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Deepti Purushottam



Deepti Purushottam


The sign from the Signs

The sign from the Signs

4 mins

"Hello... Can I speak to Rohan?"

Radhika's whole world came to a stop at the mention of that name. It always did this to her. Made her senses go numb!!

"Hello?? ..Are you there?" - voice on the other end asked 

"Sorry ..Wrong number" .. she fumbled and disconnected. But today unknowingly someone had re-opened the page from the chapter of her life which she had shut long time back.

Tears rolled down unchecked unannounced. Radhika washed her face in failed attempt to stop anymore tears, wiping her face ..she stared at herself in the mirror.

"Dimples are characteristics of librans" ..This sentence had intrigued her enough to look up from her book and find the source of it. And there he was...talking to his friend.

Zodiac signs was her fav topic and a guy talking about it was good enough reason for her to be eavesdropping. Well..he did have some knowledge about signs, thought Radhika while checking him out.

Tall .. Checked


Smart ..checked

Intelligent ..Hmmm need to find out

Radhika giggled to herself while analysing Rohan as per her checklist. Rohan was describing the characteristics of a Libran to his friend.

"And not to forget.. Librans are very lazy "

"No way!!" blurted out Radhika loudly before she could stop herself. She smacked her head.

"Excuse me?? " He had heard her and now there was no escape.

"Ehh..I mean..I don't agree..that Librans are lazy" she answered in response to his raised eyebrows.. 

"Can you prove it?" He said and that's when she noticed his eyes. There was a shade of brown to them..Dark brown

"I can but why should I prove anything to you?"

"I don't think you can" he said wid a smug

Such arrogance but something was irresistible about him..."And you must be a Sagittarian!"

"Wow" he seemed genuinely impressed and that's how their stars clashed!

Chapter 2

"I need you to do it for me.. will you? " 

This was Priya, her boss. Priya was supposed to attend a seminar in Bangalore in 2 days and now was asking Radhika to attend it coz her son had fallen sick.

"Sure dear" said Radhika remembering that Priya would have a big say in her promotion that she has been waiting for and also ..she liked Priya.

Seminar was going well, Radhika found it interesting for a while but now had zoned out of it and was lost in her own thoughts. The announcement that bought her back was that lunch was served.

Radhika got up for food but as usual dropped her phone and it went right across the floor. Before she could set her bag down and go looking for the phone, someone had brought it to her."Thank you" she looked up and was surprised to see him. She had not forgotten those dark brown eyes.. "Hey, I know you !!...Aren't you the same Libran from the train"..Looks like neither had he.

"Radhika" she introduced herself. During lunch they found out that both worked for the same industry. Rohan was informative about a lot of things and Radhika found herself liking the conversations.

Evenings were free and they both decided to explore the city. Both had a good time together and didn't realize that it was time to say good night. Lazing on the bed, she realized that she was already looking forward to meet him again.

This is how it started. Even though they met as strangers, there was a spark between them that both felt.

Once Back in town, routine caught up. Though it seemed like a distant dream, Radhika looked forward to meeting Rohan again. 

Friday rolled through with the hope of weekend. It had been a tiring week and though she had no plans as such, sleeping throughout the day seemed a blissful plan.

Sharp 9 she logged off not waiting for any more email to drop in needing her attention. On her way out of office, her phone beeped to life indicating an FB notification. It was a message from Rohan asking her out.. it brought a huge smile on her face.

"This is exactly the expression I didn't want to miss" Rohan's voice surprised her. She couldn't believe it was him, here at her office waiting for her.

"What are you doing here?" She asked hoping to hear what she knew in her heart. 

To be continued...

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