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Fantasy Children

Episode 1 -The future flash

Episode 1 -The future flash

3 mins

"Common guys it's boring !!! Let's do something interesting," moaned Katie on the phone unable to kill the boredom for the past 1 hour...

"Will be there within two," told Arav and landed with Hannah right in front of Katie's home.

The three are best buddies since childhood and always love to do things together.

"Hey, you're here," exclaimed Katie asking Arav, " did you mean 2 as two minutes?"

"Yep," said Hannah...hugging Katie and in no time it became a group hug with Arav joining them.

"Let's play treasure hunt", yelled the three, and this time it's Hannah's turn to hide the clues.

Hannah is always the explorer in the gang and it's impossible for them to find the clues easily as Hannah hides the clues in places that Katie doesn't know even if they exist...it being her own home.

After half an hour...Hannah shouts, " Guys, I found something ".

Arav and Katie didn't bother her and continued to eat their snacks coz it is common for Hannah to find something every day. But this time it's different. What Hannah found is really amazing!

Hannah discovered a portal from Katie's home to a large room. The room looks so different. It looks magical. A flying book shining in the air attracted Hannah. Unable to believe herself, Hannah came back to where Arav and Katie are and took them to where the portal was. This time the three entered the portal and found themselves in the same room. The flying book was still shining. They got hold of the book and opened it. The book's outlook was so tempting... But nothing much is written in that book just a sentence per page with many pictures. The first page was like:

"Erutuf eht ees"

Under was written (1/ f+1/v =1/u)

Everyone's attention was on the line 

"Erutuf eht ees".

They tried reading the line. Altogether they said the same thing.


Nothing happened.

Katie said, "it is just a stupid book" and left angrily. The other two felt the same and left from there. The three are tired for the day and Arav and Hannah headed back home...

The next morning as usual they went to school. As soon as they entered school...the three had a flash of the teacher announcing a surprise test today after lunch.

No one said about the dream to others as they thought it was weird and got back to class. To their shock, there was a test that day after lunch... a surprise test.

Later Hannah felt excited and told about the flash she got the morning. The other two were like - "Really!! I too got the same flash." After a bit of thinking, they guessed if it was the doing of the book. The three ran to Katie's home.

To be continued...

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