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Drama Romance

The Open Window

The Open Window

6 mins

The best thing about time is that it changes. It changes from worst to best and vice versa” I was totally unaware of this until I realize it. Practically. See, a week ago I was engaged in enjoying pleasure of college life with all my friends accompanied. But now under the jail bar. Yes, I just feel like that. If you don’t have anyone to accompany and you are busy in passing your time doing nothing, then a well decorated and facilitate 5 star room seems jail. And the windows? They are like jail bars.

After pursuing my degree in ‘electronic and communication engineering’ from a well known private University of London, I came home. There were descents of job offers with hi-fi salary for me in London. But my father, a multi-millionaire businessman wanted me to work on our own business. He is planning to upgrade our business on the ‘communication system’ also. He will think about it after a month. So here I am with nothing to do. I sleep at 9 P.M and woke up at 10 in the morning. I spent my whole day on Facebook, WhatsApp and in some digital marketing business websites. By freelancing. 

It was a sunny morning. I leaned on the chair near the window. Since my room is on the middle floor of the flat near the road. I can distinctly see the dirty Street and the market through my open window. This is the only thing I appreciate other then facebooking. I scan each and every creature who get materialised on the busy Street.

I opened the window and rearrange the Silk curtain for a clear cut view of the street. Some fresh air mixed with soft sun rays entered my room and brightened it up. I took a deep breath. Hold the coffee cup and took a sip. What a heavenly feeling this is.

I peeped through the window. You will be surprised to see how unique every creature is. Ranjan Kaka, a mid-aged sweet seller has started cleaning misty glasses of his shop with the same dirty cloth that he used a month ago. It was hardly washed. Some local businessman has started carrying their items from the carts. The old Barber arrived a bit early today.  It’s. 9:30 in the morning and he has already worshipped the little Vishwakarma statue. Smell of Joss stick could be felt everywhere.

I was about to look away from the crazy Street when I saw a little boy. Perhaps going to school. He was carrying a heavy bag in the back and a tiffin box in the neck. A girl of 17 or 18 years was holding the little cute boy. I looked at the girl.. she is the most amazing girl I have ever seen in my life. She was wearing kurti of light pink colours. The morning sun has reflected the semi pink colour into her cute cheeks. Her eyes look like that of an Angel. That you may seen in dreams, but never across you. She was saying something to the little boy. Her lips moved in a dramatic way . She smiled in between all these. As I kept gaping her, she got disappeared somewhere between the morning mist.

I felt something within my heart. A feeling that could not be derived by any language. A weakness that can by rebuild by love. I have seen so many women in my past days. Dated the prettiest London girls. But there is something unique and attractive in this girl.

Unknowingly the moment I saw her became the most catchy moment To date. I keep standing near the open window to see her coming back. But it was Just an hope. There was nothing real in it. I waited for the whole day. She never came back.

“ Maybe I was unable to identify her while she was coming back ” I thought as I opened the door of my room. I went down. Tommy, my little dog was waiting for me. We both used to walk along the crowded alley during the evening every day.  I was holding the thread and he was dancing In joy. Barking at the street dogs.. He felt powerful under my guardianship. As he kept teasing the dogs, I felt someone passing by my side. It was her.

She was looking tired…. but her eyes still as sparkling as the gems. Her face as cute as that of a little child. She was still wearing her innocent smile while talking to her brother. Without wasting any time, I unlocked my phone and took a clip of her. Without her awareness.

A few moments later She disappeared.

The full moon light beams made their way to my room through the curtains. I pulled One end of it and allowed the moonlight to dance in my heart. Just like the way she did. Silently.

I kept tossing and rolling on my bed that night. “ why is it happening to me?” I thought.

“Is it love at first sight?”

“ Maybe… who knows”

There was a wave of thousand thoughts cuddling me.

The next morning I woke up early. though I slept near Zero Hours that night, but I did not want to miss the moment of her arrival. After waiting for 7 hours, she finally arrived. With the same stunning look and sparkling Eyes. I remained hypnotized.

It continued for 5 days… I keep peeping through the open window from morning to evening, and then from evening to the full and semi-full moon nights.

It was the sixth day when I decided to talk to her. It was 5 in the evening and she was coming back through the same street. I followed her. With slow and short steps.

I was afraid that she might see me and mess up my plannings.

She passed the market, then an old PCO. A few half build buildings. And I kept following her. …..  After walking more than 5 km, I got tired. I have never walked that much in my entire life. But she was still that active, addictive and attractive.  I could see the misplaced hairstyles on her back. They shined in the moonlights. My heart jumped in joy.

As I kept following her, she entered into a slum area. Electricity wires spreading all over the place. A 60 volts light was enlightening​ the area. She passed 5 huts and entered into the sixth one.. It was made up of some plum leaves and muds. As they entered the hut an old Lady talked in a low tone.

“How was the day?”

“Well.. Mahesh uncle did not pay me the salary for this month. I’m going to work on Shayani aunt's house from the day after tomorrow onwards. They have very little work. Only sweeping the floor, washing the dishes and clothes. She might pay me at time….  Don’t worry I’ll bring the medicines for you once I got paid by Mahesh uncle. ” The same sweet voice reached my heart.

“Excuse me”- I knocked at the half-closed door.

“Yes?”- she asked with a confusing expression.

“May I have a glass of water please?”-

“ Just a minute….”- she said and brought it for me.

I took it and looked straight into her eyes.

“ Thank you.”-I said.

“ For the water? ”

“No…. It’s for everything.” I said and left the place.

I entered my room and found my laptop uselessly placed on the table. I powered it on. Opened a business site and tried to concentrate on it.  Moonlights, being wild tried to pass through my open window along with the crazy wind. They were disturbing and distracting me enough. I stood up. Went near the open window. A witness of my first love. I looked through it for the last time …  and Shut it down.

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