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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

George Mathew



George Mathew


The Victory Of Jack (Part 2)

The Victory Of Jack (Part 2)

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Don't think you can escape. I had just taken a nap. And the story is not over yet. Yes, its me, the cursed man.

So, where was I, in the story, yes, and just when Jack had taken the compass, the witch just vanished. Yes, vanished in thin air. Jack decided to go home. He couldn't waste time. He knew that without magic, his world would come to a standstill, and plunge into chaos.

Just when Jack reached home, the Sun had almost set. Luckily, he had stored a slice of bread and a glass of milk, so he ate, wore his pajamas and went to sleep on his mat. Yes, Jack had lived very simply. His home was a small, but safe place, he ate simply and slept on a mat on the ground. The next day, Jack woke up and changed into his blue T-shirt and his dark red trousers. He put his wand in his pocket. He knew he would not be able to use it, but magic might have been there in The Realistic Land Of Sorrow. When he took his compass, which was given to him by Bony Bluffer, a thought made him shiver with fear. If he would go on this mission and the people of his land would come to know, then he would be a dead duck. In other words, he would be banished from his home. Moreover, he had never been away from his homeland. But Jack was determined. His world depended on him. So, he took a deep breath and said, "Take me to the Realistic Land Of Sorrow.

And in a flash of light, he was gone! He started falling into a tunnel. It was very colorful. Jack started to feel dizzy. His head swirled and he felt tunnel sick. Jack thought how long he would keep. He kept getting weaker. But, he could feel as if there was a spark of magic in the air! It started to get even more powerful. However, just as he was going to take his wand out, he saw that at the bottom the tunnel had opened. There was another flash of light, then everything went black.

When Jack woke up, he felt even worse. He had landed in a room. It was stinking! But, in the next moment he forgot about it because he was awestruck by something else which caught his eye. The Ancient Sculptures!!! Luckily, he had landed right in the room of the ancient sculptures. His joy had no bounds. But, he could hear the doors of the room rattle. "Who's in there? Let me in.", said a voice. There were 4 doors. Suddenly, even the other doors started banging. With his wand, Jack locked the doors with sticks that were lying on the floor. But they did not last long. They could break any moment. Jack tried to grab one sculpture but he fell to the floor. He felt too weak. Just then, the sticks broke. The doors opened and guards rushed in armed with spears, knives and rods. Jack tried to get up, but one guard knocked him on the head with a rod, and he was out cold.

After a few minutes, Jack woke up. It took some time for his eyes to get used to the darkness. A great flash of light was coming from the glass door of the room. It was not even a room, it looked like a cage. Jack's hands were tied behind his back. Even his legs were tied. He realized that this might be his end. He should have informed at least one of his friends that he was going secretly on the mission. But then, he thought he should try to escape, even if it was in vain. So, he tried to take support of the wall and with a great leap and dash, he broke the glass. But, he was lucky that he did not fall down! Yes, only a few centimeters more to the glass door and he would have fallen 3000 ft right to the ground. Just then, the opposite wall opened. "What's going on! You broke that door! I've had enough of you! I am transferring you to another cell were you can't see any light! Hey, maybe I can even push you out. First I will inject poison into you by cutting you with my knife. Then...". But Jack wasn't listening.

Jack had jumped and brought his hands in front of him by bringing them under his legs. Just then, the guard lashed out his knife. It cut the ropes which tied his hands. But, Jack lost his balance and plunged! Jack started falling. He untied the ropes of his legs. He closed eyes, it was the end. Suddenly, Jack felt a powerful spark. A spark of magic! Jack searched his pockets and took out his wand. Yes! The guards didn't check his pockets. He muttered some words and said, "Time to levitate!" And in a whoosh he was off.

He started hearing loud bangs. Suddenly, something almost hit him missing him by a few centimeters. Turns out, that 'something' had been a bullet. He ascended and through the clouds he saw guards at the windowsills and doors and the roof of the building. They were trying to kill him with their weapons.

Yes, I'll explain. You see, while Jack's town had worked with magic trying to upgrade and update it, his enemies were working with huge amounts of gunpowder and explosives and what not! Fortunately, they were stupid, otherwise they would have build a war machine by now. Jack saw that the guards were shooting at him with rifles, pistols, machine guns, cannons, snipers and rocket launchers! They were even throwing melee weapons like axes, swords, bats and knives at him.

Jack thought that he could not escape. Actually, he did not want to escape. He wanted to get the Ancient Sculptures. He couldn't go back empty handed. Jack knew that when his power would get stronger, the Ancient Sculptures would be nearby. So, he flew up, nearly missing bullets and knifes. The plan was working, his power was increasing. Then, he saw a bright light from one cage. He zoomed into it and broke the glass door.

Just as he thought, there were the sculptures! But, Jack stopped for a moment. He felt some power in the room. It was dark and evil. Suddenly, the building started to shake. Jack tried to reach for the sculptures, but a piece of the roof broke and hit Jack on the head.

He was out cold. Again. Jack saw a light. He could not see it properly. Then, a figure appeared. It was the Mayor. Jack tried run to him, but he realized it was a vision. The Mayor was talking to Bony Bluffer! He was asking that how could she have let Jack go. Jack felt bad. But, Bony said, "I let him go because you didn't make a decision and even helped him because he is the only one who can defeat Satin Titan. He is his son!" "Son!" screamed Jack. Even the Mayor stood still like a pillar. Then, the light vanished.

A voice boomed, "Well, well, well, if it isn't the 'so called' hero of the Fantasy Land Of Joy. Any last wishes?" Jack woke up with his head hurting. He saw 'Satin Titan' in front of him. He felt a strong bond with him. With newfound energy, Jack said, "Yeah, my magic does the... Wait a minute, you look familiar?" Titan looked puzzled. "You look familiar too." Suddenly, he exclaimed, "You have a tiny cut on your chin. Its flaming red color!" Jack said, "Nice try with the mind manipulation, but you'll have to do better than... Oh! How did you know?"

Satin said that his long lost son had a similar cut. Long ago, I battled people to protect myself and my son. I lost him in a burning house. He survived, but I never saw him again. Jack had recalled a dream of choking from smoke and fire. He was a baby and was crying. He heard screaming. Maybe... could it be? Jack said "Maybe the person you're looking for is nearby. What was his name?" Satin said, "Jack." Jack said "Is that you father? Its me Jack." Satin was astonished.

The father and son hugged each other dearly. Titan said that his search had made him go mad. He even raised an army of people. But, he promised that he would return the Ancient Sculptures and not be evil anymore. And, they were welcomed with cheers from both lands and finally, the lands were joined to form 'The Universal Rainbow', and the rest is history.

How was the story? I know its not good because it was a prank! I have fooled you and I am broken of this curse! I told you not to be smart with me. But, if you thought it was a good story, thank you. Bye-bye. The End!

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