs. For about five years, almost all industries had been shut down and strict precautions were taken by all countries.

After five years 

Everything falls back into place. The normal life of humans is restored. But one thing is changed forever. Now every human being on the earth knows about the importance of water. Everyone is trying to save as much water as one can. Even a child is worried about wasting even a single drop of water. 

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