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Aswin Thimiri


The Time Slasher

The Time Slasher

3 mins

The year is 2023, and a group of friends, John, Sarah, Michael, Rachel, and David, decide to take a trip back in time using a time machine they had built in their garage. They set the date for October 31st, 1975, Halloween night. They were excited to experience the holiday in the past, but they had no idea what horrors awaited them.

As they arrived in 1975, they stepped out of the time machine and into a deserted street. Suddenly, they heard a loud noise coming from a nearby alleyway. They cautiously walked towards the sound, only to find a figure standing in the shadows, holding a large knife. The figure was none other than "The Time-Slasher".

John: "Who are you? What do you want?"

The Time-Slasher: "I am the Time-Slasher, and I want to make sure you never leave this time period alive."

Sarah: "We have a time machine, we can just go back to our own time."

The Time-Slasher: "You can try, but I have the power to control time. I will always find you, no matter where or when you go."

The friends quickly realized that the Time-Slasher was not a man, but a being from another dimension who had the ability to travel through time. They had unknowingly stumbled upon his dimension while building their time machine.

Michael: "We have to destroy the time machine. It's the only way to stop him."

John: "But then we'll be stuck here forever."

Michael: "It's better than being killed."

The friends reluctantly agreed and set out to destroy the time machine. But the Time-Slasher was not going to make it easy for them. He was always one step ahead, and he had an army of past versions of himself to help him.

Sarah: "We have to split up. It's the only way to have a chance of destroying the machine and getting away."

John: "But we'll be easier to pick off alone."

Sarah: "It's our only hope."

The friends split up and set out to destroy the time machine. But one by one, they were hunted down and killed by the Time-Slasher and his army of past versions. In the end, only Rachel was left alive, and she managed to destroy the time machine. But as she stood victorious, the Time-Slasher appeared behind her and plunged his knife into her back.

The Time-Slasher: "You may have destroyed the machine, but you'll never escape me. I am the master of time, and I will always find you."

Rachel's body falls to the ground, and the Time-Slasher disappears into the shadows, leaving the deserted street empty once again. And from that day on, the legend of the time-traveling Time-Slasher haunted the town, and no one dared to mess with time again

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