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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

The Fragrance Of Love

The Fragrance Of Love

2 mins 222 2 mins 222

They were opposites but were meant to be forever in love. Nigel and Neha met on a breezy summer evening of 1995. Neha didn't even bother to look at Nigel at that moment. Each of them was standing with their friends under the old banyan tree at the edge of the market. That day was truly memorable. A warm gust of wind rushed pass Neha tickling her hair. It went straight for Nigel and then something happened. Although the breeze was warm, it seemed to freeze him where he stood.

It was carrying the perfume of a thousand flowers. He seemed thunderstruck. He had never felt like that before. The aroma had put him under a spell for the rest of the evening. To his luck Neha turned out to be Anil's neighbour. Anil was Nigel's friend but he lived a bit far. There after Nigel visited Anil for every silly reason he could find. Finally Neha and Nigel got to know each other. The best thing about Neha was her lovely long hair. Her smile sent jolts of impulses into Nigel's heart.

Each time she let her hair sway in the wind his heart melted just like a bar of Dairy Milk Silk. But she didn't like the way he kept finding perfection in everything. She was more of a harem-scarem person. That was something they couldn't hit out with each other. Nevertheless, time passed by and Nigel's father got transferred. They were torn apart.

Years later Nigel returned to the same city just to find that Neha's family had moved on. He went to the old banyan tree. It still stood there. A few peddlars were around. He stood there in silence and suddenly a hand touched him. It was Neha. She still looked the same, in fact much more beautiful. She still wore the same perfume and Nigel got lost in the aroma. A voice called out and he came around. It was Anil.

Neha was gone. Seeing Nigel look around in anguish Anil knew what he was looking for. He told him that Neha and her family had died in a car accident a few years back. Nigel was shocked to hear that. He stood there in sorrow just to find a little box of Engage in his pocket. It carried the same fragrance as Neha did...

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