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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

The Masked Souls..

The Masked Souls..

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I was shivering.

I could hear the screams and shouts everywhere. I could hear the cries, the curses, and feel the catastrophe.

I could hear Aman crying for help. I could hear 'clicks’. The sadist minds capturing the moments in their cell phones for self-satisfaction or public approval and what not. I could feel the girls making terrified, scary faces and running away. I could even hear the vehicles accelerating near me to purposefully avoid the visual and legal consequences.

I could hear Aman crying for help. I could hear 'clicks’.

I was not screaming. I was in an entirely different world. I was thinking about volcanoes. The feeling one could get if he/she does a roller coaster ride through the molten lava. I chuckled on the fact that I ended up thinking of Geography even in such a situation. I hated Geography and I never found it logical or worth reading. What good was it if I'm aware that the Atlantic ocean was 'S' shaped. What will I gain on knowing about the gold mines in Ivory Coast? But that's the hard reality. I was thinking about volcanoes and the feel of lava. Sarcastic!!!!!

Oh yes. Aman is calling Dad. Omg. What will he feel about seeing his 'Nanhi Pari' in this state? He won't be able to face this. He will cry. Please, God. Send some angel to help me. I can adjust to the pain, but I can’t see my Dad in tears. But why is no one helping me? I think this is the City Mall area and where are the policemen? Fine! Once I become a Police officer, I will make sure that the accident victims are taken to the hospital in no time.

Oh, Mom. Now it's paining. It has started paining. I feel like I'm being thrown into the forest fire. 'Self Ignition' has taken a different verbal form here. I'm burning. And I can see just darkness around. But I'm sure; it was quarter to twelve only when we left. Is it dark outside now? Or is it because my eyes aren't able to feel the light. Or is it all a dream???

Yes, I remember. But why did he do this? I didn't say anything that hurt him, did I? I just said that I don't like him. I can't marry him. Why should I marry a guy( or is it uncle) whom I don't even feel like looking at? Was it Article 21 or 23 which gave everyone a Right to Life? I'm 20 and I also have a right to life of my choice, Isn't it? But if my opinion doesn't match with someone else's or if someone else couldn't agree with me, the Constitution doesn't let him punish me with acid. And he has diminished my identity. Now, who am I?

It's the ambulance approaching me. I can hear that scary sound. Oh God, people are screaming. Am I that frightening to look at? I can’t see anything, but my mind is giving me all daunting images. I want to tell Aman something, but I can’t open my mouth. Feels like someone has poured some smelted metal in my mouth. Oh God. Give me my face back, please. I'm getting all the glimpses of girls who were attacked like me. Those faces. It's haunting me.

This is the operation theatre. I can even hear the doctors murmuring prayers. Who is shouting? It’s Mummy. My God. She is crying. Huh, why is she talking about the 'Haldi' that she used to apply on my face? Ha-ha. She is crazy. This is hospital Mumma. Not your Kitty Party where you talk about your daughter's beauty secrets.

My mind is sleeping. I'm feeling nauseous. Let me sleep. Let me be like the Princess who had a frog face due to a curse and a beautiful face the very next day. Let me be blessed like her. Please, God. Don't make my Dad cry. Don't make my Mom weep. Don't let Aman down.

Ok. I can see people around. I can see Mom, Dad, Aman. But why are they gloomy? Why is their face down? Why do they have a dejected feeling? Let me see whether I can talk.

Oh wow!! I can. Yes, I can talk. 'Mom, how are you? Don't worry Mom I'm fine and happy. I'm happy to see you all. Aman, you have the exams approaching. Why don't you study something you Dumbo?'. But why isn't anyone answering? What!! They can't hear me. Oh no. This isn't possible. I can see and I can't talk. Why is it so? Maybe in a day or two, I might be able to, I feel. I will talk. How can a future police officer be mum? No way.

Yeah. I'm home. Finally, I'm home. But why isn't anybody coming to meet me? Where's Prieta, Payal, Sruthi? They don't miss me it seems. It's ok. I can write and ask Mom until I start talking. Why isn't she answering me? Why is everyone still depressed?

What!!! Did I lose my tongue? Impossible. But why did Minu tell like that? Did I actually lose my tongue? It seems funny. Me without a tongue? No way...Fine, I need a mirror. This is it.' Yes mom, show me a mirror. No, I want to see it right now. Show it.'

WHO IS THIS??????????????

WHO IS THIS??????????????

It's not me. It's not me. It can't be me.

It's not me. It's not me. It can't be me.

Where's my mouth? Where's my hair? And why are there just two holes in place of my eyes?

Yes. Now I realize where Prieta and Payal have gone. Now I realize the reason behind my family's never-ending tears. Now I realize the reason behind my seclusion and loneliness. Now I realize the sudden aging of my Dad and Mom. Now I realize the reason behind Aman's fake smile on seeing me.

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