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The Stranger

The Stranger

5 mins

It was a fine evening. Fasal has already been late for the concert. The concert is happening in the city hall. It so crowded all over there. He had a profound taste in music and he wanted to watch the concert at any cost. He buttoned his suit and went in. He found his seat. There was an old lady beside him. Looking at this handsome gentleman she smiled and there's something that she doesn't know. The fact that this handsome young man is actually gay. He became comfortable with his sweetness. The violinist played the magic music and everyone just got dissolved in it. Fasal was enjoying every bit of it until he becomes restless. Something's bothering him. Maybe he forgot to piss. Oh yeah. I all the rush he forgot that urgent need. Silently he stood up and bowed down and went out. He could hear the fade music from outside the doors. He silently went to the washroom with all the speed that he can acquire because he couldn't hold it more.

"Ouch" Fasal exclaimed. He hit another guy. With some pain over his head, he slowly stood up. "I'm sorry" he heard. He was gonna reply "don't you have eyes???" But he didn't. He didn't.. because he just had a glance at the other person by then. A Guy with flying hair, a perfectly patched beard, and fine looks. "Oh, its alright " Fasal Replied. They both parted their ways. Fasal went to the washroom and got relieved of his restlessness. He looked into the mirror. He was just admiring his hair and went back to the concert. He sat over there. Now, something else is bothering him. Perhaps the fine chap that he met just a while ago. Maybe his smile when he apologized. Why did he smile? Was he interested in me? Is he gay? Is he single ?. Overthinking was one of the drawbacks of Fasal. Suddenly he got back from all those useless thoughts and came back. After his fall for a straight guy, he thinks that all men he meets are gay and they're interested in him. Yeah. Typical Fasal. But life has to move on. So does music. The concert got over. Fasal stood up and was leaving the auditorium. He suddenly remembers, he has to purchase milk for tomorrow's tea. He went into the nearby store. Since he entered the store he planned to purchase a few more items. As he was going through the stuff he found a familiar person. Oh Damn !!! The hit boy. Oh God. Really. He was excited to see his face again. Fasal started to observe him silently. His facial features tell that he must be from somewhere in India. He has this strong intuition which said that he must be from his motherland. He moved along with him. And they came at the bill counter. Suddenly he got a phone call. The guy picks up and says

"Hello,... Yes, its Ryan, What is it ?"

Ryan, hmmm.. that's a nice name. His accent seems to he Indian though, Fasal thought.

While handling everything, Ryan's wallet fell down, Fasal went down to pick it up for him. Ryan saw Fasal's face. Fasal was just expecting just a casual thanks from his surprise. But to his surprise, Ryan told him

" Oh, You're the guy from the concert right ?"

Fasal was surprised. He remembers his face. Wow, that's something. He didn't wanna waste that chance.

" Yeah, Hey I'm Fasal. "

Fasal offered his hands for a handshake. They shook hands. Ryan said " Just one minute ".

Ryan took and phone and said, " Hey, I'm sorry, I'll call you back after some time ". He kept the phone.

He turned to Fasal and said " Hey, I'm Ryan. And I'm sorry for the trouble that I caused you before. (giggles) . And thank you for helping me with the wallet."

"Aaah, its nothing," Fasal replied.

Ryan made the payment and waited outside. Since Fasal dropped his other plan of shopping because of this handsome gentleman he only a had packet of milk. He made the payment immediately and followed Ryan.

" Are you from India? " Fasal Asked

"Oh yeah, I'm. I'm from Bangalore" Ryan Replied

"That's great, I'm from Mumbai. Here in London, I work as a graphics editor. What about you ?" Fasal Enquired.

"Oh, that's great. I'm a management student. I also do part-time in some places." Ryan said.

"Oh, that's great. You came along with family or friends?"

"Actually none. I just wanted to study here. So I just came, haha"

"Oh alright, me too. I don't even have any friends out here. It's only been 6 months since my arrival in London" Fasal replied.

"Oh I see, Then we should definitely catch up. It's nice to have someone from your own country when you're living in an unknown place" Ryan said.

"Yes. Sure I'll be happy to (Inside his heart Fasala was just jumping with happiness), give me your number. I'll text you in a while if that's okay "

" Oh yeah definitely. Here's my number." Ryan gives his number and then passes a warm smile at Fasal. Fasal is just now filled with a lot of hopes. " Okay then, I'll see you. " Ryan said and waved goodbye.

Fasal with a big smile waved back. Fasal went back home with a heart full of roses. Will those roses turn out to be just thorns? Does he like Fasal? Did Ryan found him attractive or is it just a friend's stuff? Let's find out.

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