Yash Agrawall

Horror Tragedy Thriller


Yash Agrawall

Horror Tragedy Thriller



6 mins

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin are a perfect match. Both in their higher 40s. If you will look into a crowd of people, you can surely find Franklin, as he is always found wearing a hat. He loves to wear hat. He has a complete collection of hats. The most interesting fact about them is that, they are paranormal investigators and exorcists in profession. They have an experience of more than fifteen years in that field.

Franklin and Emma have done more than five hundred exorcisms. If you will see Franklin wearing a different hat, then it means that he has completed one case. Out of the five hundred exorcisms, three cases were with the king of hell, Lucifer. 1st case : Mr Macient, 31st August 2032. 2nd Case : Mr Calisia, 23rd October 2032. 3rd Case : Mr Clint, 14th December 2032. All of their cases were successful. But Lucifer was very angry for being defeated by powerless creatures, for three times. He wanted to take revenge, but not just with death.

It was a Friday night, Franklin and Emma were busy in planning their weekends. Franklin wanted to stay at home and relax, but Emma had planned a good mind refreshing weekend...enjoying in the Seles waterfalls. After all their arguments and fights, Franklin agreed to go to the Seles Waterfall. Then suddenly they got a call. Franklin picked the call, It was from Mr Satin. He said, "Please come to our home its an emergence, my son is possessed", as soon as he heard about Mr Satin`s son he was surprised, he took off his hat and looked at Emma, she too understood what's the matter and then they took the address i.e. L-333, Seriod Colony, near Seles Waterfalls.


As soon as Emma and Franklin, reached the place and rang the bell, Mr. Satin welcomed them and then they rushed to save Ziki. He was totally out of control and had paranormal powers. There were scratches in the walls and wallpapers, as if a dinosaur's baby was left in the house. Mrs Satin was holding him tight. As soon as Ziki saw them, he jumped upon Franklin. He was controlled by Satin and others. Soon Ziki became normal and was unconscious. Then Satin asked Franklin and Emma to stay there lest he would be possessed again. Franklin and Emma understood his concern and said ok, and then Satin showed them there room.

 The next morning on Saturday, they were taking an interview of Ziki. They asked him questions like how old are you, how was your sleep, how do you feel when you are possessed? Ziki said that "I am 8 years old, My sleep was good. I feel like there is someone near me and I feel cold". They even took an interview of Satin and Lizzi, and asked questions like "When did it start, Have you ever noticed any problem in Ziki" They said it started from 1st September 2032 and noticed that Ziki was acting very abnormally, he stopped eating sometimes, he would not have good sleep, he was also having mood swings. Then they left there home. They then prepared for the instrument they require for exorcism like camera, the Bible, Holy Water, etc.

The next evening on Sunday, Franklin and Emma went to meet Ziki and even tied him for an exorcism, while he was conscious. Then they started the exorcism. Suddenly, Ziki looked down and his eyes turned black, all his veins were visible. Then during the exorcism it was discovered by Franklin and Emma that he was possessed by Lucifer. When it was discovered, Franklin took off his hat. They knew that it is one of the toughest challenge, Lucifer is very powerful and the king of hell, even though they have defeated him three times. After the exorcism Ziki was again normal and unconscious. Then they said from now on we will stay here with you to observe Ziki until he is back to normal.

The next day, Franklin and Emma observed him carefully and noticed that he becomes freezed sometimes, when the devil tries to posses him, like while eating or bathing. They even noticed that he stays confused every time. In the evening they tied him for another exorcism, but this time it was tighter. The exorcism was started then. During the exorcism Lucifer even used his powers. He even flew the bed in which Ziki was laid. He even tried to harm Ziki, by using his powers. Then the exorcism ended. Now Ziki had some scratches on his body. Satin and Lizzi were worried and started crying, they asked them when will this end. Franklin said them it is a bit longer process, the war is not with a soul or a demon, it is with the Devil. It is not easy.

The next day the same process was started, but Franklin and Emma even tied the bed with the walls, in which Ziki was tied. The exorcism was started, Lucifer broke some glasses and the windows, this time one stool kept in the room flew and hit Franklin, he became unconscious, after sometime when he was again conscious found a demon in front of him, he was shocked, the demon started running towards him, so he took the Holy Water kept in his pocket and spoke some spells from the bible and the demon was scared and was going back, then Franklin throws the Holy Water on the demon, and with a blink of his eyes he discovered that he has thrown a piece glass on Emma, he started crying and took off his hat. He was continuously shaking Emma and was asking her to get up, then she died, Franklin's heart was deeply shaken. Then he found himself alone with Emma's bodies. He then went out of the room and he found that there was no Satin or his family. Then he started thinking deeply and found that this was all done by the devil.

They were planning for the Seles Waterfall and so the devil chooses a location near the Seles Waterfall to ruin there weekend. Then the house Number was L 333...it is the devil's number and L represents Lucifer. Then Satin and Lizzi were representing the two names of the Devil i.e. Satan and Lucifer. And that is why Ziki jumped over him when he came in, as a war was started between them and the Devil, and in the interview Satin and Lizzi said that it started from 1st September 2032, the day after the first case of dealing with Lucifer.

He was very angry, he wore his hat and then closed his eyes for some time and was having flashbacks about his life with Emma. Then when he opened his eyes he found Satin, Lizzi and Ziki standing in front of him, he shouted at them and said Lizzi, "you lizard, you can only take lives to win wars". He said that devil is so bad that he uses a child to win. Then he was pushed by them and he broke the wall of that house and fell from the Seles Waterfall and died by hitting his head from a piece of Rock. His hat was still there.

After two months, the police was reported. They came to investigate but the devil had repaired the broken wall, hence the police concluded that Franklin killed Emma, then his guilt killed him.

~Yash Agrawall


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