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Tvisha Vithlani

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational


Tvisha Vithlani

Abstract Children Stories Inspirational

The Three Questions

The Three Questions

3 mins

Once a Priest was invited to King’s palace. When Priest was done with prayer, King honored him with gifts and asked, “Can you tell me where God lives? Where does he look? What can he do?”

Hearing King’s question, Priest was taken aback and replied, “O King, give me some time to answer this question.”

King gave Priest a month's time.

The priest returned home and started to think about answers. With passing time Priest started to get worried as he couldn’t think of a way to answer King’s question. Seeing him worried, his son asked him the reason for his concern.

The priest told him about King’s question. Listening to it his son said, “Father, don’t worry, I will answer. Take me with you.”

When the month was over, Priest went to the palace with his son and said to King, “O King, my son will answer your question.”

King asked the same question to Priest’s son, “Tell me where does God live? Which way does he look? What can he do?”

Priest's son said to King, “O King, I will answer but first I need a glass of milk?”

King ordered his servant to bring a glass of milk for the boy. The boy took a glass of milk and put his finger in the milk and started moving it again and again inside milk.

Seeing this, King asked, “What are you doing?”

The boy replied, “I hear there is butter in milk. I am looking for butter in this milk! But there is no butter here.”

King replied, “Of course milk contains butter but it doesn’t look like this. The first milk is made into curd and then the curd is churned to obtain butter.”

Priest’s son said, “O King! This is the answer to your first question. Just as the milk gets curdled and then we get butter after churning that curdled milk, similarly God exists in every living being but to know their true devotion is required.”

King was pleased with this answer and asked him, “Now answer my second question, where does God look?”

The child said, “I will answer this but for that, I need a candle.”

King immediately asked the servant to bring a candle and give it to that boy.

The boy lit the candle and asked the king, “O King! Tell me which side is light of this candle on?”

King replied, “Its light is uniform in all directions.”

Then the boy said, “This is the answer to your second question. Because God is omnipotent, he looks equally towards the actions of each and every living being”.

Now, he became more eager to know the answer to the third question. King said, “Answer my last question, What can God do?”

The boy said, “O King! I will answer this but for this, I have to come to your place and you will have to come to my place.”

King hesitated a bit but he was anxious to know the answer, so he gave his consent. Now, the boy came up and sat on King’s throne and King went to sit at the boy’s place.

Sitting on the throne boy said, “O King! this is the answer to your last question. You asked what God can do?

God can make a poor like me to sit on King’s throne and a King like you to sit at the place of a poor. God can make a beggar a King and turn a King into a beggar in an instant.”

King was extremely pleased with the answer of that Priest’s son and made him his royal advisor.


God resides in heart of every living being. If you trust and have faith in God, he will show you the right path. Every being should worship God so that one can Connect with power inside him.                

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