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Mahes Waran

Children Stories Comedy


Mahes Waran

Children Stories Comedy

The Night The Santa Came

The Night The Santa Came

10 mins 183 10 mins 183

 In India, In Tamil Nadu, In Chennai, on the days of winter, we only feel cold and just a bit of fog on morning but on 24th December at 9pm we had a heavy downpour of snowfall.

  I've been playing on the grounds on that time and rushed home after seeing the snowfall.

  I was amazed because our street is filled with big, chunky of snow. I just had a feeling of being in Kashmir for vacation.

  At 10:30am I left to my bedroom for a joyful sleep. I had many thoughts on my mind for playing with snow tomorrow. But I closed it and started snoring.

At 11:15am 

  I suddenly awoke (I don’t know why) and heard a jingling sound of a bell. I got a vibration as someone parked his car on my house roof. My window pulled open and a man with white moustache and white beard, snow white eyes, bell in one arm, dressed in red linen cloths and a big fat belly man stepped inside. He looked like the man, whom the TV shows show on Christmas…Santa Claus.

  'Santa Claus?' I said.

  'yes, boy. Hahaha'. He asked 'can we have some time?'

  If Santa Claus come to your house and asks can we some time? Please don’t tell yes.

 After I told yes, Santa pulled me to his side and asked, 'Can you help me?'


 'Help you', I said. 'For What? I thought Santa only help children on Christmas!'

  'yeah, boy', he talked in a senile voice. ' I have a big problem'.

  I told,' I'm so sorry Santa. I don’t know how to solve big problems. But you do one thing. Go straight and take the third left and there will be a house with a conical rooftop. In there a boy will be sleeping (or doing something), kidnap him and throw him in the pacific ocean'.

  He said, ' boy, this is serious'. Actually he looked serious.

  'Ok. I'll come', I said. 'but what will you give me?'

  'I'll tell you that later'. With these words he snapped his fingers and I blacked out.

 I woke in a start. I thought, what happened at yesterday night, is a dream about Santa but I was so startled to see me in a wooden house covered by magical elements. A dozen glowing Blue orbs of lights are doing household works like vessel washing, housekeeping, even bathroom cleaning (don’t ask me how a blue light cleaning without hands… because it is magic) 

  A strange man with red linen cloths, who called him as Santa Claus, appeared. I asked,' what place is this?'

  'My guest house', he said.

  'Then why you brought me here', I told. 'You just kidnapped me'.

  He said, 'no, I didn’t-'

  '-kidnapped me' I finished and continued. 'Don’t-say-that. A red linen man, who calls him a Santa, comes and asks for a help and then snaps his finger and brought a boy here means…a Kidnap'.

 He said, 'no, boy, I just asked your help and then only I brought you here.'

  I asked, 'does I said yes'.

  'Um hmmm…Nope!', he told.

  'Then why-you-bring-me-here?', I asked

  'you asked for some gifts!', he said.

  I asked, 'then give me!'.

  'But before that', he requested (I think he ordered). 'you should do me some favor'.

 I followed him into a cave. From outside, the cave looked like a animal's den but on inside, it looks like a toy shopping mall. From new toys to ready-to new toys are just in thousands in number.

  I asked,' hey, Red Linen Man, I thought you have Elves in your Toy Shop?'

  He told, 'First, my name is Santa Claus not Red Linen Man and This place is The Great Santa Toy Empire!'

  Ok, now I understand that this man is a selfish. I asked, 'ok, Red-Err, Santa, where are your Elves?'

  'Now, that is the problem!' he said.

 We went deep inside the Toy Shop and stopped in a very big room where  hi-tech machines, which helps to make toys, stood nearly hundred in number and a hundred of short men (I first assumed as kids) with goblin ears laid down and sleeping peacefully.

  'Here you see', he said. 'This is the problem'.

  'Ok! Now I understand', I told. 'Your Elves have been working hard these past few days. So you gave them a rest today. So instead of them I should make the Toy, right?'

 He said, 'no boy'.

  I got tensed and shouted, 'then why bring me here you Big-Fat-Red-Linen-Man?'

  His expression suddenly changed and he started crying. I said, 'oh my god, I'm so sorry Santa. Please just forget my words'.

 'I'm not worried about your words boy', he said. 'I'm worried about my Elves'.

  Oof, its confirmed, this man doesn’t have any sense. 'Worried about Elves', I asked. 'But why'?'

  He stopped crying and told, 'my Elves are not just sleeping. They are cursed by a monster and continues their sleep eternally'.

  A monster? A curse? What he is talking about? I just feel like I'm in a fantasy novel. What happening here?

  I asked, 'so this is what the problem?'

  'Yes', he answered. 'you can only help me hero. Please help me to defeat the monster'.

 I just blushed after hearing the word "hero". 'Ok, I will help you Santa!' I said. 'But what type of monster you talking about?'

  'Its name is Krampus', he said. 'My archenemy'.

  'What?' I asked in a grim expression. 'The fiery, big tongued, hellish and mischief children eating monster? Is that the one you talking about?'

  'Yes' he said.

  'No, no, no, you Red Linen Man', I shouted. 'I won't get myself killed. Just teleport me to my house. I'm not a hero'.

  He said, 'don’t tell like that, boy, I'll give you some power, which transform you into a hero'.

 Power! Which transform me into a hero! Did you know why I blushed when he told me as a hero. Because it's my dream to become a hero. It's now my great chance to take a avatar as a hero. What power will he give me? Fire controlling or water controlling, telknises or a unbelievable strength. I bet If I got any one of these powers I'll just simply take on the guys on Marvel and DC.

  With a grin I asked, 'what type of power will you give me?'

  He patted me on my shoulders and said, 'I will give my Will Power, boy'.

  What? He's kidding me? I asked, 'Santa, what do you mean by Will Power'.

 'It means', he said with a laugh. 'I'll cheer you while you fight the monster'.

 'Hey, you, man', I cried. 'you'll cheer me while I dying?'

 'Do you ever seen cricket matches?', he said. 'if a play got a good cheer he'll hit the ball harder'.

  I told, 'man, that is cricket but this is my life'.

  'Ok! Then we'll see what cheering do for life, then?' with these words he snapped his fingers and I blacked out.

  This time I woke in a different place. The land, which I stood, is covered with snow and beside me the Red Linen Man (who calls him as Santa) stood firmly.

  I asked, 'why, man, why you teleporting me here and there? please stop it'.

  'Boy, we came to the conclusion', he told and pointed his fingers in the opposite direction. 'There you see'.

 I turned and saw a Goat-like-Thing coming far from behind. I pleaded, 'please Santa, teleport me to my house. I know that thing is Krampus. Please teleport me'.

  He told,' hey, boy, I even more afraid than you'.

  The goat monster came forward but on its every step its seems like a goat. Finally it came near me and its, 'It's a goat' I said.

  You may have a doubt that a goat monster looks like a goat but this is a normal goat. He said, 'yes'.

  'This is a normal goat', I yelped.

  'Yeah', he said. 'Krampus is a normal goat'.

  What? I think I became a psycho. krampus said in a goatee voice, 'oh, you are the one came to defeat me, blah blah'

  Fighting a monster is tough but fighting a goat! I said, 'yeah, it's me'.

  Krampus told, 'then come, fight me, blah blah'.

  Its time to slay a goat monster. I asked, 'Santa, give me a sword'.

  He took a sword from his bag and tossed it to me. In just a minute I felt like the hero in the Game of Thrones. But when I watched the sword clearly it's a …it's a…It's a plastic toy sword.

  I said, 'Santa, I think you gave me a wrong sword'.

  He said, 'no, boy, see there'.

 Krampus backed away. It seems like afraid of something. Krampus pleaded, 'plastic…plastic is harmful for goats. I'll be dead if I eat it. Please boy don’t kill me'.

  Oh my gosh, what is happening here? Now the goat is need my help! Oh my gooosh.

  Krampus said, 'boy, please help me. This man, who calls him Santa, is a cruel person. Please help me, blah blah'.

  'No, boy', Santa exclaimed. 'This monster is distracting you'.

  I shouted, 'you two shut your mouths'.

  They both stopped their arguments and listened to me, 'what problem in between you? Why you want to kill each other? Why you are archenemies?', I asked.

 'Boy', Krampus said. 'Me and Santa are friends a aeons before. We separated and became enemies because of one reason, blah blah'.

  I asked, 'what is that?'

  He said, 'one day Santa has a plain sheet and a paprus scroll. I like to eat papers so much. So I asked him to give me the paprus scroll (which tastes good). He said "wait, Krampus, I will give you". I waited so long, he didn’t give me. I thought he forgot about me. So I went inside to remind him. He throwed the paprus scroll into the furnace in front of my eyes. I said "Santa, you cheated me. You said you'll give me the paprus scroll". Boy, you know what the reply he gave me. He just said, "sorry, my friend, I'm out of wood. Paprus scrolls are made by fine woods. So that's why I throwed it into the furnace. More than that, I'm lazy to cut the wood out of a tree. So Take this normal paper" blah blah'.

 I blinked and said, 'ok. Then what'.

  'This is the problem, boy ', Krampus said. 'We became archenemies because of this. I want to kill him for this reason, boy blah blah'.

  Oh my god. What are they saying? Are they kidding me. They made me crazy. The world is fighting against a deadly virus but these two are fighting because of a paprus scroll for aeons. Oh my god, please save me from these two people.

  I told to Santa, 'why, man, why are you doing like this? Just give him another paprus scroll.

  He said, 'I'm out of paprus scrolls, boy. Nowadays they are not printed any paprus'.

 Oh my- I feel like something is there in my pocket. I put my hand inside my pocket and took a large piece of paper. It is a bill. How this bill came to my pocket? Ah, I remember it. It's the shopping bill of my mom's monthly purchase. She gave this to me to check the products she brought. I checked it and threw the bill in my pocket. My luckiness is helping me now.

  I asked to Krampus, 'this paper also tastes good. Will you eat it?'

  He grabbed it from me and smelled it and then ate it. His expression changed. His anger is gone now and he is blushing. He said (actually cried), 'this is the best paper I've eaten in millennia'.

  Suddenly Santa put his hand inside his bag and brought a hundred bill paper and said, 'these are the bills of my toys and many more left in my guest house. I'm sorry for that incident Krampus. Will you take these bills as a gratitude of my friendship?'

 Krampus began to cry (actually he is squirting water out of his eyes). He said, ' I'm so sorry Santa'.

  They both became friends at last. We three had a good dinner in Santa's guest house and Krampus nearly ate five hundred bill papers.

 Santa brought me back home with his flying reindeer sledge. When I reached my window I told, 'oh Santa, I think today I solved a big problem of ours'.

  He said, 'yes, boy, thank you'.

  'oh, thank you?' I asked. 'I think you don’t forget "what will you give me" part, right?'

  'Yes boy, I didn’t forget it' he said.

  'Then give me' I told.

  'The heroism which you've done today', he said. 'Will be called as a history. People will be telling stories about you!'

Oh my god, I've created a history. Finally my dream is fulfilled. I think People will call my story as The Boy Who Saved Santa or The Boy Who Saved Christmas or The Boy Who Fought with Krampus. I banished the thought and asked Santa, 'what will they call my story?'

  He said with a grin, 'The Night The Santa Came'.

  What? I got tensed and shouted, 'just get out of my house'.

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