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Siddhant Nair

Abstract Inspirational Children

The Picture Of Life

The Picture Of Life

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As I came into the living room of my house, I saw my mother reading today’s newspaper on the couch. I had to complete my theory on ‘Electrical Conductivity.’ I had to submit my theory to the university by next Monday, which was very near. My mother asked me about my progress, and I replied- “I haven’t even started.”

My mother bore an expression, which told me she was shocked. Before I could even speak, my mother stopped me and said-“What do you mean you haven’t even started?”

“I think this theory is impossible.”

“Nothing is impossible.”

“But how?”

My mother replied-“Let me tell you a story.”

Once upon a time there was a rich man who had two sons- Steven, the elder one and Jack, the younger one. Steven was always scoring well in his studies but Jack had a talent in art. His heart and soul was immersed in art. He used to draw the most beautiful drawings in his class. His father opposed this and wanted his second son to become an engineer or doctor as he thought being an artist wasn’t a lucrative source of money.

After many fights, tantrums Jack decided to run away from his house. In the dead of the night, he ran away from his home with 15 pounds.

He found shelter with an old woman. The lady was very kind, but she was very poor. She used to sell fish.

One day, as she had gone to sell fish, Jack found a piece of paper and began to draw a picture showing the birth of two eaglets. When the old lady came back, she saw Jack’s drawing. She marveled at it and said “What a wonderful drawing you have made. You have great aptitude for becoming an artist, and that too a successful one.”

This inspired Jack. Now, no one on this Earth could stop him from becoming the best artist of the world.

Years passed by in bliss. The old woman died and gave away all her property to Jack. Jack now decided to pursue his dream of becoming an artist.

To understand how as a professional artists draw, he went to an exhibition. He saw a lot of paintings, sculptures, carvings, etc.

Jack’s first drawing got a very poor response. No one bought his first drawing. This happened the next few times too, but Jack was determined never to give up.

When he drew his umpteenth drawing, it was welcomed with enthusiasm by many in the exhibition.

In fact, the first person to buy his painting was Jack’s father, from whom he had run away, many many years ago.

“So, even in the toughest situations; where you do not have any support or you have faced rejection, Jack achieved his lifelong dream, to become an artist.”

After listening to my mother’s story, I began to work on my theory of electrical conductivity, with a vision to complete my life’s dream of becoming a Scientist.





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