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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

anna Ige



anna Ige


The Time Travellers Journal...Episode 1

The Time Travellers Journal...Episode 1

4 mins 101 4 mins 101

Hi guys! I don't wanna say I'm back because not exactly lol. This is part of the things I'm working on but it's quite different from my writing style, each chapter is different, the stories aren't interconnected, they're just exactly what the title says a journal. The time travelers journal. 

All will be revealed as y'all read, I really hope you like it 

I got a request today 

It's one of the simpler ones 

It was from a little boy with the brightest blue eyes 

The sound of his tears filtered in like raindrops in my planetarium, amidst the vast voices of humans wishing they could have done something different, wishing they had another chance, had more time 

This little child towered above them all, 

He asked to save his dog 

His dog had been hit by a car days before 

The child couldn't stop crying, 

Maybe that's why his voice rang clear. 

"you're going to interfere, " Jesta asked me, walking into the room, cape billowing after him, coming to stand beside me, eyes on the beeping star in the midst of a galaxy of them 

"it's my job, isn't it? " I asked, folding my arms and keeping my eyes on the star 

"he lost one dog, he can get another, he's just a child, I'm sure there are more pressing desires "

I dragged my gaze to him 

Jesta was my beta, in this eternity of doing what I do, he was the only gift the universe allowed me because even beings like I felt loneliness 

We combed through the sea of vast desires together, doing the best we could and sorting through desires that we could work on, the only difference being that I was the one with the power 

Some were possible 

Some were so dark that the workings of the human mind scared me 

Some were too delicate too fragile to even begin to touch 

And others, others were pure and simple, from the most beautiful of hearts 

"and I'm sure you know Jesta, that I'll be doing this " I smiled at him and snapped my fingers, all I heard was his sigh before the setting changed and suddenly I was on mortal ground 

"I've set the time Amatin, do what you must" Jestas voice rings out in my head and I smirk 

I look down at my watch



"Jasper! Jasper no come back here! "

It's the little boy, running after his dog, the dog looks back and wags its tail like it's taunting him before taking off at lightning speed again 

The boy, who couldn't be more than 8 is hot on his heels 

"I swear James if you don't stop chasing after that dog right now "

Then comes the panting mother 

It's quite the sight actually, it's a road with little pedestrians but they're gaining quite the attention 

I look down at my watch again, before glancing back at the boy, he's almost caught up to the dog now, small legs running as fast as they can, and he almost has him because even the dog seems to tire

But then 

Then the dog breaks into the street and the boy moves to follow but is scooped up by his mum who holds him to her chest

The dog suddenly stops, looking back and tilting its head, as if noticing the absence of its pursuer and inquiring as to why 

They can't hear it, but I do, I've been hearing it for the past ten minutes,

The street isn't filled with passing cars 

But this is how it played out in the boy's memory, the one I had tapped into before going back in time 

The car comes up at lightening speed from nowhere, shocking all three parties involved in the chase 

The boy screams and tries to jump free of his mother but her grip is metal 

The dog doesn't have the time to move before its hit by car and sent flying in the air, falling limp in the middle of the road

Followed lastly by the boy's tears. 

I humm and zone back into the moment, looking down at my watch 

The car speeds through, just as fast 

Everything plays out the same, the boy screaming and thrashing for his dog to move or for his mum to let him go, the dog just standing there, head tilted at him in something akin to confusion 

It all plays out the same up to that point, 

One snap 

The car swerves to the right instead, completely missing the dog and stopping a few feet ahead 

The boy screams and finally wrestles out of his mother's grip before taking off towards the dog that's already running towards him 

The car driver approaches his mother and bows his head in apology for how fast he was going and what could have happened, 

My watch tingles were it lays on my wrist and Jestas voice echos in my head before I hear the man say the words I already felt, he was rushing to see his wife in the hospital who had gone into shock and was unresponsive

"gonna take up this desire too?" Jesta asks 

I smile before walking on the street and snapping my fingers, walking through the door that appears

"he wishes he had spoken to her before it all happened"

Jesta sighs 

"I'll set the time Amatin, I swear that heart of yours " he mutters the last part 

And I smile before opening the door to the man's desire.

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