Victor Unwuchola

Drama Thriller


Victor Unwuchola

Drama Thriller

The Uninvited Guest

The Uninvited Guest

3 mins

"Baba! Baba!"I cried out. 

I had the same dream for the fifth day running. 

"What is it, my child?"Baba asked 

"I had the same dream again" 

"Ah! Bangili, please spare my child " 

Baba was an exorcist in Bamako long before we were born. He cast demons from people. He got tired of that life and decided it was best he left for Abidjan. Baba married Mama in Abidjan. We were all born in Abidjan. Baba gave birth to four of us; two boys and two girls. I am the first child. I am followed by Kwesi; the first daughter. She is followed by Abena; the second girl. The last child is my kid brother Kwame. Baba was a farmer and Mama was a trader at the Abidjan international market. An evil spirit(Bangili) cursed our family. The evil spirit cursed all the first male children of our family lineage. We will die twenty days to our twentieth birthday. The evil spirit wasn't pleased with my father for chasing him out Bamako. I was to be first to undergo this torture. Bangali attacked me in my dream and gave me scars. When I wake up from each dream I would see scars all over my body. On the twentieth day, I will die in my sleep. 

"It will be well my child" Baba comforted me. 

"Baba but this is the fifth night I am having this same dream of masquerades chasing me". 

"Tomorrow, I will take you to Abdulmalik the Marabout". Baba assured me. 

After Baba told me about the Marabout, I was at ease and I slept off. We woke up very early the next day and prepared for the journey. Baba took me on his horse to the neighbouring town (Yamoussoukro) where the marabout lived. We entered Yamoussoukro in the night. 

"Baba are we there yet?" I asked.

"Yes my child, the Marabout's house is that tall building you see ". 

We arrived at his house some minutes later. There was a statue of a lion at the entrance of his home. 

"What are you doing here? ". His guard asked. 

"We are here to see the Marabout". Baba answered. 

"Is that so? You should know that you are to book an appointment a month before arrival if you want to see the Marabout". 

" We are coming from Abidjan, please have pity on us. "

"I am sorry, but you would have to go back". 

"Farouk!"The marabout called.

"Sir" his guard replied. 

"Let them in". The marabout ordered. 

Farouk opened the gate almost immediately. 

 The Marabout was a huge and dark man. His red eyes alone could instill fear into any soul. He had a deep voice that could make you tremble and fumble at the same time. He wore a turban and a robe with a pair of gladiator sandals. 

"I have been expecting you, "He said 

"Good evening Ancient one "Baba greeted. 

I was too weak to even muster a word. Baba me carried on his back. 

"An Intruder is in your garden and he is gradually killing your oldest flower." The Marabout said.

"Yes Ancient one "Baba responded.

"Bangali is a very powerful spirit. It takes a month to cast the spirit out of the host."The marabout said. 

"But Ancient one my son has only fifteen days to live. There should be another way. 

"I only know of one way and it is dangerous ".

To be continued.

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