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The Twisted Tale Of Twins

The Twisted Tale Of Twins

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“What did you do to that little girl?”, shouted the younger twin and closed her eyes in disgust.

“I did nothing dear,” replied the elder twin with a heavy heart.

The twins were identical and had a difference of approximately few minutes. Kriya and Vidhi were very different in nature though they looked replicas of each other. Both were outstandingly out of synchronization – or may be they believed so because of the tiny tiffs they have each day. They would fight over anything and everything – from anything immaterial to everything unimportant. Vidhi, being the elder one, always tried to dominate Kriya but Kriya was equally ill-famed for her own deeds.

The sisters were pretty much upset for the recent complaints they have received via emails. Kriya held her head in her hand and was murmuring something under her breath. Vidhi was strolling around their room and was visibly disappointed. Out of thousands of emails in inbox, they sorted first hundred of them to send a reply. Kriya called out her sister and they both sat comfortably to think upon the matters and give a reply. Counselling, after all, was a tough job. But they were glad that they did it together.

They finished reading the first email and replied:

“With a heavy heart, we are bound to say that this is just an unexpected turn of events and has got nothing to do with you personally. Your father will be discharged from hospital soon.”

After Kriya typed this reply, she looked at Vidhi for her approval. Vidhi nodded and Kriya clicked on the Send button.

The second email went like this:

“My son is nine years old. Why does he have to go through this? I and my husband are somewhat fine after the bike accident but my child broke his left arm. He does not deserve this.”

Kriya looked at Vidhi and the latter brought the laptop closer to her to type a reply:

“It is not his past deed that he is suffering now. It has got something to do with you and your husband. You were destined to suffer this as parents. Your son will be fine in a few months.”

“Let us move forward”, said Vidhi.

The third email went like this:

“My parents are dragging a bad marriage which is adversely affecting me and my sister. We two have seen days worse than worst and I feel anxious about the consequences. Amidst all of this, I had my second break up as well. Do I deserve this?”

This time, Kriya had to type a reply:

“The passive suffering of you and your sister and the active suffering of your parents is because of your deeds somewhere in other birth. Things may get better in the future if you deliver your best in the present.”

Kriya sadly looked at her sister, because she did not have an answer for the consecutive break ups.

They moved on and clicked on the fourth email:

“She is just a teenager. Why did those wolves leave the mark of their paws on her delicate body?”

Vidhi's eyes were moist reading this. Kriya took a note of the email as the sisters did not have any answer to this particular email at that point of time.

Turn for the fifth email:

“Papa died in that dreadful disease because we could not afford the costly treatment. Why did he leave us? What will we do without him?”

Vidhi decided to keep it starred and thought of replying later on.

The sixth email was somewhat easy for them to reply:

“I have a failed marriage and I do not know what do to next. Sometimes, I want to beat the hell out of her and sometimes, I want to end my life. I am frustrated and confused.”

Kriya replied, “This is the rough patch of your life. Maintain your calm and do no harm. You will get the results accordingly.”

Vidhi smiled and said, “It is hard to implement dear, though every one knows the concept.”

Both the sisters went on to read the seventh email and it shook them to the core.

“Acid burnt my flesh, not my soul. How many will suffer like this?”

Both of them looked at each, their eyes speaking volumes and a chill passed through their spine.

They did not have an answer so they moved on to the next email.

“Lost arms in an accident. How will I support my family? My wife is ill and my kid is eight years old. Why.. why I?”

***No reply was sent.***

Ninth email:

“Money is important. Why did the robbery happened to us? We have never harmed anyone.”

Kriya gave a wicked smile and typed a reply:

“Forgot about the forgery and owning your brother's property?”

Vidhi smiled weakly. She still could not take the email regarding the acid attack.

Tenth email:

“Raped and Raped and Raped. Over and over and over again.”

Kriya's fingers were quivering reading this so Vidhi scrolled the inbox further and found emails regarding


Statutory Rape


Untimely death

Fatal accidents


War victims

Vidhi had no clue how to reply to these emails. She briefly looked at Kriya. Kriya got down from the bed and started strolling. She did not say a word. She was clearly in shock.

Vidhi got worried too and after a few minutes, she said, “Kriya.. ”

Kriya looked around and said, “Some explanations are beyond the concept of you and me; Destiny and Karma I mean...”

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