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Rahul Banerjee



Rahul Banerjee


The Terror Of The Shadow Being

The Terror Of The Shadow Being

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Out of all supernatural/paranormal phenomenon, the Shadow Beings phenomena is perhaps the most unique of all. All across the world, many victims have claimed to have been stalked by shadow beings during the night; some even have claimed that they have encountered them during the day time also! Now, what are ‘Shadow Beings?’ This question has been plaguing many paranormal researchers, scientists, para-psychologists, and general people. Some define them as ‘Grey Beings’, a.k.a., as a sub-species of forms of Aliens, some call them as Time Travellers etc. Till now, there has not been single conclusive research that can accurately describe them. My following story is also based on the above theme.

Professor Aryan is a scientist who works in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre or BARC. He was a very brilliant and hardworking academic; working on his thesis on Particle Physics. He was also very much interested in Dark Energy and Dark Matter and voraciously read all the latest updates on these two in various astronomical science magazines. Furthermore, he was young, handsome, and the most eligible bachelor in the organization and also in his locality. Not only this, but he was also interested in unconventional topics like the supernatural/paranormal, crypto-zoology, the mysteries of the universe, etc. He is so much infatuated with this topic that he spent most of his free time browsing the internet, reading up old newspapers in the library, and reading books on such topics. One such topic of interest was the phenomenon of Shadow Beings. He was so much absorbed in this particular phenomenon that he started staying up late at night and researching on this topic. His whole house is filled with all kinds of research materials mainly books, articles, magazines, videos about this particular topic. His friends and colleagues have started jokingly calling him the ‘The Shadow Man’, but he is not ruffled by these. His main interest in this field is to find out that whether in India, shadow beings are there or not and he is the bold and adventurous type, has ventured into the hinterlands of many villages until now to find out but has not succeeded till now.

Then one day, one of his servants Chotu, who has been with him for so long comes to him and says that there is a village deep inside M.P.

Where people have had encounters with the shadow beings. At first, Aryan just looks at him incredulously and bursts out laughing. Gradually, he becomes so much obsessed with the concept of Shadow Beings that he forgets about everything else. Then one day something transpired in Aryan’s life that had a drastic effect on it. One day when he was sitting late at night in his study room and doing some catching up, he suddenly got a call from an unknown number. At first, Aryan chose to ignore the constant chirping of the phone but when it became bothersome he had to take it. On the other end of the line, a deep voice in a raspy tone asked: “is it, Professor Aryan?” When he replied in the affirmative, the voice on the end said “My name is Dr. Sandeep Mallik, and I have some valuable information on the field you are researching upon” Aryan, naturally was taken by surprise, as he hardly discussed his research with anyone. Then how did this guy come to know of it? Also, he wondered how this Dr. Sandeep had got hold of this number and from where? As he kept on pondering on these questions the voice on the end said that “meet me at the club and I will give you enough material on the topic” with this he kept the phone down unceremoniously. Aryan was a bit offended at the rude behavior shown by Dr. Sandeep, also he thought that someone from his office might have come to know about his interest and had done a prank on him. But then, he decided to take a risk and meet this guy, also the club was nearby and it was a very popular hangout for youngsters. Aryan himself had lots of times been there and wondered that it was an odd place for such an important meeting.

Anyways, a few days later, as decided he went to the club and after a bit of searching, he found an old man sitting at one of the tables with his shoulders hunched and constantly looking at his watch and the entrance of the club. When Aryan approached him he saw that the man was wearing dark sunglasses and had thick stubble and was around sixty years old. After the introductions, Dr. Sandeep said “I have a friend who informed me that you have an interest in such topics and it is he who gave me your number” Then he handed Aryan a thick envelope and said “this contains all the research material which I too had conducted when I had gone to study advanced physics in Russia, under Professor Nikolai Zaitsev. Aryan then realized that he was talking to the world-famous physicist Dr. Sandeep Mallik, t who had won the Noble prize for revolutionary work in Physics. But then news had come that either he had died or gone missing. The world had mourned and grieved at his supposed death/disappearance. Dr. Sandeep continued “Professor Zaitsev was a pioneer in the field of particle physics and Nano-technology, but he had also a passion for researching on such unexplained topics such as the Shadow Beings” “One day while I was assisting him on such a project is when he handed me a sheaf of papers containing his research on this topic”, said Dr. Sandeep. Aryan was completely taken by surprise and as he was about to ask a question, Dr. Sandeep said: “ before he could complete his research he disappeared off the face of the earth” “since then I have been continuing his unfinished work” Now when Dr. Sandeep had heard that Aryan was also interested in this subject, that is why he is handing all of the material to him and said “ be very careful and always keep the red cellophane paper with you” Aryan was taken aback by this last statement but Dr. Sandeep got up from the table and made a beeline for the exit. Aryan, on the other hand, was completely bamboozled and sat still for a few minutes after this fateful meeting.

Meanwhile, as Dr. Sandeep exited the club, a sense of unease crept over him. As he was walking down the road he could feel that someone was following him. When he looked back he could find no one. He walked a bit further on and he saw his shadow suddenly take a strange shape. He chose to ignore it and decided to walk faster.

The more he walked faster, the shadow seemed to increase in size until it had taken a huge shape and size. Though there other people on the road nobody seemed to notice anything; and it was only Dr. Sandeep who felt that the shadow was stalking him. At last at a curb, Dr. Sandeep stood shaking to the bone as he was very scared and was unable to take it any longer. So he looked at the looming shadow and screamed “ I have not said anything, please don’t hurt me” That was the last seen or heard of Dr. Sandeep as the shadow seemed to envelop him and disappear completely. It seemed that as if there was no one was standing there just a few minutes ago.

Aryan, however, was oblivious to all of this. The next day, he got the biggest jolt of his life when he saw the headlines in the newspaper, it said: “World-renowned physicist Dr. Sandeep Mallik disappears for the second time completely”. The police were also actively looking for the man with whom the Dr had met before his disappearance. Then his pictures from the CCTV cameras were splashed all over the newspaper. Aryan was worried about this and even his office colleagues were a bit disturbed at this news. When the police came to his residence and asked about his whereabouts; Aryan sincerely and honestly recounted all the details of the meeting. The police were however skeptical about the meeting but had to let him go, as they had no evidence to tie him to Dr. Sandeep’s disappearance.

Aryan’s life from that moment took a drastic change as he started spending more and more time on the research material which Dr. Sandeep had given him. He was immersed in his research that he never felt the need for anything else. Even his servant Chotu felt a bit odd at such a drastic change in his behavior. Then one day when Aryan had been working late, suddenly he felt a shadow dart from one side of the room to another. He was completely taken by surprise but again he thought that this was just his imagination and continued working. That very same night as Aryan lay down to sleep he could again see a shadow forming at the corner wall, opposite his bed. He simply ignored it and went to sleep. At around 3:00 a.m. Aryan suddenly jolted out of his sleep and felt a heavy presence on his chest. He felt that someone was sitting down on him and choking him as he could not breathe, or move a muscle of his body. He somehow managed to open his eyes and saw a terrifying shadow form of a ‘Hat Man ‘sitting on his chest. Aryan was too terrified to scream and did not know what to do. So he just laid there and prayed silently for it to go away. It was only during the break of dawn; that Aryan felt the pressure off his chest easing and he could breathe a sigh of relief.

That was the turning point in Aryan’s life. From then on wherever he went or did; he could feel a sense of being stalked every moment of his day. It did not matter whether night or day; and he started seeing shadows everywhere. This naturally unnerved him and it also started affecting his professional and personal life. Then he realized that Dr. Sandeep had warned him of not getting too close to the subject and also remembered the red cellophane paper. His seniors were concerned about his continuous absence from the organization. His work started to suffer badly as he was unable to concentrate on anything; because wherever he turned, he saw some form of shadow constantly stalking him. Then he realized that he had to use the red cellophane paper as per Dr. Sandeep, it was an effective deterrent against these shadow beings. They could not penetrate or stand the presence of red cellophane. So he started pasting all the walls, doors, and windows with red cellophane paper. He also had cut himself off socially from the world because he felt that the moment he stepped out, the shadow beings would harm him. As a result, he started looking haggard, unkempt, and shabby. His servant Chotu too felt that something was wrong with Aryan and the house. One day while he was working in the kitchen, he could feel that some kind of dark shadow was constantly watching him. As Chotu was a god-fearing man, so naturally he got very scared and quit his job and escaped with his life barely. Even Aryan’s neighbors were surprised about this sudden transformation, but they could not connect with Aryan as he had stopped taking all calls and even answering the doorbell. He would sit through all day with lights on in his room which was completely covered in red cellophane paper. This kind of gave an eerie look to the room and further added to the gloomy atmosphere.

Finally, one day, one of his friends somehow managed to gain entry into Aryan’s residence and try to talk to him. What he saw took the friend completely by surprise; as the person in front of him did not seem to be like the Aryan he knew. Instead, he saw a tired, haggard man with deep lines drawn beneath his eyes and an expression of total fear in his eyes. When the friend tried to ask about his condition, Aryan just said “hush…. They are everywhere and are right now present here.” When his friend tried to turn around, Aryan said “don’t, they are aware of your presence and are watching and listening to everything you are saying and doing” The friend was still skeptical and laughed. He got up from the chair and as was about to turn, he saw something which was beyond his imagination and belief. He saw the same ‘Hat Man standing behind him and before the friend could react, it slashed his throat with long fingernails. The friend fell to the floor, profusely bleeding and with utter disbelief in his eyes slowly bled to death. Aryan was too frightened and screamed and ran away from the house still screaming “they have killed him, they have killed him” When the nearby people saw Aryan running on the streets screaming they were surprised. They also noticed that Aryan was disheveled and had a fearful wild look in his eyes. Finally when they managed to calm him down and asked what the matter was. He replied, “the shadows have killed him, they have also killed Dr. Sandeep Mallik!” The people thought that he had lost it and reported the matter to the police.

When the police arrived on the scene and saw the gruesome scene at Aryan’s residence, they had no other option but to arrest him on suspicion of murdering his friend. Despite Aryan’s protest and his attempt to explain that the shadow beings were responsible, no one believed him. The court also did not believe Aryan’s strange tale and asked him to be put in a psychiatric ward, as he was not mentally stable. Hence, Aryan was put in a psychiatric facility, where he was put in a straitjacket so that he could not harm himself or others; as he had gone completely stark raving mad.

This is why I have always believed that one should not deal in things that are way beyond their understanding without proper preparations or guidance

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