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The Sound!

The Sound!

2 mins 359 2 mins 359

A lady met with a girl seeking her help as she lost her ball in the nearby garden. The lady helped her and that girl introduced her with a villa lived with her brother and grandma alone. The lady having no children attracted to them and she used to came to that villa every day.

She questioned the whistling sounds of that villa and asked them but they give no answers about those sounds..

Days passed away and her love for them takes its way a bit more. The grandma of those children disliked that lady and desired that she doesn't meet with her grandchildren.

  So, that old lady made that woman feel ashamed in front of the children and stopped her arrival at her home. This made those children feeling anxious and that lady due to her loneliness feel depressed and missed those whistling sounds of the villa.

After a week, the lady decides to met those children and therefore she made her way to the villa and when she reached there, she gets shocked by seeing that the whole family gets their dinner with the lady's husband and a boy child at the dinner table..

Her arrival felt by the girl and after that, the whole family of spirits tell them that they are brutally murdered by some terrorists at the villa and the loving whistling sounds that the lady heard has their night song which was only heard by the spirits and that lady as she is the mother and wife of those.

After this, the old lady tells her that she doesn't peep out this secret to any other and she never made her way in this villa after this night..

  Now, a lady having a wrinkled face sitting on a chair knitting a sweater and remembered those whistling sounds of the night.

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