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Tejaswi Reddy

Fantasy Children


Tejaswi Reddy

Fantasy Children

Ep 1-The Future Flash

Ep 1-The Future Flash

2 mins

Previous episode: The three ran to Katie's house

On their way back home there was another flash that displayed a car accident and the road being blocked on their way. This time Hannah and Katie believed the flash. Hannah said let's take another route.

"Effect of the surprise test" mumbled Arav following them.

The trio soon reached Katie's house and in no time landed in the secret room.

They turned to the first page of the book

and looked at the words written on that page examining word to word carefully.

This time 1/f 1/v=1/u attracted Arav's attention. He felt that as an equation seen in the surprise test today...

He then photographed the equation and ran to his bag to search for the clue in his class book. A few minutes later Arav found out the equation was called " The Mirror Equation " and ran back towards Hannah and Katie.

.."Hey, guys, I found something ..the weird thing written below is called "Mirror equation".

Maybe our flashes today have something to do with mirrors".

 Hannah and Katie started to relate the above equation to mirrors while looking at the book being fully immersed in their thoughts

"You guys never put this much effort in your exams too" laughed Arav Unable to control the sight of Hannah and Katie immersed in their thoughts.

Then suddenly Hannah shouted...I think I found it.


She took the book and placed it in front of the mirror and asked Arav and Katie to look into the mirror.

They were shocked to see the sentence

Erutuf eht ees turning into

"see the future".

"So this is it "shouted Katie...

we found the mystery and that is why we saw flashes of the future today.

"Wow..this book is amazing," said Hannah

Considering the book as her most amazing discovery.

"Let's see what mysteries else this book has," said Arav taking the book from Hannah's hands and placing it on the desk.

But they heard Katie's dad calling them for dinner.

Arav said "Let's call it a day..we'll eat dinner and sleep...This book is ours now..we can look at it anytime"

" are right..By the way iam hungry too !! Let's go" said katie.

So the three decided to look at the book tomorrow and got back to Katie's room...

Tired for the day the three fell asleep in no time dreaming of what they are going to unveil in the coming days and their adventurous magical journey loaded with mysteries...

Episode 2 coming soon...

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