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Dushyant Bhattacharjee



Dushyant Bhattacharjee


The Sky Is Not The Limit

The Sky Is Not The Limit

4 mins 153 4 mins 153

Chapter 1

[In the Mercury]

I am currently walking the north pole of the Mercury and my lunar friend told me about my neighbour Earths's most ambitious lunar mission "Chandrayaan 2" and now he is going home and let me take you into space to hear about the journey of Chandrayaan 2. as the way my friend told me daily.

Chapter 2

14 - 7 - 19 [ launch day]

It was the happiest day for Earth's India as Chandrayaan 2 is going to begin its 42-day journey to the moon but unfortunately, ISRO detected a leak in the cryogenic stage of the rocket and declared the launch will happen a week later.

Chapter 3

A week later...

GSLV MK-3 MK -1 was preparing at Satish Dhawan Space Centre [SDSC] and the countdown began.......

T - 10 - 9 - 8 -7 - 6 - 5 - 4- 3 -2 -1 launch.

In a matter of minutes, it was at amazing altitudes and all their news channels were capturing the launch live.

It had first lost its solid rocket boosters, then the liquid stage activated then the cryogenic stage and then all of GSLV MK-3 MK-1 returned and Vikram started using its own engine by orbiting the earth 5 times going into the lunar trajectory and orbiting the moon three times.

Chandrayaan 2 is supposed to send them 3D images of the chemical properties of the moon, elemental properties and minerals, temperature and atmospheric composition and find ice-water to Earth. The orbiter is supposed to also send a thermal map of the moon recording temperature and atmospheric composition.

In the mission control room, the Vikram dissent trajectory screen was telling that Vikram had changed the flight path but everybody kept calm as Vikram was designed to change path on sensing unsurvivable conditions. But unfortunately, they noticed no connectivity. Being calm, ISRO faced terror when the project director asked her team if the communication is ON?

They said 'no', and declared that the data is being analysed and the next evening, finally told the lander was not able to control its velocity as it was decreasing from 1.6 KM/sec to 0

Chapter 4

But hear my imagination of what happened to Vikram and Pragyan and how we can find them?

On 7 Sep 1:55 AM Vikram went missing with Pragyan and ISRO did analysis and found out the decreasing velocity was too fast from 1.6KM/sec to 0...

So did it crash landed or floated away or blasted? But most likely it either crash-landed or blasted or it could have crash-landed and then blasted but my opinion, since, Vikram had already got in the gravitational pull of the moon and at the falling velocity the engine would have turned off before touch down and because of gravity and sudden loss of heat from the engine it must have crash-landed and blasted. But what can the orbiter do to find Vikram maybe the orbiter can detect the lander with the thermal map as the lunar south pole is very cold but the lander has more heat because of the thermal protection layer and can be detected easily and they can also be detected when studying the element percentage as the lander has been made with a percentage of metal.

My lunar friend is very exited hoping he will have friends from earth visiting him soon. And I hope, someday they will come to explore my planet as well.

Chapter 5

Salute to all ISRO workers and Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for designing the project.

Chapter 6

A day passed.

Good news, good news!!

Already the orbiter has shown that Vikram has soft landed but ISRO has not disclosed the location of Vikram on the moon so its a true relief but no communication yet from Vikram. Hope they will get communication soon.

Chapter 7

Hope ISRO will have success.

Though India lost a historic moment of celebration, but she will still give information never known to the world and I hope Chandrayaan 3 will do wonders!!

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