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The Krampus Night

The Krampus Night

4 mins

Is Santa Claus is real? Why do we celebrate Christmas? These are the unsolved questions of Nancy. She asked these questions to her parents and grandparents, but their answers are, 'It is a myth, Nancy. We all should follow the rituals and cultures of our ancestors'.

But Nancy is a 14 years old teenage girl, who loves adventures, she once saw the movie "House on a Haunted Hill" alone at 1 am-midnight. She loves horror stories very much.

Today also she is going to do an adventure. Now it's 11:45 pm at midnight on 24th December. She's waiting for Santa to visit her house and she planned to take a selfie with him.

At 12 am, she heard a bell sound from outside. She went near the Christmas tree and noticed something moving in the shadows. With the sight of that she yelled "Santa", but to her surprise there stood a creature with a big tongue, big claws like a knife, and its face look like a scary goat with a grim look.

She screamed and headed to her brother's room. She banged the door and her brother came outside. She ran inside the room with her brother and shut the door.

Nancy's brother asked 'what happened Nancy?'

She told 'Nick...outside there's a a ghost...'

'Ok, I understand' Nick said 'you had a nightmare and now you want to sleep with me, right?'

'No, Nick...' suddenly she stopped talking and pointed to the shadows and said 'its there'.

'What's there...whoa, there is a goat'. Slowly Nick went near the shadows and the scary ghost came outside from the shadows and pulled Nick's legs. The ghost used its claw and torn her brother into two pieces and took out Nick's heart and ate in front of Nancy.

Nancy screamed, this time much aloud, and her parents came into the room and got a glimpse at the ghost. The ghost hidden in the shadows again.

Nancy's mom and dad weeping for their son's death. Suddenly Nancy's mom asked Nancy's father 'Bob, what it is?'

'I know that' Bob said ' It is Krampus, the Christmas demon, it will hunt mischievous children on Christmas night. Nancy, I told you not to do mischievous things, now see what had happened.'

'Bob, don't scold her' Mom said 'tell a way to safeguard Nancy'

'There's one-way' bob told 'Krampus hunt will end at 6 am. Now the time is 2 am.'

Nancy had a doubt and she asked Bob's father, from Krampus's visit to Nick's death, it took only 15 minutes and it all started at 12 am but how the time became 2 am?

Bob told 'Krampus has a curse. From 12 am to 6 am on Christmas, the time will run faster and it is called the Krampus Night.'

'Bob, call the police' mom told.

'Yeah' Bob said 'I already called them, they are on the way.'

The room where the three stood became more black in presence. In the corner of the room, the shadow gloomed and summoned Krampus.

Bob stood firmly and prayed Jesus but Krampus beheaded Bob with its claws and whispered 'there's no one to stop me'. With a glimpse, if that mom fainted and at that moment a couple of police officers came inside the house and one faced Krampus and another took Nancy and tried to go outside.

When Nancy and the police officer went near the exit, they heard a bloody scream of another police (one who faced the Krampus).

They hurried for the exit but Krampus appeared near the door from the shadows and ate the police officer alive within a few minutes.

Krampus said 'you little freak, there's only two minutes left for 6 am.' With these words, Krampus flowed to eat Nancy and grabbed her right leg with its teeth. In a span of a second, Nancy took the revolver from the police officer's belt and shot Krampus on the head and Krampus vanished with Nancy's right leg and she fainted.

When Nancy woke up she saw a doctor and her mother. Nancy's mom said 'we escaped from the paranormal thing' and hugged her. But Nancy knew that the next Christmas is awaited for her.

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