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Ayan Dharod

Drama Thriller


Ayan Dharod

Drama Thriller

The Meeting

The Meeting

4 mins 189 4 mins 189

(A wide beach. Two friends are walking towards each other. They meet after a long time.)

Andrew – Well hello Solomon. We meet after some time.

Solomon – Oh hello Andrew. Never thought I would meet you. 

Andrew – So what’s going on with your life. What have I missed?

Solomon – Well, your donation really helped. Uhh, nothing much, nowadays.

Andrew – Your shoes don’t tell the same story. I knew those Reeboks did not really suit you.

Solomon – Well, your shoes don’t look too good. When was the last time you bought a new shoe?

Andrew (Says slowly and carefully) – Well, now that you say it around, uhhh, not until about a few months, I think around three.

Solomon (Looks suspiciously) – Look I know I ain’t a shoe expert here, but I can sure tell that is much older than “a few months”. What’s going on with you?

Andrew (Fed up and angrily) – Look, I have been your friend for these many years even though we did not meet but that does not give you any right to go through my life and edit parts of it. You can’t change a few things. I have tried. And believe me, when I say this, you don’t want to be “in my shoes”.

Solomon – Okay, fine. I am just trying to help here. Something is really messed up and I know it. Didn’t your deal work out with Steve? I thought you loved Apples!

Andrew – This is not funny, ok. I know you have looked up to me. I have tried everything, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and I tell you, they do not work. 

Solomon – Ok, so your deal did not work out. Well, you told it was pretty important. But it’s fine, I know you can handle it. Just don’t stress out too much and you’ll be just fine. Hey, where are your laptops these days, I don’t see them in any shops? Did Microsoft dump you, cause I could be of help if that’s the...

Andrew – Life dumped me. My company is down in the underworld. Hope I can reach someday soon.

Solomon – What’s your job then? I could help you now if you really need it.

Andrew (Looking very infuriated now) – Look, I am very grateful that you have come here and tried to help me, but I think I “really” should get going. You have already ruined enough. So, I suggest you stop trying to “help me”.

Solomon – I ruined your life! I am trying to help you and you think I am going to steal from you or something.

Andrew – Well, that is exactly what you did. Stole from me. You took that money from…

Solomon (Now getting infuriated himself) – Look, I simply asked you. It was your choice to give it.

Andrew – Ohh, so who was the one who talked all that of a true friend and all. Clearly not you.

(Argument continues. In the meantime, a figure appears in the distance. Wife of Solomon. She tries to help stop the battle.)

Ama – Both of you stop. You both were best friends, and now behaving like children, quarrelling. Let’s get a drink and discuss this!

(The three adults go to the nearest shop and buy a drink each.)

Solomon – Well, Andrew, where’s your drink?

Andrew – Uhh, I am not really hungry. I am fine.

Solomon – Come on, have one. Don’t worry, we’ll pay for it.

Ama – Ok, leave all that. Why were both of you fighting?

Solomon – Well, I was trying to help him, and he was just getting angry at me.

Ama – Andrew, why don’t you tell us what is going on?

Andrew (Cannot refuse, says unwillingly) – Well, everything was going alright for the company until the deal with Apple. We did not realize that we would need more money for it and so, Apple complained in court. We had to pay a huge amount of money as they took us to court and that ended the company. Ever since then, I have been living a poor man’s life in a stupid house that does not have clean water.

Solomon – Ohh. I am so sorry.

Andrew – Anyways (wipes of tears), what’s going on with you?

Solomon (Carefully and slowly) – Well, I now work as a lawyer after that donation you gave. It helped me get a decent education to become a junior lawyer. I worked for the High Court and finally got promoted to a judge.

Andrew – Well, I should really get going now. It’s already late and I must reach home before dark. Good talking to you. 

Solomon – You too. Farewell, friend. 

(Andrew leaves.)

Solomon to Ama – Good thing he didn’t recognize me.

Ama – Why?

Solomon – I was the judge for his case. I was the one who made him like this!

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