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The Stroller

The Stroller

3 mins

The duck

She loved the walk. She loved the walk by the sea. The bright blue sky was covered with bright white clouds. The wind ruffled her hair. A duck was sitting lonely in the sand and watched her walk past. She sat there and didn't move. A clump of rocks plunged into the sea and fell straight into its path. She stepped on the rocks and wanted to put her foot on sand on the other side. The sand, however, gave way; it was undermined by the water. She fell on a rock with her knee. Ouch that hurt ... she had to sit down and calm down. The duck was gone. That gave a neat scratch just below the knee, a blue shin, and pain. But there were a lot worse ...


The next day she went for a walk on the beach again. The sky was gray this time and yet it looked beautiful. The sun shone through the. That gave a magical light. The sea was very calm that day, almost mirror-smooth. She sat down on a rock again ... a cluster in the other direction. It was magical. Something deep in her heart told her that she would never have to be unhappy again.

The Robin

It was spring. Oh how much she loved the spring forest. The leaves were still light green, the sun was shining through ... the light was warm. The birds were chirping wildly ... how wonderful. A robin hopped in front of her and sang ... it jumped on a tree and sang, she had never heard a bird sing so beautifully. It bounced back on the path as if it wanted to show her something. She followed the little bird. It sat on a stump ... someone had drawn an arrow on it. But she wasn't following the arrow yet.

The carousel

She was annoyed. Why didn't she listen to the robin? She drove back into this forest and this time followed the arrow. The forest was still beautiful, the concert never ended. She passed several clearings, families with children had built several branch huts. But today there was only a couple sitting and talking. Then the forest ended and she saw an old enchanted fairground. Everything was overgrown ... and looked beautifully dreamy.

A white butterfly seemed to be showing her the way this time. She followed him, but a fence ended her way. The butterfly flew up to a carousel. It was a beautiful carousel. In the middle was a large yellow-green coffee pot surrounded by cups with the same pattern, in which the children could take a seat and take a spin. How many children went with you? It sure has a lot to tell, this carousel ... and the trees around it, the robin and the butterfly ... "I have to listen to them and write everything down," she said to herself ...

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