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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Bhagirathi Mohanty

Drama Inspirational


Bhagirathi Mohanty

Drama Inspirational

The Orphan.

The Orphan.

9 mins

For participating in a conference or an official binding I usually wait in the foyer for the particular train to arrive at Allahabad.

During my faltering, I see the interesting accomplishments displayed by a group of boys nearly fourteen years of age. Their feats are not less than circus presonnels. My time is spent pleasurably till the New Delhi bound train arrives at the platform.

A handsome boy having approximately a height of five feet draws my attention as his performance was more delightful than others.

Perhaps, these boys are orphans  left in the culverts whose mothers were reluctant to face the society without proper identification.

A special trait of these orphans are that, they do not spread their palms for alms for they keep their self-esteem alive. But willingly passengers offer them payments.

I donot know why I was fascinated to the boy. I went to him and caught hold of the boy's hand.

In stunned disbelief the boy looked at me and asked, "Ji sir!"

I , asked him, "Your identifiation?"Are you an orphan?"

, "Who said?"The boy opposed strongly. "But  for the time being I don't know  their where abouts."

Isn't it tricky?I querried to elucidate.

"No, sir. Listen to me carefully."

The boy began distressing ly. My family was on a trip to  the

 Mahakumbh . We were in a humourous mood. As we were a professional dulecet ,we had with us piano guitar and sexophone.Without an asking my elder sister sang a melodic number which my father directed, playing the piano and my self a sexophone. Everything bleaked in the wink of an eye as the train colluded  ruthlessly  .  When 

I found myself head to heal bandaged in a nursing home.when I got back my sensation.

. I was bleeding profusely. It went slowly for convalesce . Eventually, I go on board in each and every train and rummage with a hope to find them out. 

 I asked him in a pleasent surprise, "How are you able to speak English so fluently?"

, "sir, I was a convent student in standard eight before the merciless accident occured", 

,I asked him inquisitively, "Where do you accumulate morale to face the brutalities of life?"

The un usually confident boy answereed

, "It is God , you know, firm faith on Him works wonder. God is there Who takes care of every living and non living beings_great or small. For His pity we have not gone without food any day.

We sleep on the broad platform with fans rolling in hig speed. Filtered drinking water, safety latrines and bathing room are available for us. No railway men complain it

Always we do not get the same treatment from passengers. It is habitual to every body. There are bright and dark sides of life"

I was over-whelmed by the philosophy of the boy.

He continued, "I am nostalgic. precious moments have been stolen from me with my family's abscond. In their absenteeism I feel like  square peg in a round hole.

The smiling faces of my parents reflect in my dream. My eyes become watery. I trust God. He will one day reunite us. I  will recap them"

I thought such a boy is one amog thousands who has imperishable faith on himself.

My train was about to arrive . I was in a haste.

I asked him, "I would like to know your name", "Sorry sir, I have forgot my original name but my friends call me Tusar as I do not cover my body in winter"

It is peculier!Anyway, Tusar if anyone offers you for adoption   how would you react?"

Tusar light heartedly said, "It is an unanswerable question. Time will take its own decisionn. we must wait patiently."

Tusar took him away from the un needed point and asked him, "Can you help me trace out my family parts?"

I asked him to try out his eagerness. "Are you sure they are animated?How long have you been searching them?"

He replied   abruptly, "Since five years"

Bizzare!you have been still on their search!!un believable!!!", "Believable. "The self confide boy replied " I will one day demarcate them. I would not allow frustration to put me off. "

I bowed down my head 

 before the firm stand of the boy.

I heard the announcement and rose from my seat to depart.

Tusar carried my brief case to no. 4 platform.

On the way to the plat form I wanted to know his parents , elder sister 's name , surname and photograph. . .

He tried hard and after much effort he expressed , 'sir, I have forgot their name but faintly remember the surname_Malhotra. I can recognise them at sight. "

He gave him the photo graph of his family . It was disfigured.

The whistle blew .

Before entering into the cabin I offered him a hundred rupee note but he refused.

He bade adeiu to me and made a landing in anothr train which stood on the plat form no. 2.

I sat on the lower berth , brought out the photograph , saw it in rapt 

concentration but it is not clearly visible.

Can I convience any railway man with the torn  photograph?I am in quandary.

Being an insurance head I visit as many as branches I can and ask the agents , unit managers and people of the localities and show them the snap shot and want to know whether they apperceive about the un forgetful and lamentable train collision that happened during Mahakumbha five years ago and recognise the snap shot.

  But they ask for complete comprehension. They say even though we obtain inscription it is impossible to track them down as those who have survived _legs, hands and other parts of their bodies broken off or some out of them in good condition they have got to their homes. "

I sigh  and think the madness of the boy who still has been pottering pointlessly to trace his parents.

In several necessities, I have waited in Allahabad foyer, but a long time since I have not come over Tusar there.

Once I asked a friend of Tusar his whereabout.

He declined and told , "Since he left for Delhi we have no details concerning him.

I felt as if I have missed a son of mine in the crowd.

Incidentally , I came across him in Nilachal express . When he saw me he made his room through the crowded cabin

He paid reverence to me and asked, "Sir, did you come by any data as regards to my parents?"

I kept silence for some moments and hugged him. With a smile and apprised him, "As you could not provide me with updated particulars it has been delayed. 

I broke off and questioned, "Are you not at Allahabad terminus now ?"

" No sir he exhibited . When I forfeiture all hopes of tracking them down in between Kanpur and Allahabad , I go on board and decide to carry on with my mission in other trains to virtualize it".

I consoled him, "Do not be petrified I have made up my mind to consult the rail road police presented at the time of accident though some out of them might have been transferred to other divisions .

They can give right figures whether your parents are alive or dead.

Tusar stressed , "No, sir they can not die. I amcan say confidently that they are animated as they were young. The demon can not take them away so soon".

Tears rolled my cheek. I thought it is the rarest example how one loves his parents exceptionally.

Consequently, I called upon a rail road police man , fabricated him the pre requisites and my contact no. and requested him to go a head concerning it.

Once after attending a programme with my brief case in hand I stood in the edge of platform -3when purusottam was entering slowly.

While I was stepping into the compartment Tusar was stepping down of it

I took hold of his hand . He was in my tight grip. But he was in a hurry

He breathlessly said , "Please, sir leave me . I anticipate my parents are getting down from Nandankanan on platform -2. We will be meeting at Allahabad very soon. "

He went down. The train rolled on. I saw him off.

Owing to, my busyness I cancelled the conferences conducted by the company continuously for three months. Tusar also did not call in me although he had my contact no. with him.

By and by the pressure of work was reduced. Once I got a message to participate in a congregation in Delhi.

I sent for the driver to assist me to Allahabad. We set out for the destination and reached on time. But the train was late by an. hour. Ithought it is the right time to discuss the affair with the rail road constable. I went to the assignment office. Fortunately, I came in contact with him. Iwanted to know whether he tried to match the snap sot with the one in the list.

He expressed his inability solemnly, "Sir there are many Malhotra surnames in the list so it became impossible on my part. An other reason;the snap shot was spoilled. Sir , exhibit it to the boy he may reiterate his parents"

I wanted to manifest it to Tusar but he was no where to be seen.

After wards, I remained in official visits to all branches and divisional offices as recession distressed the sensex.

During this period I called on Dilhi once or twice but Tusar was not at sight.

Once in the foyer I came across a friend of Tusar and asked him his proximity.

He squeaked , "sir, since he boarded to south we have no updates with reference to him

He added , "More over, this time he took his pipe, piano, drum and flute with him.

I exclaimed , "strange!I have never seen him with these musical instuments!. "

He elucidated , "Fora good deal of reasons h e hides his ability as an adept singer , a drummer and fluter. He has given his voice in carton films_his father a music director ;mother a play back singer

When he is up set he play these instruments. "

Tusar' friend lost in the crowd . I was deeply shocked.

My train arrived. I went on board.

Inside the train I adage half a dozen boys who were singing beautifully.

I asked one of them, "Who is your teacher?"

immediately he responded, "Tusar pandey"

, "Pandey !"I crossed down my astonishment. Malhotra or pandey!which is correct?"

Again I repeated , "Can you say where he is currently?"

He uttered at fast speed , "He was travelling with us but got down at Allahabad station".

I thought he might be putting up at Allahabad . On my return I could have talk with him.

But it happened the reverse. My hope and happiness turned in to fog when I did not see Tusar there.

Again work , work and work_no time to stand and stare. It compelled me to forget Tusar.

When ever I wait in the foyer I do not forget to ssk about Tusar but the same answer:, no he does not put up here.

By God' s mercy I adjudicated him in Nandankanan-Puri

high speed train.

I was so over-whelmed that I spared no time and embraced him. I displayed the list before him .

I assumed him to identify his parents.

Tusar was over joyed when the list came to his hand. But in a moment his joy faded.

I questioned him, "What happened?"

He voiced sadly, "As I have forgot their surnames and names, I am in dillema. I can not specify them, "Excuse me sir". He pronounced politely.

He said , " sir, I can specify them on sight. I have firm belief I can one day specify them hale and hearty till then I will go on searching them "

I gawped at him when he was getting down at Kanpur.

................ ......................


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