The Pleasure Of Theft

The Pleasure Of Theft

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What is the relation between happiness and theft? If someone's house is burgled will the people rejoice? But this is the Kaliyuga, Sir. theft, robbery, brokerage, scam, and corruption are the causes of happiness. Recently, Sharma Ji's house was burgled. The people of the neighborhood were unhappy. Some cash and jewelry were stolen. The police came and made an inquiry . Sharma Ji expressed his doubt on his neighbor Mitra Ji. Everyone was speechless! Based on suspicion, Mitra Ji's house was searched. The doubt turned out to be correct. Jewelry was recovered from Mitra Ji's house. Mitra Ji was arrested.

When the police beat Mitra Ji, Sharma Ji rejoiced, jumping. It was a treat to watch his happiness. I was surprised. Sharma Ji did not feel sorry for the theft

Mitra Ji got released after the beating and Sharma Ji's stolen jewelry was also recovered. After several days, it was learnt that Sharma Ji was having a ruckus with Mitra Ji about something. Sharma Ji was showing his hostility. So somehow he, with his mischievous mind, managed to place some jewels of his house in Mitra Ji's house and lodged a false report himself with the police. Sharma Ji stayed immaculately clean, without any blemish, gaining everything but losing nothing. even though he was hostile to Mitra ji. This is called the pleasure coming out from a theft. Although this incident looks like a family serial.

Everyone knows about a thief and a theft. But their types have to be seriously analysed. There are many types of thefts - such as theft of money, theft of gold-silver, theft of innocent children, theft of hearts theft of the internet and plagiarism. Out of all these, theft of the internet is the most modern, while the theft of heart is the most archaic. Just as theft is of different types, there are also different beliefs about happiness arising out of it. 

The pleasure of theft of money and jewelry goes in favor of thieves in most cases. They feel happy thinking what a rich harvest they had by laying their hands on.

But the case of stealing heart is quite different. In this, both the thief and the victim of the theft get pleasure. The second thing is that in most cases the thief does not realize that he has stolen someone's heart. The victim also does not lodge any type of report. Rather the mind starts loving the thief. And if the thief wants then the matter gets hushed up. These types of incidents start happening as soon as the school-college reopens.

Now let me discuss a different type of theft which is called plagiarism. I would also like to discuss its happiness in detail. But habitually, I do not do any work directly. Always walk around the subject in a roundabout way. My neighbor's boy also does the same. His father asks him to go to the market straight and return straight. But, he is habitually not happy to have any such restrictions imposed on him. Without going straight he loiters in the streets of his beloved and returns chasing a sweet girl.

How much a person is involved in any crime has been a matter of discovery in the world of crime. But when it comes to the success of men, the name of the woman gets added automatically. It is said that a woman has a hand in the success of men. There are examples in history where great dynasties got uprooted due to the love for women. When asked about his fame and success during an interview, a big cook clarified that for any success, the woman who is responsible is not with freehand, but with a rolling pin with her. What a big secret lies hidden behind spicy and tasty food!

I give credit to the women for whatever success I have achieved in the field of literature according to the general opinion. I would like to tell you about the relation between plagiarism, woman's hand and the pleasure derived from it. And why do I give this credit? This story is very interesting. I feel like forcibly narrating this story to you. Just like a person asking for permission saying,” If you do not mind should I tell you “and start narrating non- stop even before getting your consent.

Well, this is an incident when I was a young man of 20-21 years. Somehow my heart got immersed in poetry. Like the Ganges the poems started flowing through my pen. This Ganges was anxious to break the embankment of papers and get swept away in newspapers and magazines. But the editor did not prove to be a Bhagiratha. Wherever I sent my compositions, they all came back rejected. The postman used to come to my house daily holding my rejected literary work in his arms. One advantage was that people of the neighborhood started discussing me as a literary person. The young ladies around would come to show me their writings and get my approval. It gave me some satisfaction.

The literary work of these women, corrected by me, started appearing in newspapers and magazines. But I remained as the original, unpublished and untranslated writer.

I felt that my poems were deprived of any success as they have gone to the footsteps of those women authors. Eventually, the local editors felt pity for me and they showed interest in printing my good works.

Meanwhile, I went along with a local poet to a seminar. In fact, I did not like to go to seminars, because the poets were the only listeners and none others attended them. They came to narrate their own to themselves. I was also added to the list of such narrators. But, there was information about the arrival of a big reviewer in that seminar, so I thought that I should also show them my literary achievements.

The self-proclaimed poet who started the poem at number four was actually reciting my poem. I was puzzled and could not understand what to do. However, my poem had got published in a local newspaper. Well, another woman poet, who was my friend and was attending the same conference, had that copy of the newspaper. She put forth that copy of the newspaper, with great courage, interrupting the poet who was reciting my poem. Well, that day I became a hero without any effort. The critic present in the seminar also first noticed my creed and assured me to write something about my poems. And this is where my success started.

Blessed is he who steals other’s literary work and blessed is he who derives happiness from him.


Dainik Jagaran




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