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Shiqran Sharfuddin

Horror Romance Tragedy


Shiqran Sharfuddin

Horror Romance Tragedy

The Peacock's Flaunt

The Peacock's Flaunt

19 mins 308 19 mins 308


As usual that gloomy night too, the dark silky veil of night sky canopied Mother Nature's exquisite face till the distant horizon and cradled the busy town to slumber in peace. But, the lamp of heaven- the vermillion on her forehead, which was seen- peeping through her veil of dense clouds, adorned her modest face; also encouraged the obsessed selenophiles to envy her chastity. Mellow puffs of cool chiming breezes intoxicated the city and everybody went sound asleep as the tiresome infant does in its mother's lap. Howling of the wolf at the cliff, reminded the passersby that the evil spirits are flying around and the owl's hoot from their parliament in deep valley's rich woods, half somnolent - half insomnolent, knocked the coward hearts quiet often to shiver. Chortles of cricket and some unspoken secrets behind its ink dark veil, kept mocking the trespassers- as the numerous memories were elegantly woven on the stony walls of alleyway. Milky fog arising the whole night from the abandoned churchyard reminded the passersby about their permanent dwellings- The forgotten true destination. But, the far away city lights glittered like glimmering clusters attracting misguided hearts towards them.

The wide tar road- dividing city and the valley deep- was majestically mourning for the sleepers in city and for those sleepers in churchyard on the outskirt of city as well. At nights- especially new moon nights, everyone remain indoors except- patrolling police squad, drunkards-druggists and unseen evil spirits! But now, though it was a Mahalya Amvasya, Dr. Sharath Acharya- a recently graduated doctor, driving his car towards his home passing through the churchyard to slum of the city, hears a woeful wail of a woman- from an old torn shack beside cursed Peepal tree! He shuddered at the snort that hit his ears and his heart started pounding louder than the stone grinder and he could hear it without any stethoscope…

For, firstly he passed through an abandoned old country churchyard and now he's passing through the cursed Peepal tree of the village. The said Peepal tree was once a bastion for depressed and broken villagers to hang and kill their souls; wherefore, obviously it became a fortress for their insatiate vengeful spirits. Once a hermit, who paid his auspicious visit to the village shrine, installed a powerful talisman in a semi-enclosed cavity/ tree hollow and breathed some auspicious spells on it. Thereupon for forty one consecutive years, the tree displayed nothing paranormal activities. But, past few months, it is said that the power of talisman diluted and the evil spirits regained their powers. As you can see, being a Doctor- it's absolutely insane to nurture superstitions and run away like a coward. What would be the source of this snort? 

Either is it a woman going though the episode of harassment? 

I don't think so! 

Or any vengeful spirit is snorting through the tree hole?

It wasn't uncommon for the folks dwelling in our village on the banks of Arabian Sea to bear witness such petrifying happenings every new moon nights. During evil new moon nights, a woman-spirit in a white saree comes out of a forest by the side of Ashwagudda- a hillock, and walks entire village holding a burning candle. Villagers, those who have had seen her face, says it is entirely burned like a deep fried fish! But, she had never screamed anytime, here before.

There's an unverified legend inheriting through the heads after the heads in the village that back in the time, a middle aged woman suffered from the deadly cancer. Her husband sold everything he owned to treat her wife well; Also, he indebted enormous amount of fortune from the big pockets of his village and consulted her to expert doctors. (At that time, science hadn't advanced much as today and there weren't the Onco-surgeons and medicine oncologists treating patients with chemotherapy.) Finally, an expert doctor handled her case and began treating her. The greedy doctor, instead of charging the sound due fee, charged heavily- resulting in nullifying her husband. After few episodes of treatment, her husband running out of financial support, pleaded doctor to treat her sound- later he would clear the doctor's charges! But, doctor refused ruthlessly and discharged the patient. Unable to suffer the torments of cancerous cells in her ovaries and other reproductive organs, she gulped the poison made for the rats and vomited the blood. Her disappearance behind the curtains of time forever and enormous debts weakened her husband, and he jumped into the abandoned well in the forest. On the Mahalya Amvasya in the month of Ashwayuja that falls soon at the end of rainy season folks offered Tharpanam for their dead ancestors and prayed for their departed souls. That inauspicious midnight, few fisherwomen were returning home, after their whole day toil by the sea side. On the way, they encountered an evil spirit in white long gown, holding a blazing flame in her cupped palms; her face was covered with her hairs and blood was oozing out her mouth. Fisherwomen screamed from the bottom of their bellies and rushed back to their respective homes and narrated their gothic experience with their respective families. Since, blood was oozing out her mouth- villagers believed it was the vengeful soul of cancer patient- who committed suicide by drinking rat poison. From then onwards, her vengeful spirit was seen every new moon night, roaming throughout the village, holding flame in her cupped palms.

Fair enough. Science have had never ever compromised with the doctrine of existence of evil spirit and have always stood stout squaring its broad shoulders in front line in order to confront its existence; only after few rationalists experiencing the paranormal phenomenon personally. Apart from them, other sciences and rationalists have uncompromising stand against it. Dr. Sharath, who has recently graduated in medicine, gave sudden pause to his driving. Neither he could blindly believe in paranormal phenomena nor could he reject the said subject. His family background, being the orthodox and staunch believers of existence of God & Devil, pressurized him to believe in it- as his father was a practicing medicine-man. But, his education confronted the blind beliefs. Else, on the suggestions of his terrified heart, he would have accelerated his car to reach home safely as early as possible, but refusal of science to superstitions, weakened him to forget about evil spirits and investigate the source of the cry. He stopped his car and went out to find out who the actual was the reason behind the woeful wail. Prevailed pitch darkness in the surrounding maintained the pin-drop silence in the environment and even the deep rivers moved with the silent majesty.

* * * * *

     Dr. Sharath's father, Mr. Govind Acharya- being a poor vaidya and a practicing medicine-man of our village, dreamt of educating well his only offspring and to celebrate him as a successful doctor in the town. Firstly, he could boast around about his son's feat before the illiterate villagers and earn some faux reputation among them. Secondly yet importantly, Sharath could charge heavily to his patients and could support him financially, so that he can repay the tremendous debts he had made for his betting. Since, he wasted much of his time chit-chatting with his friends under the village banyan tree and betting on each and every discussion that took place between them and throwing wine parties for his friends, he couldn't practice medicine and earn for his daily bread and butter; as a result of his irresponsibility, his wife abandoned him and went back to her mother's place, and never returned to him. No matter- how many talismans he crafted skillfully, how many mesmerizing spells he casted upon her voodoo doll, how many terrifying rituals he executed alone in the forest during new-moon nights and how many sacrifices of roosters and goats he dedicated to the oracle of forest and mountains; his wife never returned to him! Sharath, the only offspring of the couple, remained loyal to both.

Villagers made him a laughing stock in the weekly markets and ridiculed him very much- as he couldn't even lead his family successfully. As a failure son and as a failure husband- Mr. Govind became an excellent example for the term 'Good for nothing'. Dr. Sharath's education and his excellence was the only way out for Govind Acharya to earn some respect in the village. So he garlanded Sharath with two powerful talismans- one for his academic success and another to prevent evil eye that can hurt Sharath!

Had Dr. Sharath looted his patients as much as possible and supported him economically- he could have cleared his debts, repair his torn shack and could throw the beer parties for his friends. Also, he had planned to marry Dr. Sharath to a wealthy household- in a view of demanding enormous dowry; And Dr. Sharath was worth of it! Dr. Sharath, as a hard-working pupil, was an apple in the eyes of his lecturers. His brilliance, noble etiquettes and sparkling academic performances glorified his name and the subject of his success swam across seven seas till the breezes could take it! Gradually Govind Acharya started crediting himself for the success of Dr. Sharath stating it was his brilliance that inherited his son.

"Since, my father couldn't afford my higher studies; I remained a mere vaidya of this village. Else, I would've been more successful than Sharath himself" Mr. Govind tricked the villagers to gain some respect among them. And he was successful in misleading few common folks to a certain extent.

Govind's talisman of making Sharath a successful Surgeon worked as a miracle. Now, Govind worked for seven consecutive new-moon nights and made another talisman for Sharath- So, he could loot his patients; and be a precious creature- The White Elephant!

Now, when it came to the matter of charging heavily to the patients, it depended on Dr. Sharath and the Talisman!!

* * * * *



General Public is hereby informed that a young woman in the picture namely Bhanumati alias Bhanu, a celebrated whore in the red light streets is wanted for said agency.

Age: Between 17 and 25. Complexion: Fair and bright. Face: Diamond. Build: Slim and curvaceous seductive figure. Height: Five feet two inches.


Wearing her silver anklets and bangles, Vyjanthi flaunted her chastity and saltated in psychedelic tunes of love- like a peacock's ostentation!

Burning in the furnace of ecstasies, Sharath's heart skipped its beat and desired this flowery night to never end. Beads of sweat flowed down Vyjanthi's temple. She danced and danced to ignite passions in Sharath and win his heart. For Vyjanthi, Sharath was the last ray of hope- who could tie mangalsutra round her neck and make her the coolness of his eyes forever. If not Sharath, none of youths from any clan or village is ready to tie their knots with her. Reasoning, Vyjanthi's father is unknown to anybody- an illegitimate child 'The Adulterine'. She was born out of wed-lock to her mother Bhanumati; as Bhanumati once was a celebrated prostitute, who flaunted her bosoms in the lanes of brothels, weakening her clients to caressing them every time. Wherefore she, celebrated as 'The Flaunting Peacock', was renowned as the highest paid whore and served to rich landlords and merchants of higher clans.

Bhanumati alias Bhanu… 

'There' the village seniors say 'some lustful cannibal might've dipped his beak into her opening and Vyjanthi must have formed in her womb'. Many of the well reputed people of the village used to go there secretly, when they quarreled with their wives and used to celebrate their nights with drugs, wines and prostitutes. Village Mukhyaji's wife, who was ill a lot, couldn't satisfy his needs. Earlier, Mukhyaji used to pump his maid. But, when she suffered from HIV AIDS, he admitted her to hospital. But, due to severity in disease, she disappeared behind the curtains of time forever. Later, Village Mukhyaji started paying his visit to brothel and often dipped his beak into elegant Bhanumati. Caressing Bhanu's bosoms satisfied him a lot and ignited his passion for further foreplays.

One day, his wife too breathed her last in the hospital. Though, he begged the authorities to discharge her body, the hospital authorities refused flatly. Struck between the devils and the deep sea, Mukhyaji loaned Bhanu and discharged his wife's body. As a whore, she quenched Mukhyaji's thirst and as a kind woman, she helped him to discharge his wife's body. In order to repay his debt to Bhanu, Mukhyaji promised her of sending new clients to her.

          …can arouse passions, even for the misogynist and…

Silver merchant of another village, though was married five years ago, could neither satisfy his wife nor make her bear foetus in her womb. Vaidya found merchant as incapable of reproducing a child. No matter, assuredly, none of the medicines worked; even the Govind's talisman and other rituals didn't help the merchant to ignite pleasures. When he shared his agony with village Mukhyaji, he suggested him to pay his visit to Bhanumati- in order to fulfil his promise to her. Though, initially, merchant hesitated to undress himself before another woman; but as the veil from Bhanu's bosom slipped, the bounce of her breasts kindled wild fire in merchant's lustrous heart and uncontrollably he pounced on her like a hungry leopard for a long noisy smooch. Thereafter, he paid his visit to her every evening for a fortnight more and satisfied his aroused lust. Later, it was said that his wife bore his foetus in her womb. Such sorcery Bhanumati had in the play of her breasts!!!

          …is capable to charging heavily!

Realizing her seductivity, passion for the work and the service she provides for her clients, Escort Service of India, offered her huge amount and offered her recruitment in their escort agency. There she could get corporate kings and famed politicians as her clients. Even Bhanu desired to join the agency. Before she could resign the brothel and buckle up to the town to work for agency, Mukhyaji desired to once again and forcefully dipped his beak into Bhanu without dressing any contraceptive sheath to his beak head! Subsequently, Bhanu bore the foetus of Mukhyaji in her womb. Gradually, her womb started swelling and she left the brothel to welcome her adulterine. She took shelter and made herself comfortable in an old shack of her mother under Peepal tree and one day, her lap got warmed by an illegitimate daughter.

Though, the agency noticed of recruiting her to a higher position; still, a child borne more than plump woman refused the offer and firmly tied her veil to her waist and left to the forest for firewood! Later, throughout her disgraced life, none of villager stepped forward to tie knot with her. Though, she insisted Mukhyaji to tie mangalsutra to her, he too refused her!!!

          …And Vyjanthi is her illegitimate daughter: An Adulterine!-

In such circumstances, if a doctor of reputed family falls in love with her, it would be a matter of utmost reverence for her. So, she danced to the beats of her heart till her ankles swelled, and when the breeze blew in and extinguished the kerosene lamp on the table, she jumped upon him like a spitting cobra and cwtched him passionately to fan the rage of passions smouldering within him. In the pitch darkness of the old torn shack, Sharath got highly intoxicated by the fragrance of the sweat of Vyjanthi. Fragrance of a young woman is enough to kill the sanity of a man; And Sharath had never smelled a woman here before so closely. All of the sudden, it started raining and the cool breezes started breezing in. juvenescence- an episode of psychedelic ecstasies, is an elegant meander in the appeasing odyssey of life. In this ignited night of passion, by the ripples of immeasurable vernal euphoria, the machismo heart leaped in the profundity of its quivering seductivity. The rapture of holding the tempests within Sharath's bosom, pinned the dreamy elegant sorcery like plucking the stars from the sky to glorifying the glittering worldly life mesmerizing Vyjanthi into soignée trance! 

* * * * *



     "Robbers are far better than these Doctors!" She cried hopelessly, "At least, robbers loot only what we have. These doctors drown us into the oceans of debt!" Vyjanthi sobbed bitterly before Sharath, when he followed the source of woeful wail. Bhanumati was lying palely on a torn mat and was seen waiting to kick off her odyssey towards eternity; "Probably, it was her death bed and she breathed her last" Sharath thought, "Didn't you consult her to any doctor?" Sharath asked leniently to Vyjanthi. This was the first time; Sharath had opportunity to talk a young girl privately. No! Her mother's body was lying there… Just kidding!

"No doctor was willing to treat her. She's suffered from ovarian cancer and doctors demanded huge amount to treat her" she spoke between her weep.

     "Couldn't you take her to the Government hospital in town?"

     "An ambulance ride is costlier than the ride on an Airavath- The Elephant of the Clouds!" She sobbed.

     "Now" he came near her and made her head rest on his chest and consoled "What shall we do now?"

     "In the name of humanity- please help me to execute her final rites"

"I'll talk to Smashaan authorities to give us some place"

"It's an exercise in frustration" she said "We the immoral poor have no place in smashaan. Since she worked in brothels, cremation of her body pollutes their smashaan- Priest opined"

"We can execute her final rites by the sea shore!"

 "I'm indebted to your kindness"

* * * * *


"Did I raise you up till here to bear witness these days, Sharath?"

     "Foetuses are borne in the wombs; not as an investment to reap benefits later. Rather, it's an pious reward of almighty something to be caressed and disciplined to be a noble citizen"

     "I don't mind all these principles! I demand a white elephant!!!"

     "Common folks prefer to rot in their homes rather than consulting doctors. Whopping hospital charges are killing more than the diseases" Sharath tried to school his father "In such circumstances being a white elephant is a sheer disgrace to humanity"

     "Do you think I am a fool?"

     The argument between the father and son found no conclusion. Sharath, realizing the stubborn frame of his father's mind, dropped further defensive talk and maintained silence. Angry Govind thumped his feet and marched out like a tornado!

     "Is white elephant meant only to attract good fortunes?" Sharath's thought provoked ridiculously and was dumbfounded thinking of the flamboyant odyssey of a freshly bloomed flaunting peacock in red light streets to dried pea pod desiccated boned body lying on the torn mat in an old shack! How the time changes everything with the blink of an eye and how everything changes topsy-turvy. Helping hands are far better than lips those sermons. The rendering of his helping hands to an adulterine bought huge defamation for him and his bad name spread like a wildfire in the village. Sharath, realizing his future in Govind's old torn shack, buckled up his necessities secretly and walked out to Vyjanthi's hut. Else, who would wish to hear pointless sermons of rotten oldies? 

* * * * *


"I owe you an apology, Vyjanthi" Sharath obligated the mandatory formality "But, I had no other way out"

     "What else can you do when the system itself is against us? Even my tears are dried up by the scorching heat of time" She replied "Now; will you please bestow upon me another favour?"

     "Sure. It goes without saying!"

     "If you don't mind, will you please kindle my mother's funeral pyre?"

     "I've no objection"

     Both caressingly undressed her dead body and robed her in white silk satin cloth well, and adorned the dead body with flowers. As you see, here in India- we adorn women with flowers from an infant she child to the brides; even, during her debut pregnancy and her final rituals! Also, the goddesses are garlanded heavily with flowers.

     Ever since, Village smashaan is reserved for the noble folks with etiquettes based on the Holy Scriptures, poor people with sinful history aren't permitted to get cremated in village smashaan. Both reverentially carry her body on his car to shore. Sharath arranges the firewood through the help of a village woodcutter. The woodcutter architected the wooden platform- logs piled upon the platform; axed few other logs and adorned the funeral pyre with the chunks of wood. The cloth was now pulled over her face; and logs of wood, as many as a funeral pyre required, were piled on top of the body. Vyjanthi shook her hand off her face and bid her a tearful adieu. Reciting the holy verses, Sharath set her body on fire. Then there was a gigantic noise: firewood being split. As the fire ate away the satin, Vyjanthi watching her mother burning into ashes, a pale foot jerked out, like a living thing; the toes, which were melting in the heat, began to curl up, offering resistance to what we are actually made and bought here to. The odyssey of life is all about just arriving here naked and going back to nowhere; truly, the real objective of our arrival still is grave clandestine!

     Vyjanthi came to him teary and silently prayed for something- which could be understood only by a tender heart. Love is such sorcery that only the true lovers can feel it. It is not something to be hanged out for the chocolates, coffee and weekend movies; growing big- ending up in breaking the virginity illegitimately. Sharath smiled and let her rest her head on his chest and weep out all her agonies; also, he caressed her braid and consoled her in a best possible manner. The fragrance of her body mesmerized and the warmth of her hug caressed him. Both cwtched and dissolved in one another. It was the first time in her life; she stopped breathing- She fainted. The waves of sea rolled one after the other… as the saying goes, 'Time and tide waits for none!'

* * * * *


"It was found that Sharath Acharya, son of Govind Acharya- fornicating the adulterine" an eyewitness complained before Panchayat head.

      "She was a cursed by the good heavens" one elaborated the talk "Henceforth; the disease rotted her reproductive organs!"

     Panchayat gathering, which habitually gathers every fortnight under the village Banyan tree, is the bastion for gossiping and back-biting. Though, India is a democratic sovereign country, liberated from the shackles of English about seventy five years ago, still is under the hawk eye of customs and traditions. By the way, who says India was a free country? Aryans pioneered in ruling India followed by Moslems and later by British colonial dictatorship. Now, the rumour says, India is governed by snollygosters sponsored and powered by the corporate sectors. But, the panorama of Indian village is contrary to urban scenario! Here, the powerful villager governs the weak sector- physically, financially and spiritually.  

     "It's a breach of loyalty to one's clan and to the reputation of one's family" another added ghee to the fire "Copulating a whore is sheer insult to one's mother"

     "He must be summoned to the Panchayat and must be sentenced to the capital punishment" the Panchayat Mukhyaji blazoned.

     "His father might've broken and must be shedding his tears somewhere under the cot"

     Folks, who ridiculed Govind to the core, now started faux sympathizing him to gain further information about Sharath and Vyjanthi. All they needed was the subject to gossip about throughout the day. What else unemployed and educated folks can do to pass their days? Meanwhile, Govind- who was seemed to be hurt sentimentally, rocked the toast and cheered his Delmonico with his friends, and boozed till he loosed all his senses. All his attempts of performing rituals and making talismans to make Sharath a white elephant wasted before the sorcery of true love. Yea… yea… he wasted himself and his wife's life as well, through betting, wines and dines and through wasting time hanging out with friends. Now what?

     "The only source of our income was my dance!" Vyjanthi registered her speech before Sharath.

     "If so, flaunt your chastity before me!"

     Cool breezes were roaming in and out the torn shack. Vyjanthi adorned herself with her bangles and anklets and stepped artistically before Sharath- only in order to seduce him and be his better half. As the breeze, extinguished the kerosene lamp on the table, Vyjanthi jumped on Sharath and ignited his passions. Intoxicated by the joys of first night, the elegant moments of trance blossomed fresh and the wearing the bracelets of shimmering stars, the silky night ostentated on the wide skies; Meanwhile, Sharath Acharya's thumping heart virtually toured the celestial utopia, listening the orgasms of Vyjanthi!

Next dawn, before the crow of the rooster, Vyjanthi buckled up all the necessities of both to his car. Sharath, who was waiting her on the driver's seat, welcomed her with a noisy smooch and set his journey. 

'Would you mind adding another favour in the list of others you've bestowed upon me?'

'Yep! Here you go... Cool'

'In your career- as a doctor, kindly charge soundly. Please, don't loot your patients... I request you'

'It's my obligation' He said 'Come in... Let's kick off the elegant odyssey towards our destination!'

When the fresh rays of new dawn aroused and sun looked at the village, the car was seen at the distant horizon!

 * * * *

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